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France Is In Town

Set in a splendid but quite community in Plymouth, an ancient house serves as home to delectable French cuisines. Owned by husband and wife Linda and Philippe Ducrot, Bistro Ducrot operates on Fridays and Saturdays evening where fine dining is offered. The four-course menu is set on prix fixe of $42 and with that, the guests can now enjoy delectable French dishes. And on the remaining days of the week, the house of Ducrot plays host to private parties. The house has four exquisite dining rooms and they can be “transformed” so as to fit your party needs.

In one of these beautiful rooms in Ducrot’s residence, you can find cutlery pieces neatly piled up along the entranceway. This adds to the ambience of “homey” yet very fine place for dining. This room has an ambiance of provincial-French dining style based on architecture, fixture and the whole mood of the place.

Since Bistro Ducrot promises a new taste in French cuisine, usual dishes and even cookies have no place there. Perfectly baked parmesan and black olive cookies are among the cooking that will greet the guests. The four-course meal, which is one of the specialties, starts with a delectable open-faced mushroom tart with mustard vinaigrette. The meal also comes with a salad in it. This dish is delicately prepared so as to give guests the taste of nicely-cooked mushroom in smooth crust. Guests can also enjoy crab cake course. Aside from its palatable taste, the cake is also very healthy because the ingredients are organic and the manner of cooking is kept healthy. The cake’s “bite” surprisingly does not come from being fried. The main course in the meal is fine fillet mignon with a spicy shrimp garni. This dish is usually served with freshly roasted new tomatoes. And what could be the best way to end one lovely dining experience other than dessert? Tiramisu is one of the desserts that you can enjoy. Added with a twist, modernized tiramisu comes with a creamy mousse as a base and one cakey layer with a mixture of coffee, liquor and chocolate that will entice your taste.

French cooking is really one great meal. It is sure great to have a taste of it right at your own dining tables. So if you do not have an expertise yet in French cooking, start with simple dish like cookies. Bosch mixer, a compact mixer, can help you in preparing the dough. You can check out a Bosch universal sale and start learning simple French cuisines.

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This Is The Cooks’ Haven

One of the first cooking techniques that historians and archeologists believe is cooking food by means of an open fire. Thus, roasting is believed to be in existence as early as the Stone Age. In Asia, it is through bamboo tubes that served as food container while the food is being cooked. Shells of turtles and mollusks are also used in some areas. With regards to heating water, the stomach of animals is used in heating water.

The first Americans on the other hand used cooking baskets in preparing their food. The basket contains food to be roasted and wood coals and it will be covered with clay. When the clay hardens because of the coals’ heat, the clay now becomes a roasting pan itself. It can be noticed that that technique is still used in today’s world. But it was the advent of pottery that really revolutionized the cookware being used. And today, a variety of cookware can now be seen in the market. The responsibility of choosing which one you would be using when you cook your own dishes now lies on your shoulders.

Cookware nowadays is made from different materials. There are some made with metals, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. Some are even coated so as to provide the best cooking experience there is. One of the most famous cook wares at present is the non-stick wok which has polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that minimizes the chances of the food being cooked from sticking to the pan.

One of the best specialty stores in the country that offers quality cookware is Cook’s Warehouse. From its humble beginning in Amsterdam Avenue way back in 1995, the store is now proud to open a bigger and much more spacious specialty store in Ansley Mall. According to Mary S. Moore, the humble owner, her store started with only two employees but now, she has 48 associates in three locations spread out in the state. The other three stores are located in Midtown, Decatur and Brookhaven.

The Cook’s Warehouse new home is a 6, 500-square-foot and is set to open this fall. This new complex will house a much larger store and a cooking school facility for cooking enthusiasts.

The store has many products to offer. They have kitchen accessories, bakeware, cookware, cutting boards, knives and shears and gadgets. The store also has picnic and grilling products, green products, small appliances like bosch mixers and bosch bread mixer, wine and products for your bar and gift ideas. Drive by this store and enjoy what you may call the cooking heaven.

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Uses For Karcher Electric Pressure Washers

Karcher electric pressure washers are the top produced electric pressure washers in the world. The first one was patented in 1950 by Alfred Karcher, who had started his business in 1935. Until the pressure washer was patented, he’d specialized in his electric heater business by producing industrial heating supplies and equipment. After he developed an electric heating element that could work under water, he came up with the design for his electric pressure washer.

