Healthy Food For The Kids

One of the best ways to lose weight is by enjoining the support and encouragement of your family to be involved or to join in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kids naturally have a sweet tooth, and they will always choose a pancakes and eggs over an oatmeal breakfast. It is important that kids must be taught to eat healthy. The Department of Education has regulated the school canteens of public schools to over meals and food that have high nutritional value, rather than selling burgers, fries and chips. Among kids, the incidence of obesity is also prevalent, making them vulnerable to be picked on or bullied by their peers for their weight.

Cooking with your kids is not only an opportunity to teach them how to become independent, but it also allows them to take control over the food they eat. The great thing about teaching cooking skills is that it involves learning many things – from chemistry, to culture and geography. Kids become knowledgeable about a variety of foods and flavor, about presenting dishes, and on becoming a sophisticated and nutritious eater. Best of all, teaching your kids how to cook can be a great bonding activity for the whole family.

The first things kids should remember about eating healthy is reduce, replace or eliminate fats, sodium and sweets in their diet or cooking recipes. For example, reduce calories by reducing salt content and replacing them with herbs and spices that also add flavor to the food. Replace full cream milk with low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt and cottage cheese. Eliminate or reduce salad dressings, seasonings and condiments into your dinner meals. When frying, replace standard cooking oil with canola oil or olive oil. Both canola and olive oil have one of the lowest fat content and helps protect your heart and arteries from possible cholesterol build up.

When cooking healthy meals with kids, it is best not to use the frying method, since this always entails using cooking oil. Instead, bake, grill, boil or steam your food. These cooking methods require using fresh food retains the food’s nutritional value and does not require adding up on sweets or sodium to give it flavor. When mixing ingredients with a Bosch mixer, replace ingredients such as sugar or oil with lemon or orange extracts and with buttermilk. Always include fruits in your diet and whole wheat grains. Baking using the Bosch bread mixer, makes it easier to combine all the thick, but healthy ingredients.

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