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Signs of Trouble: Weak Alternator

Winter time can be especially stressful on your car as cold temperatures and icy conditions can make the going rough during that time of the year. Hazardous road conditions, blinding snow and sub zero temperatures can put your car at risk, even leaving you stranded if you are not careful.

There is one component inside of your car that can contribute to dimming headlights, a battery unable to hold its charge and just plain difficulty starting your car on a cold winter morning. That part would be your alternator, an essential component to ensuring that your car is running right under all conditions.

“The alternator, which supplies power to your vehicle’s electrical system, works a lot harder today than it did in the past,” said Fred Padgett, Group Product Manager, Starting and Charging Products for Bosch, the world’s largest supplier of automotive parts to the automotive industry and the aftermarket.

When alternators were first developed, the only tasks they were responsible for was to power the horn and the headlights. Today, car’s are much more technologically sophisticated and include a number of features that weren’t available a generation ago including navigation systems, dual zone air conditioning, entertainment systems, rear window defrosters, in-car television, refrigeration and more. Initially a 50 to 60 amp alternator would have been sufficient but today’s cars require a much more power unit, one with 130 amps or more.

According to Padgett, alternators contain diodes and built-in voltage regulators that may allow enough output to keep the “ALT” or “Check Engine” light from coming on. But output may be compromised enough that the alternator is unable to keep up with demand and is actually draining the battery to operate the vehicle. The result? Dim lights, slow wipers and turn signals, possibly a slow start condition — and ultimately, a dead battery.

Fortunately, a repair shop can check alternator output and replace it if necessary. Bosch, Padgett said, offers both new and remanufactured alternators and both carry Bosch’s free two-year emergency roadside assistance.

So before winter’s fury sidelines your car, make sure that your car is in top shape before venturing out on the road. Make sure that your vehicle’s alternator is part of that check up, something your mechanic can easily examine the next time you take your car in for service.

Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance writer who resides in Cary, North Carolina. Matt is a contributing writer for Andy’s Auto Sport an aftermarket supplier of quality parts including Volvo 850 hub adaptor and Isuzu Hombre roll pans.

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Choosing the Right Router

A router is one of the most versatile, and widely used tools on the market today; and for good reason. A router is a woodworking tool designed to rout, or mill out an area in the surface of a piece of wood, and can feasibly perform almost any kind of shaping and wood cutting application. It would be difficult to determine the application in which a router is most commonly used; they dominate edging operations, and are masterfully equip for box joining, mortising, dovetailing, dadoing, and rabbeting to name only a few.

There are several types of router available, each having individual features, benefits and their own favorite applications. The most popular types of router are the fixed-base and the plunge-base router; each of which offering their own set of pros and cons which I will attempt to shed some light upon. Beginning with the first born, the fixed-base router is a favorite of many craftsmen because of its more simple more, compact and versatile design, and its relative ease of operation. In a fixed-base router, the motor is securely clamped into the base, and has a more light weight design making it easier to work and maneuver. Built for table mounting and more stationary routing, the fixed-base router is generally better for running slots, rabbeting, and edging or molding patterns than its top heavy, plunging brother. For plunge cuts, however, the fixed-base router must be tilted or angled into the workpiece which can be a difficult procedure to master. Because the base is not fully supported as the bit enters the wood, plunge cutting can be much more difficult with a fixed-base router. These routers have simple and accurate depth adjustment systems. They must, however, be stopped and reset in between each cut.

Unlike the fixed-based router who’s configuration has changed relatively little over time, the plunge-base router is more innovatively designed. The plunge-cut router is built so its motor sits atop two spring-loaded posts; this trait allows for the vertical motion which makes the plunging action possible. The vertical movement of the router essentially “plunges” the router bit into your workpieces without ever tilting or lifting the tool enabling users to get directly into the center of a workpiece without any pre-drilling or acrobatics. With the plunge-base router, making through cuts, deep grooves and mortises is generally much easier than with its fixed-base counterpart; but although a plunge-base router is the best choice for applications requiring more and deeper cuts, it is much heavier and can be difficult to move and adjust. Understanding which router is right for you can be a long process. The information below will help you narrow down your search options and determine which router fits you best.