Today, the Karcher family-owned company possesses over 250 patents, but the Karcher electric pressure washer is a top item. In fact, in the 1970s the company shifted away from heating equipment and began focusing on things like pressure washers, vacuums and other cleaning equipment. This helped lead a one man company to become an internationally known company, employing over 6,000 people worldwide.

Their electric pressure washers are designed after more expensive and more powerful commercial washers, but they’re designed for home use. Careful attention to ergonomics and ease of use help shape new designs coming from the company. They strive to make sure that their pressure washers are easy to use and comfortable to use for the average homeowner.

Karcher electric pressure washers are useful around the house, for jobs that would take much longer scrubbing by hand. And because electric power washers don’t have quite the power that gasoline powered units do, they’re safer for most jobs.

Commercial gas-powered washers can have so much pressure and power that they can do damage to things like siding or cars that can be dented, and can even break glass if used improperly. If the full-powered spray hits a person it can cause serious injury. While the spray from a Karcher electric pressure washer should never be aimed at a person or body part, the injury caused, if any, would be less serious. And there’s less likelihood of property damage.

Pressure washers are handy for things around the house like cleaning decks, sidewalks, driveways and patios. The power behind the spray can blast away years of ground in dirt, debris and even mildew. Using Karcher electric pressure washers with certain cleaning agents designed for it can lighten these surfaces a few shades after removing dirt and mildew.

Using a pressure washer on a wooden deck is a great way to prepare it for refinishing and/or resealing, too. Any painted surface where the paint is chipped, peeling or otherwise loose is a great place to use a pressure washer, too. Use the spray to blast away as much paint as possible, and then let it dry thoroughly. That can cut a laborious sanding job down a great deal, making painting prep much easier.

Karcher electric power washers are also suitable for careful cleaning of house siding and outside window surfaces. Care must be used to avoid denting or cracking certain types of siding. But used properly, mildew and dirt blasts away leaving siding looking as new as possible. Washing cars, boats, lawn mowers and many other items around the house are other uses for Karcher electric pressure washers.

Shelly Field is an award-winning interior designer, writer and artist. She is renowned for her extensive knowledge of home interior and home management. Shelly recommends home pressure washing as an important part of your home maintenance.

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When You Are The Only One To Eat

Going home after an eventful day is the most anticipated time for everyone. After all the tasks completed for that day, you sure would want to enjoy the comforts of your home. Take a warm (or cold) shower. Relax and bum around on your bed. And to top it all up, enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your loved ones (if you are with someone at the moment).

But for single guys and girls out there, going home is pretty much the same, except for one – prepared food. Cooking and food preparation is one advantage if you are in a relationship. For one, you can be assured that your partner has prepared or ordered foods for you to eat whereas if you are single, cooking or ordering is all your responsibility. With this now come the advantages and disadvantages of cooking. You may think of restaurants and fast-food chains that are very accessible for your eating needs, but dining out means a higher chance of getting an unhealthy meal – not to mention that big cut in your budget.

This is one setback for to think about especially if you are one of those individuals who have a lower self-control in terms of appetite. This thing going is understandable, given the hard day’s work and the need of your body. So for some, snacking while cooking is the best solution to the problem. However, this solution seems more like a problem too. Just imagine a would-be meal of shrimp in tomato sauce over linguini turning into shrimp, then tomato, followed by a linguini non-course meal.

You cannot blame yourself for snacking on your main course because you feel hungry, right? So what should you do? First, know what your food preferences are and categorize them as appetizer, entrée, main course, side dish, drink and dessert. This may sound very-restaurant like, but you will be the one eating, so it is best to know what foods you like. Focus on appetizers as this food group is especially designed to serve before the main course. Appetizers or hors d’oeuvres may include canapés, cold cuts, snack foods, cheeses, sausages, bruschetta and cocktail wieners.

Have a revitalizing and sumptuous dinner without sacrificing your main ingredient’s meal. Prepare those mouth-watering bruschetta using a Bosch mixer. Incidentally, grab this chance to buy from a Bosch universal sale. That way, if you have them, you are able to serve yourself a healthy and really satisfying meal.

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Healthy Food For The Kids

One of the best ways to lose weight is by enjoining the support and encouragement of your family to be involved or to join in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kids naturally have a sweet tooth, and they will always choose a pancakes and eggs over an oatmeal breakfast. It is important that kids must be taught to eat healthy. The Department of Education has regulated the school canteens of public schools to over meals and food that have high nutritional value, rather than selling burgers, fries and chips. Among kids, the incidence of obesity is also prevalent, making them vulnerable to be picked on or bullied by their peers for their weight.

