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France Is In Town

Set in a splendid but quite community in Plymouth, an ancient house serves as home to delectable French cuisines. Owned by husband and wife Linda and Philippe Ducrot, Bistro Ducrot operates on Fridays and Saturdays evening where fine dining is offered. The four-course menu is set on prix fixe of $42 and with that, the guests can now enjoy delectable French dishes. And on the remaining days of the week, the house of Ducrot plays host to private parties. The house has four exquisite dining rooms and they can be “transformed” so as to fit your party needs.

In one of these beautiful rooms in Ducrot’s residence, you can find cutlery pieces neatly piled up along the entranceway. This adds to the ambience of “homey” yet very fine place for dining. This room has an ambiance of provincial-French dining style based on architecture, fixture and the whole mood of the place.

Since Bistro Ducrot promises a new taste in French cuisine, usual dishes and even cookies have no place there. Perfectly baked parmesan and black olive cookies are among the cooking that will greet the guests. The four-course meal, which is one of the specialties, starts with a delectable open-faced mushroom tart with mustard vinaigrette. The meal also comes with a salad in it. This dish is delicately prepared so as to give guests the taste of nicely-cooked mushroom in smooth crust. Guests can also enjoy crab cake course. Aside from its palatable taste, the cake is also very healthy because the ingredients are organic and the manner of cooking is kept healthy. The cake’s “bite” surprisingly does not come from being fried. The main course in the meal is fine fillet mignon with a spicy shrimp garni. This dish is usually served with freshly roasted new tomatoes. And what could be the best way to end one lovely dining experience other than dessert? Tiramisu is one of the desserts that you can enjoy. Added with a twist, modernized tiramisu comes with a creamy mousse as a base and one cakey layer with a mixture of coffee, liquor and chocolate that will entice your taste.

French cooking is really one great meal. It is sure great to have a taste of it right at your own dining tables. So if you do not have an expertise yet in French cooking, start with simple dish like cookies. Bosch mixer, a compact mixer, can help you in preparing the dough. You can check out a Bosch universal sale and start learning simple French cuisines.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.

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