To begin, again, with the fixed-base router, Bosh offers a 2 HP (horse power) fixed-base router with a powerful 11 Amp motor and 25,000 RPM. This router is built with a precision centering design that makes it significantly easier to keep your bits on their intended cut line. The 8.3 lb tool is also designed with a macro and microfine bit adjustment system with resettable depth indicator for constant precision. This system provides always fast and accurate depth setting adjustment. Bosch has also incorporated a large 3-3/4 in base opening (6in. base diameter) plus a 2in. subbase opening to accept larger bits. For fast and easy template guide changes there is also a tool-free template guide adapter. The 1617 router has one-piece armature shaft for enhanced accuracy and long bit shank capacity.

Bosch’s fixed-base router also has a right or left switch location for user preference and consistency and a new dust sealed power switch for enhanced durability. The router features hardwood handles and a 10ft. flexible rubber cord. The 1617 also includes the RA1161 fixed-base system which allows for bit height adjustment from above the router table. For additional convenience the fixed-base system also has threaded holes that allow it to be mounted to the router table (in Bosch’s four hole pattern or the common three hole pattern). Bosch’s 1617 fixed-base router includes ¼in. and ½in. S.R. collet chucks, a 16mm shaft wrench, 24mm collet nut wrench, tool-free template guide adapter, a chip shield, and fixed-base.

DEWALT offers a 1-3/4 HP fixed-base router with an 11 Amp motor, 24,500 RPM, and enough power to rout out the toughest woods. The tool has an advanced microfine depth adjustment ring that provides precise depth adjustments in minute 1/64in. increments and can be adjusted vertically for a permanent switch/cordset location. This vertical movement adjusts with up and down actions rather than spinning; since the entire router doesn’t turn, the whole of the tool remains in the same position. For quick and tight-locking depth adjustments/base changes, the DW616 also has a strong and adjustable tool-free steel motor cam lock. A dust-deal keeps the switch free of dust and debris enhancing its performance, durability, and overall life. And with a right or left switch and cordset location, the user has the option to hold the switch in either the right or left hand increasing comfort and versatility. The tool’s overmolded rubber handles, and low center of gravity also contribute to the router’s best-in-class comfort, balance, and control. The router’s cordset is detachable to offer serviceability and the ability to use the same motor pack for all bases.

For easier bit changes DEWALT has built this router with a flat top – and with quick release motor latches for fast and simple motor pack removal. The router also has long, self-releasing, eight-slotted collets for better bit retention and elimination of frozen, or stuck bits. A clear LEXAN subbase (polycarbonate material specially developed for strength and impact resistance) delivers enhanced base durability and bit visibility, and also accepts standard template guide bushings. The subbase additionally has a concentricity gauge for best-in-class routing accuracy. With a heavy-duty, precision machined, die-cast aluminum base and motor housing – the tool is supremely durable, and weighs only 7.1 lbs. DEWALT’s DW616 fixed-base router includes a motor pack, fixed-base, concentricity gauge, ¼ and ½ in collets, and two wrenches. The router is also available to purchase as a kit (DW616K), which includes the above with DEWALT’s heavy-duty kit box.

As for the plunge router, Makita offers a 3-1/4 in plunge-router with a powerful 15 Amp motor and variable speed option from 9,000 – 23,000 RPM. The router’s variable speed option ensures greater routing precision and always accurate projects. The router also has a pivoting multiple depth adjustment knob with three preset plunge depths, and a top handle depth adjustment which sets the tool to any specific routing depth. For easy penetration into your workpiece, the router also has a 0 – 2-3/8 in plunge depth capacity. Makita has incorporated an electric brake for fast bit stoppage which also helps to prevent accidental marring of working materials. And, with an electronic speed control, the tool maintains constant speed even under load. The 3612C plunge-router also has a bit deflector to keep chips and debris away from the operator and workpiece. The tool weighs 13.2 lbs, is double insulated, and has a strong, all ball bearing construction to extend the tool’s overall life. Having a shaft lock for quick and easy bit changes, and a soft start feature for smoother start-ups, Makita’s plunge router is equip to handle all your plunge-routing needs. The 3612C includes a ¼ in collet sleeve, ½ in collet cone, and wrench.