Cooking with your kids is not only an opportunity to teach them how to become independent, but it also allows them to take control over the food they eat. The great thing about teaching cooking skills is that it involves learning many things – from chemistry, to culture and geography. Kids become knowledgeable about a variety of foods and flavor, about presenting dishes, and on becoming a sophisticated and nutritious eater. Best of all, teaching your kids how to cook can be a great bonding activity for the whole family.

The first things kids should remember about eating healthy is reduce, replace or eliminate fats, sodium and sweets in their diet or cooking recipes. For example, reduce calories by reducing salt content and replacing them with herbs and spices that also add flavor to the food. Replace full cream milk with low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt and cottage cheese. Eliminate or reduce salad dressings, seasonings and condiments into your dinner meals. When frying, replace standard cooking oil with canola oil or olive oil. Both canola and olive oil have one of the lowest fat content and helps protect your heart and arteries from possible cholesterol build up.

When cooking healthy meals with kids, it is best not to use the frying method, since this always entails using cooking oil. Instead, bake, grill, boil or steam your food. These cooking methods require using fresh food retains the food’s nutritional value and does not require adding up on sweets or sodium to give it flavor. When mixing ingredients with a Bosch mixer, replace ingredients such as sugar or oil with lemon or orange extracts and with buttermilk. Always include fruits in your diet and whole wheat grains. Baking using the Bosch bread mixer, makes it easier to combine all the thick, but healthy ingredients.

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Automatic Lawn Mower

The automatic lawn mower saves you time and effort. Unlike other lawn mowers, mows the lawn for you. No hassle as with electric lawn mowers or push lawn mowers. These Automatic lawn movers requires a one time simple set-up, which can be easily done by anyone. A wire is laid around the outer edges of the lawn, and attached to the surface of the lawn with pegs every few meters.

The wire and pegs are supplied with the lawn mover. The wire is connected to a small battery powered current source called Perimeter Switch (also supplied in the box). Typically the wire will be covered by grass and become unnoticeable in a matter of 2-3 weeks. The automatic lawn mower recognizes the wire using a special sensor, and makes sure it always stays inside the designated area. If the lawn mower is equipped with a Charging Station, it’s even easier! After completing the one-time set-up of wire around the lawn including the Charging Station, set the weekly program and forget about mowing for the entire season! The automatic lawn mower will automatically depart at the day and time scheduled and automatically return to the Charging Station to recharge and get ready for the next scheduled operation.

The weekly program can be re-set at any time, if and when required. Almost all the automatic lawn mower use the mulching system: the grass is cut into very small clippings that are buried in the roots of the lawn, where they decompose and act like a natural fertilizer. This results in a healthier and better-looking lawn, and eliminates the need to collect and remove the clippings.

Use this lawn mower is the most convenient way to maintain your lawn. You can cut the lawn anytime without disturbing your neighbors, you don’t need to collect the clippings, with this automatic lawn mower you have a lot of free time: no more spending your weekends mowing the lawn, spend your free time with the family and do the things you really like to do.

Lorenzo Eller is the owner of an internet site that sells products for the house and the garden. The site also sells…. lawn mowers. have a look at the following,110,195

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The Safety Tips In Cooking

Picture this: A what seemed happy and ordinary dinner evening ruined because a fire erupted from your kitchen or from one of your bedrooms. Properties damaged and burned down. Worse even are lives of your loved ones lost.

According to government data, fire is the leading cause of death among natural disasters combined. And with these numbers of victims, 84% of them were killed in a fire from their own residences. Among the causes of fire listed by the Fire Safety Bureau are misuse of electrical appliances, wiring problems, blocked cooling vent, improperly-extinguished tobacco, lit candles that are left unattended, house clutters, especially clothes on gas dryer and blockage of fire exit. And the fire hazard that ranked first is unattended cooking. The Jackson Fire Safety Bureau identified all these hazards that are said to be evident not just locally, but across the nation as well.

In line with fire safety promotion, the Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety Fire Districts 1 and 3 offers free cooking fire safety. And in addition to their advocacy in fire safety, the said bureaus are also offering free battery operated smoke detectors to Jackson residents. Fire OfficialFrank Mc Donnell said that if you do not have smoke detectors in your home or the smoke detectors that you own is more than 10 years old, contact them at 732-928-1666, ext.14. You can also reach them by sending them an email at

Here is the list of the pieces of advice that the Jackson Fire Safety Bureau wants to share with the public. First is to fire-proof your home. This means that check all electrical wirings for wear and tear. Contact a duly certified electrician for repair needs. Install a smoke-detector. Make sure that your smoke detectors is working and in good condition. Next is to use electrical appliances properly. Do not plug several appliances in one socket as it can cause an electrical overload. Next is to de-clutter your home. As clutters like clothes and candles lying around can cause or start a fire.

