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My Craftsman Mower Fires Up When I Push The Primer A Couple Of Times And Then Immediately Dies. What’s Wrong?

I have a Craftsman rotary push-type mower with a 4.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine. I tried to start it today after about 6 months of disuse. I had left a little fuel in the tank over the winter. The engine fires up for a couple of seconds after I push the primer a few times and then immediately cuts off. I have replaced the fuel (though did not completely drain it). What could be the problem?

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My Push Mower Starts Strongly But Immediately Stops When I Let The Pull Cord Go. Is There A Quick Fix?

It’s a Sears Craftman rotary lawn mower ( walk behind with 6.75 horsepower power-propelled). I checked the oil and changed the filter and spark plug. It has gas. Help!

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When You Are The Only One To Eat

Going home after an eventful day is the most anticipated time for everyone. After all the tasks completed for that day, you sure would want to enjoy the comforts of your home. Take a warm (or cold) shower. Relax and bum around on your bed. And to top it all up, enjoy a sumptuous dinner with your loved ones (if you are with someone at the moment).

But for single guys and girls out there, going home is pretty much the same, except for one – prepared food. Cooking and food preparation is one advantage if you are in a relationship. For one, you can be assured that your partner has prepared or ordered foods for you to eat whereas if you are single, cooking or ordering is all your responsibility. With this now come the advantages and disadvantages of cooking. You may think of restaurants and fast-food chains that are very accessible for your eating needs, but dining out means a higher chance of getting an unhealthy meal – not to mention that big cut in your budget.

This is one setback for to think about especially if you are one of those individuals who have a lower self-control in terms of appetite. This thing going is understandable, given the hard day’s work and the need of your body. So for some, snacking while cooking is the best solution to the problem. However, this solution seems more like a problem too. Just imagine a would-be meal of shrimp in tomato sauce over linguini turning into shrimp, then tomato, followed by a linguini non-course meal.

You cannot blame yourself for snacking on your main course because you feel hungry, right? So what should you do? First, know what your food preferences are and categorize them as appetizer, entrée, main course, side dish, drink and dessert. This may sound very-restaurant like, but you will be the one eating, so it is best to know what foods you like. Focus on appetizers as this food group is especially designed to serve before the main course. Appetizers or hors d’oeuvres may include canapés, cold cuts, snack foods, cheeses, sausages, bruschetta and cocktail wieners.

Have a revitalizing and sumptuous dinner without sacrificing your main ingredient’s meal. Prepare those mouth-watering bruschetta using a Bosch mixer. Incidentally, grab this chance to buy from a Bosch universal sale. That way, if you have them, you are able to serve yourself a healthy and really satisfying meal.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.

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Why Does My Lawn Mower Make A Screeching Noise When I Start It, And How Do I Fix It.?

I have a craftsman push mower. I can start, but the noise is unbearable.

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Can I Mow The Lawn When Its Wet With An Electric Mower?

It was all rainy days in the last two weeks and the lawn is great, I have an electric mower and you want to mow, but not sure when mowing the lawn is wet from rain is an good idea.

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Is It Safe To Mow A Lawn With An Electric Mower Plugged In When The Grass Is Still Wet From Rain?

I plug into an outlet just inside the rear door using a heavy weight "off" extension cord rated the mower. . . and I wear sneaks!

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