DEWALT also offers a heavy-duty 3 HP plunge-router with a 15 Amp motor that utilizes advanced soft-start technology for always smooth operation. The motor is also full wave variable speed, and runs at 8,000 – 22,000 RPM. The DW625 runs with a constant speed, even under load, to ensure a fine, quality finish in all your projects, and its one piece motor and shaft spindle ensures perpendicularity and professional accuracy as you work. For always fast and accurate depth settings, the plunge-router also has a rack and pinion depth adjuster, magnified scale, and microfine depth adjustment mechanism. DEWALT’s plunge-router has a spindle lock button that allows for simple one-wrench bit changes and a dust extraction adapter for a cleaner, safer work-space. The tool also has phosphorous bronze bushings that provide a smooth and accurate plunge, and a guide bushing adapter plate that accepts standard guide bushings – perfect for template work. DEWALT’s DW625 plunge router weighs 11.2 lbs and includes a ¼ in and ½ in collet, dust extraction adapter, template guide bushing adapter, and wrench.

Both classes of router offer a different set of features and applications, and each individual tool has its own specifications. Each option, however, offers unique and professional finishes to your woodworking projects.

As a student at the University of Utah, Mallory Kramer is currently earning an Englinsh degree. Three years ago she joined M&M Tool adding to their over 150 years combined experience; there, she specializes in tool parts and web communications. For over 60 years M&M Tool has provided professional service to the tool industry with parts, sales, and service to professionl level woodworking equipment, tools, and machinery.

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Lawn Mower Batteries: What You Need To Know

Gasoline-powered lawn mowers are loud, and emit a great deal of pollution. The solution is the electrical or battery-powered lawn mower. Battery-powered lawn mowers are good for small lawns.

Most lawn mowers are powered by gasoline. Up until recently they have been the easiest mowers to use. It was necessary only to pull the starter cord a few times, or use the electric starter, and then mow to your heart’s content. But gasoline-powered mowers are noisy and they do rather pollute the air with their emissions.

One of the knocks against the electric-powered lawnmower was that it was awkward to use. The mower must be plugged in via a long power cord, and care must be taken not to snarl or run over the power cord.

Now, you’ve got another choice – the battery-operated lawnmower. A battery-operated lawnmower will generally have enough power to allow the operator to mow both the front and back yards on one charge, unless they are extremely large.

It all depends on the battery, though. Some batteries last for thirty minutes between charges, others last up to an hour. The key thing is that they are rechargeable, so that there’s no need to bury them in a garbage dump. Although…even these batteries only last about five years or so – and then must be recycled.

There are several types of batteries: alkaline – which are not used in lawn mowers, lead acid – which are gradually being replaced by nickel cadmium, and lithium batteries – which are not only expensive but also have low storage capacity.

Nickel cadmium batteries
If you are buying a new battery operated lawn mower, make sure you get one powered by a nickel cadmium (Ni-cad) battery. They are simply better than the lead acid – they can be recycled and are environmentally friendly.

Extending battery life
As with any other type of mower, there are times when you should mow your lawn and times when you shouldn’t. You should never try to mow wet grass – it produces a tremendous strain on the battery – or engine – and doesn’t do your grass much good, either. Don’t let your grass grow such that you’re cutting off more than three inches at a time – again, bad for the engine or battery, and bad for the grass itself.

Ni-Cad batteries
Ni-Cad batteries are maintenance free. All you need to do is make sure you do not re-charge the batteries until they are completely discharged. The batteries have a ‘memory’ – if you recharge them when they don’t need to be, they will remember the energy state they were at when they were recharged, and will believe themselves to be run down the next time they reach that state – even though they have plenty of power left. (Okay, there’s a bit of anthropomorphism there, but you get the idea.)

If you’re concerned about the environment – and we all should be – the battery-operated or electrical lawn mowers should be our choice.

Andrew Caxton is the editor of many articles on lawn care published at . You can find more information and resources on lawnmower batteries at his website.

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Robotic Lawn mowers

Robotic mowers Lawnbott LB3210

With its fashionable design, superb features and performance, the completely automated LB3210 will give your yard that fresh, just been cut look, because it has all feature to do maintain your lawn.