And their safety tips in cooking? A firefighter’s advice is to be alert! While cooking, see to it that you are not multitasking with distracting activities like being on a computer, watching TV and talking on the phone. It is also best not to cook if you are drowsy, under medication or tired because your condition may contribute to a fire in your homes. Also, train your children to not to play inside the kitchen.

Incidentally, use appliances that are of good quality. Check out a Bosch mixer sale and get a Bosch universal mixer for your cooking needs.

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Are You Hungry? It€™s World Food Day

Poverty and hunger go hand-in-hand. And recent report from the Food and Agriculture Organization show results that there are more than 1 billion people around the world who suffer from hunger everyday. Not only as this report is alarming but also disheartening to think that while some of us waste food on the table, a huge number of people have nothing on their plate.

And today, World Food Day is being celebrated across the globe. Rev. David Beckmann, the President of Bread for the World, recounts some important events with hunger and poverty. He relates that in 1980, 17 cents per $1 aid from developing nation is allocated for farmers living in poverty and for developing agriculture industry around the world. And twenty six years after that, the allocation has fallen to less than 4 cents. Another point that Rev. Beckmann stressed is the fast rising of the number of hungry people. His accounts show that there are over 1.02 billion people who are undernourished. Among the severely affected are children and women who are subsistence-level farmers who only depend on their small fields to feed their children.

This startling facts and agonizing situation among impoverished nations is the main concern of Rev. Beckmann’s Bread for the World Foundation. His first foreseeable solution is investing in agriculture especially in developing countries. He stresses that policies should be formulated to increase agricultural products, thus also increasing food security. It’s instability with foods and other agricultural crops that spurred riot among 30 nations. He also said that the report of FAO in State of Food Insecurity in 2009, should serve as a wake-up call to take a closer look with hunger and poverty. Another factor is the high-priced crop commodities like sorghum, wheat, corn and rice. And his offered solution is always being prepared to address price instability.

And perhaps another topic that can be of help in fighting hunger is educating the parents and the community as well with responsible parenting. Though the Church and the state have disagreements with it, it’s worth a try to educate and liberate the people.

While most of us worry about the meals to be prepared or maybe the lack of kitchen help like a Bosch mixer and other handy kitchen gadgets, take time to think of those who are suffering from hunger. And while you’re thinking about when is the next Bosch universal sale, also take time to ponder on how you can help even in littlest way. Say no to hunger!

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Is a Riding Mower or a Lawn Tractor the Right Choice For You?

If you have a large lawn that is getting too much to handle with a walk-behind mower you may be considering buying a lawn tractor or a riding mower. A lawn tractor may have various attachments available and can be used for hauling materials about your yard in addition to mowing your lawn. More expensive than riding mowers they have multiple uses. You should also be looking for mowing decks that are easily adjustable and have mulching capabilities.

Choosing the Type of Mower

Zero Turn Mowers

For a lawn that is more than 1/2 acre with multiple objects a zero turn mower would be a good choice. The time taken to mow your lawn can be cut in half with a zero turn mower as these mowers are more efficient. The excellent maneuverability allows you to easily mow around all size objects without having to back up and turn repeatedly. The rear wheels are used for both power and steering and operate independently so one wheel can reverse while the other wheel rotates forward allowing zero to 360 degree turns. In addition these mowers are fast, up to 6.5 mph so you can quickly cover a large lawn.

Riding Mowers

For a lawn of between 1/2 to 1 acre a riding mower will be ideal. They have few attachments as they are primarily built to do one thin wheel and that is to cut the lawn!

Lawn Tractors

With higher horsepower engines lawn tractors are better for larger lawns and rougher terrain. They also have a good range of optional attachments so if you want to use your mower as a snowblower, an aerator, a machine to move material around your yard you should choose a lawn tractor.

Garden Tractors

The toughest of these machines with the highest horsepower, garden tractors usually have two-cylinder engines and sturdy transmissions. For a very large garden or yard with rough terrain choose a garden tractor.

Factors to consider before you purchase a lawn tractor or riding mower

Size of Lawn

The first thing to take into account is the power of the engine and the cutting width and to ensure that these are suitable for the size of your lawn. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose. Be aware of the width between any obstacles as a larger deck may cut down the time to mow a large area but be unable to mow between obstacles.

