Bosch Rotak 34 Electric Rotary Lawn Mower

For small to medium lawns this electric rotary mower provides a terrific cut and finish. The ‘Powerdrive’ motor gives a powerful cut – even in long grass up to 30cm long. Also, the innovative grass combs allow you to cut cleanly along walls and edges saving you time.

It does feel a little plastic but the advantage of that is it’s relatively lightweight and can be picked up with ease,  the cutting length handle is pretty awkward to use until you get the hang of it but frankly I rarely change heights so not too much of an issue.

It’s very light and simple to use, it’s almost effortless and feels like you are vacuuming the lawn.  The 34cm blade cuts quickly and efficiently but it is really designed for a smaller garden anything bigger and you’ll be better getting one of the bigger models.