Robotic mower lawn bott designed in Italy, the LB3210 Evolution is for the home owner who wants only the best to maintain the gorgeous lawn. The LB3210 is the only robotic mower in the market that uses the Adaptive Programming Technology. Its learning computer actually reprograms itself to adapt to the cutting necessities of your garden. This not only preserves battery lifespan and extends the runtime and durability of the electrical motors ; it also contributes to a stunning looking garden for your folks to enjoy.

Sophisticated Spiral grass Cut programming allows the robotic mower LB3210 to concentrate in one section, by curving outwards, from any area where it senses higher grass. This feature helps to assure an evenly cut lawn across the grass and one sector after another rather moving across the turf and cutting it irregularly.

Robotic Lawn Mowers have a much Newer Design

With the just improved design, the LB3210 Evolution now has a new frame to accommodate larger, more powerful motors and new wheels with a more aggressive tread design for better traction. It also can now be programmed to operate with up to four areas, to take on those complex yard shapes.
Robotic mower Lawn Bott LB3210 is able to cover areas up to 33,000 sq. Ft. That represents roughly 75 % of an acre of lawn! And, it will also move slope with a maximum wish of 27 and complete the job.

robotic mowers Features :

This robotic lawn mower can mow for 3 hours before it need recharge. When the charge goes down in robotic lawn mowers, the mower automated return to work station and charge itself. The normal charge time is 150 minutes-180 minutes.

Multifunction display Lawn Bott’s back-lit display, with two rows of sixteen characters each, makes it easy to view all functions whether you’re programming or merely checking on the mower’s status. You can now also set the language to either English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese. Battery consumption is microprocessor controlled to ensure long battery life-span.

Auto program method- mower determines how long it is necessary to operate to maintain lawn. This is done by sensing blade motor current.

Smart Spiral – When the mower senses long grass it instantly enters spiral mode and mows grass in immediate area in more efficient spiral mode. When long grass is not sensed it returns to random operation to search out more long grass.

Lithium batteries – lower weight for easier traction and handling

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Are there any Advantages to Cordless Lawnmowers ?

When people talk about cordless lawnmowers, they usually mean the kind that are powered by a battery. These are called cordless electric lawnmowers, and they are usually powered by one to four 12 volt batteries that are usually rechargeable.

The amount of batteries usually dictates how long your lawnmower is capable of cutting grass before recharging. This is one thing to keep in mind when buying an electric cordless lawnmower. Electric cordless lawnmowers can be somewhat more expensive than their corded counteparts.

However, in the long run you might actually end up saving money as you won’t have to buy petrol or oil. For example, the Rotak 43 LI cordless lawnmower sells at around £350 and is capable of cutting with the same power as a corded lawnmower. This lawnmower also recharges quickly, thanks to its innovative lithium-ion battery.

A cordless electric lawnmower, like the Rotak 43 LI, is perfectly suitable for lawns between 300 and 600 square metres in size. The greatest benefits of corded electric lawnmowers are the lack of smell, much quieter sound and the fact that it doesn’t have a cord, which can be quite a hassle with conventional electric lawnmowers. The Bosch Rotak models have gathered numerous extremely positive feedbacks on sites such as Amazon, and it’s no wonder because these lawnmowers are so far ahead of their competitors’ choices. If, however, your lawn is bigger than 600 square metres, you should consider buying a corded electric lawnmower, such as the Bosch Rotak 40. This powerful lawnmower is an excellent choice for medium to large lawns.

Daniel Jones is an expert in internet marketing, and has a keen interest in environmentally friendly lawnmowers such as the Bosch Rotak 40.