1/2 to 1 acre lawn: You will need a mower with at least a 14 hp engine and a 42″ cutting width

1 to 2 acres lawn: A cutting width of between 42″ and 46″ with a 14 to 16hp engine should be adequate

3 Acres and above: For this size lawn area an engine size of between 18 and 24 hp and a 46″ to 54″ cutting deck would be the best buy


A wide range of attachments are available for lawn tractors including snowblowers, front blades, tractor shovel, electric spreaders, baggers etc. Check that attachments that you might need now or in the future are available for the model you are considering. Riding mowers generally have very few attachments but are cheaper to buy so if all you want to do is mow your lawn a riding mower would be the best buy.


Gear Driven or Automatic?

Consider the layout of the lawn area to be cut with your lawn tractor or riding mower. A gear driven mower will be better on open areas with few obstacles such as flower beds or bird baths. Choose an automatic transmission for areas that have obstacles so that you can easily vary the speed around the objects. Most of the lawn tractors with automatic transmission also have cruise control so you can set this in areas that are clearer.

Bagging, Mulching or Side Discharging

Many lawn mowers have the options to easily switch between mulching or side discharging. Most have optional bagging attachments.

Safety Concerns

The higher speed of lawn tractors and riding mowers leads to some concern for safety and operators should be aware of these factors before they use the machines.

Obstacles: Care must be taken with obstacles on the lawn as hitting a solid object will do severe damage to the machine at these speeds.

Scattering objects: Any small objects, for instance stones, twigs, household objects left on the lawn will be picked up by the mower and projected at high speed. Always ensure there are no people or pets in the area when operating the machines.

Noise: Some of these mowers can be very noisy. Wear ear protection if this applies to your model

Advantages and Disadvantages

Lawn Tractors

Advantages: Durable, built to last, attachments to do many other tasks

Disadvantages: Expensive, leaves uncut areas at the end of turns, needs a large storage area, difficult to take in for repairs

Zero Turn Mowers

Advantages: Fast, best for a lawn with many obstacles, no uncut areas at the end of turns, few attachments

Disadvantages: Expensive, needs a large storage area, difficult to take in for repairs, few attachments, some safety concerns due to the high speed.

Riding Mowers

Advantages: Cheaper than lawn tractors, reasonably fast, leaves uncut areas at the end of turns,few attachments

Disadvantages: Awkward to steer around obstacles and leaves uncut grass close to obstacles.

Read more and find some great deals in new and used lawnmowers and lawn Tractors at Toro Lawnmowers and Snowblowers or John Deere lawn Tractors and Snowblowers

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What To Do With Those Onions

You know it when your mom is cooking a morning breakfast or a hearty lunch when you sense the pungent smell of onions being sautéed and fried in cooking oil. Known for its smell, onions are staple recipe ingredient, often used to add to a dish’s flavor. It is important to able to identify the different types that are available at the grocery store.

When shopping for this ingredient, one can be bombarded with the colors, sizes and smells. They come in a variety of colors as well. It can be quite confusing, especially when one is not sure which one is the right one for the right recipe. One rule of thumb to consider when choosing just which to get is to two consider the two onion groups – green and dry. Green onions are harvested when they are just starting to mature and develop. They come off from the shoots, and are often characterized by their green color and soft, smooth texture.

On the other hand, dry onions have two types – sweet and storage. Sweet onions are the ones often used for burgers, salads, and sandwiches. They are best served fresh and raw, and because of that, they may rot easily. Storage onions are dryer than the sweet ones, and can last in the storage bin for a long period of time. Storage onions have a more pungent smell than sweet onions, and it is often recommended that they should be cooked first. Their potent smell adds flavoring to dishes, and best used to simmer with meat, soup or chili.

Onions can be prepared in different ways – sliced, diced, cut, or grated. You can add them in a salad, a sandwich, soup cream. They can be used as an essential ingredient to cook meat, fish or fowl. Onions are one of those staple food ingredients that never goes away. They can add more flavor to a soup or dish when it is grated and combined as pulp or liquid. This removes the feel of the pieces when eating the prepared dish or recipe.

When cooking onions with vegetables, it is best to peel off the skin first and then boil them to allow the pungent smell to escape and dissipate. Onion slices can be added to a white-colored sauce in order to create a thick cream. Adding cheese and breadcrumbs contributes to its thick texture. It is important that all flavors are mixed thoroughly, so use Bosch mixers when doing so. Bosch bread makers are high quality kitchenware that guarantees cooks and chefs the results they desire in their recipe dishes.

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