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2 Great Jobsite Table Saws for Heavy-Duty Users

Purchasing a jobsite table saw is a serious investment and one that will surely affect you in the long-term. Consequently, finding one that will continually meet your needs as a craftsmen is possibly the most crucial step in the buying process. The most industrial, heavy-duty users clearly require the most high-quality equipment, and, fortunately, in the world of jobsite table saws, there are two that seem to cast shadows over the competition. With commanding power and innovation these saws come from Makita and Bosch, two manufactures that have continually shaped the industry with high-performance tools and technology. Makita’s 2704X1 (10″) contractor’s table saw is a superior quality saw designed for superior accuracy. Its precision machined, die cast aluminum table top delivers exactly that, an uncommon degree of precision and strength throughout every project. The table-top is designed to remain flat despite heavy work and wear, and with a large cut capacity, even without its standard right extension table, (3-5/8″ at 90 degrees and 2-1/2″ at 45 degrees) the saw roughly rips 4x material in one pass. With its extension table, on another hand, the saw’s capacity is even larger ripping 4 x 8 sheets of plywood with surprising ease. The saw also has a built-in storage area with the capacity to hold your most frequently used accessories like a saw blade, rip fence, miter gauge, and etc. This on-site storage keeps your most returned to items all in the same place and perfectly within reach. Additionally, the table saw features wider, deeper T-slot miter grooves to accept the most industrial T formed shanks, even those made by different manufacturers, rendering the saw versatile and universally accommodating. For the most efficient and smoothest blade depth adjustment the saw also offers a simple two pole slide system for raising and lowering the blade. Lastly, but certainly not least, the saw packs a 15 amp motor, to perfectly couple supreme power with uncommon precision. Bosch builds another jobsite table saw to compliment the most heavy-duty users. Their 4100-09 (10″) worksite table saw is built with a seriously heavy-duty construction designed to withstand the many bumps and bruises of jobsite life. Built for durability the tool is coated with a powder paint finish to maximize overall longevity, and with Bosch’s patented Gravity-Rise stand, the saw is surprisingly simple to manage. Ensuring the motions of set-up and take down are a much less frustrating process, the stand is uniquely impressive. Additionally, the tool is supremely portable, and with a collapsible design the tool stores well and transports from one jobsite to another with terrific simplicity. The table saw additionally boasts 8″ treaded pneumatic wheels so, like a fierce, all terrain table saw, the tool confidently maneuvers through difficult jobsite environments. Ultimately, Bosch’s 4100-09 table saw is designed to bring heavy-duty craftsmen a table saw and stand that will consistently up the ante with brilliant power, precision and authority. Exemplifying the most elite of the jobsite table saw community, these saws will prove a sound investment to those heavy-duty craftsmen searching for long-term commitment.

A student at the Univ. of UT, Mallory is currently earning an English degree. Specializing in tool parts and web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Makita’s 2704X1 table saw, and Bosch’s 4100-09 table saw.

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Taco Pumps – Useful Component for Residential Use

Taco is highly used in the business of developing and manufacturing hydraulic based components for use in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional heating and cooling systems.

A pump is a device used to move liquids, or slurries. A pump moves liquids or gases from lower pressure to higher pressure, and overcomes this difference in pressure by adding energy to the system (such as a water system). A gas pump is generally called a compressor, except in very low pressure-rise applications, such as in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning, the equipment is known as fans or blowers.

Pumps or circulator pumps are an integral part of any hydronic system when installing or adding radiant heat to homes and businesses. These pumps are used to send water to an area of the hydronic system when it is called for, or to keep the flow of water in the system. PexSupply. com features a large selection of Cast Iron and Bronze taco pumps, including the best-selling 007 Taco Pump, reliable Bell and Gosset pumps and Taco IFC Pumps with Integral Flow Chek. Bosch Tankless Water Heaters Bosch Pro Tankless Water Heaters also known as Aquastar Tankless Water Heaters come in Natural Gas (NG) and Propane (LG). We also carry Ariston and Powerstar electric tankless water heaters.

We offer competitive prices on Taco Flo-Control Valves, which can be used in forced hot water heating systems to prevent “gravity˜ circulation during periods when the boiler is hot, but the space heating zone is not wanted. Taco Flo-Cheks come in several sizes and connection types. Taco Flo-Control Valves

Taco Flo-Control Valves have a combination of straight/angle configurations in sizes 3/4 to 2 for easy installation. They have removable top caps as well that allows easy cleaning and service without removing pipe connections. The manual operating position f PEX Supply is a leading online distributor of plumbing supplies and heating supplies from leading manufacturers such as Taco pumps and Wirsbo. They specialize in Radiant Floor Heating, PEX Tubing, & PEX Plumbing Supplies. It is a place from where you can gt the best quality products in the best prices. The quality of the products offered by us is something that you would not get anywhere easily. ThermaPEX Radiant Heat PEX Tubing

ThermaPEX Barrier PEX tubing for radiant tube heating is the strongest and most flexible Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing available today. ThermaPEX Tubing is competitively priced, and is available for same day shipping. With the facility of fast shipping now you do not require to wait long for your product.

or vertical lift disc permits gravity circulation.

For the best in radiant heat equipment and discount plumbing supplies from thermocouples and flow switches to thermostats and relays, trust the radiant heat pros at PEX Plumbing Supply. The prices offered by the company are incompatible low and affordable. Our motto says, “Wholesale Prices at Your Fingertips.

To know more, visit: Bosch Water Heaters is designed with the customer in mind.We have a full range of products that you can purchase in a fast and efficient manner. offers high quality products from the best manufacturers in the industry. Manufacturers such as Wirsbo, Taco, Watts, Bell Gossett, Honeywell, and McDonnell Miller set the highest standards in the plumbing and heating industry. provides the customer with all the information needed to make the right product purchase.

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Durability is the Priority for any mower

Durability is the main criteria while purchasing any kind of mowers, be it domestic or commercial. Not all mowers are different, it depends on their mechanism and functions, how much power or oil it consumes, its capacity to sustain the heavy load etc. , and lastly it should prevent you from future repairs and replacements. Countax tractors is one of most reputed company dealing in the spare parts of any kind of mowers, not they are inexpensive, but also reliable and available at any time.

After durability comes is the category, if you have the backyard lawn which has the size of a tennis court, then domestic mowers will do the necessary mowing work as they come in small and compact sizes, different vibrant colors, it also consumes less electric power and can be stored at a smaller space in the house, in case if you have a fairly huge lawn of a golf course particularly in the corporate offices, than commercial mowers is more than sufficient, or are associated with a corporate or landscaping company or you have to work under the guidance of a horticulturist, than its genuinely recommended to have a commercial mowers, since its more powerful and durable in comparison to domestic one, they are specially made to mow quickly and at regular intervals since they are high performance machines.

A Countax tractor provides such heavy duty mowers for commercial purpose it has a very flexible machine which rotates and trims the grass at one place without actually moving to other direction. This zero turn mowers are all time favorite with golf players and its organizers, since it precisely does not follow the curves and bends, but reaches to those tough areas where domestic mowers cannot. The most vital part of the mowers of any kind is its engine. Engines are supposed to be the heart of mowers. Golf courses, huge gardens of multinational companies, landscaping companies have various kinds of mowers like stand up, zero-radius mowers and heavy duty trimmers. Buying commercial lawn care equipment from Countax

Tractors can be considered an investment since the durability should reduce the cost of future repairs and maintenance. Another important aspect of the mower is its technicality, frequent mower user generally in commercial category has to be experience in handling such cases, due to regular wear and tear, sometimes overloading etc, this depreciation could be reduce by regularly servicing it, checking the oil level, whether any parts needs repairing or replacements, the sharpness of the blades are usable, clutch handle replacement etc.

For more information regarding any replacement of the spare parts, difficulty in the mechanism, contact Countax tractors are ready to help solve your problems, parts like shovels, blades, trimmers come with the warranty period and service after sales also.

GGM Groundscare specializes in compact tractors; ride on mowers, commercial mowers and mower parts. They are suppliers of genuine parts of Kubota parts and mower parts from reputed manufacturing companies like Kubota tractors, Countax tractors, Hayter mowers, Ferris mowersa and Kawasaki mule.

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How to Flip Land For Massive Profits

How You Can Flip Land For Massive Profits in Today’s Horrible Housing Market-Want in on a little known– yet highly profitable –niche in real estate with *next-to-zero*competition and involves NO houses or buildings of any kind? This free video training reveals an exciting and easy way to make money in real estate buying raw land for, literally, pennies on the dollar. Why Flip Land the answer is easy because land doesn’t have the 3 T’s No TERMITES, No TOILETS, No TENANTS.   When You flip land for profits you don’t have to worry about construction, or rehabbing, broken pipes, outdated electrical issues.   In fact land is so low maintenance you can easily flip land from the comfort of your home in your under using the internet. If you want to learn how to flip land for massive profits using Jack Bosch’s Land Profit Generator System then you need to go see Jack Bosch’s Free Video Training and grab a Free copy of The Land Manifesto. Here’s what’s really awesome you don’t need money, credit or experience.   In fact, in the video you’ll see a guy (Jack Bosch) who came to this country just a few years ago with a two suit cases, stacked with debt and used this very same strategy to become a millionaire. His name is Jack Bosch and he’s a German Immigrant who speaks broken English, and he’ll show you EXACTLY how he BUYS and SELLS 30 – 40 properties each month on complete autopilot for fast cash.   Finally a the easy way to real estate investing with ZERO competition. Some of these properties even produce monthly income, from raw land – its genius.   Imagine getting cash flow from RAW Land…If you want to know how you have to see the Free Land Profit Generator Training Videos and grab a Free copy of The Land Manifesto. Here’s the thing Jack Bosch makes it so simple that in just 7 years he’s done over 5,564 real estate transactions just because this is one of the most overlooked and easiest investing models you’ll ever find. (In the video you’ll see PROOF. )This unique system is unlike anything you’ve seen and frankly it’s the biggest hidden secret in real estate investing.   If you want to buy land for pennies then flip it for massive profits this is for you. Jack’s revealing his ninja-like methods on his free Land Profit Generator training video, find out why. Click the link to watch the video now, (and he’s giving away other cool stuff too):(And be sure to keep your eyes out for more exclusive training in the next few days. )

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Push Reel Lawn Mowers – How can they Help?

The current state of the national economy – the average price of gasoline rates at above $4 a gallon – is enough to prove that “Necessity is the mother of reinvention”. The push reel lawn mower, for example, has smoothed its way out of the history books in the U. S. A. Manually operated, it helps saves not only a few cents on gas, but also provides other and much bigger benefits. The reel mower is a classic of American culture, but it has evolved considerably over time. The current economic situation combined with a new found concern for the environment provide the foundation for a big comeback of the good old fashioned manually operated push reel lawn mower in our yards. Why choose a reel mower?* The most recent incarnation of the push reel lawn mower is lighter, more durable and much easier to handle. * It comes with an array of handy features including grass catchers, sharpening kits and easy-to-adjust cutting heights. * It’s also much quieter than the gas mower. The absence of the infamous buzz may actually enhance your relationship with your neighbors when you mow your lawn early on Sunday mornings, or when they are relaxing at the barbeque grill on a Sunday afternoon. * Not being a gas-guzzler by nature, it’s considerably lighter on the pocket as well. * It doesn’t run on electricity either, so you don’t even have to remember to plug it in. All you’ll need are your hands. Keeping the Blue Planet greenGas mowers belch out pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. These are deleterious to human health and don’t do anything kind to the ozone layer, either. The choice of a reel mower has excellent consequences for the movement toward more environmentally friendly practices and products and also results in the raising of awareness. Small things, even lawn mower choice, add up to global effects. We can no longer afford to ignore or undervalue the importance of environment consciousness. There are more down-to-earth consequences of using a push reel mower. Gas mowers leave lawns with jagged-edged grass. These jagged edges render the grass more vulnerable to disease and facilitate the loss of moisture. Reel mowers cut grass cleanly and thus ensure a healthy lawn; when you buy a reel mower, prepare to be astounded by the difference between your lawn and your neighbors’. A mowing a day keeps the doctor awaySome of the advantages of using a push reel lawn mower are much more subtle. The regenerated reel mower is easier to handle than it has been in the past, but you have to get your hands dirty. The extra bit of effort you have to put in means that your lawn-mowing session also doubles up as cardio workout. You will also find yourself enjoying life more with a push reel mower. The psychological satisfaction of the hands-on approach will complement the obvious physical, economic and environmental advantages. Whatever your initial motivation for being interested in a push reel lawn mower, you might just end up getting a whole lifestyle experience because of it!

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