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Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Mower

The higher torque 1300-watt Powerdrive motor of the Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Mower permits you to tackle long grass effortlessly. Another great quality of the mower is the fact that it is lightweight, it merely weighs 6.8kg, meaning in case you have struggled before with heavier products, this is going to be a dream to utilize. Here’s everything you are required to know about its most important characteristics and the very best features that set this lawnmower aside from other models.

It is definitely a fantastic Lawn Mower for a terrific cost! Due to the inexpensive price tag, the hover lawn mower became popular. These products provide excellent value for money, thus the discount in price.

Servicing and normal maintenance will likely be essential if you need to prolong the life of your own mower. Should you be prepared to spend a little bit more money on a far greater machine that will endure longer, do the job better and produce a far superior result of your own lawn then here is the mower you need to be receiving. Essentially, it will be based on the amount and sort of work the mower will need to do that can determine which type will definitely be required.

It is possible to cut with precision as a result of innovative grass combs. The rear roller also supplies stability throughout the lawn edges. The metallic rollers can make a much more pronounced stripe pattern although they’re able to add plenty of weight to such machines. The blades are absolutely efficient so I don’t must keep going through the exact same patch of grass.

In general, the Bosch Rotak is an excellent piece that each household can be wonderful use of. An excellent machine, properly maintained can persist for a lifetime. Choose the power rating for your specific needs in addition to the model together with the correct cutting width. There are several different models in the Bosch lawnmower range so that it’s recommended to have a look at these before opting to buy.

There’s a model for each lawn type. You’re able to adjust and select distinctive heights according to your requirement or considering the affliction of the lawn. With the rear roller you’re able to secure that stately home look in your inherent garden, providing you with precise stripes throughout your lawn. The Ride On models are intended for the greatest gardens with equally massive lawns.

I am able to imagine elderly folks would prefer this lawnmower. The mower is very simple to store and I’m generally impressed with that. The mower is fairly simple to store and I’m generally impressed with that. This really is far the top cutting mower I’ve owned and I’ve had a few over time. If you really would prefer the excellent striped finish a cylinder mower will give, but prefer the idea of an electric mower, take a look at the Atco Windsor. The exact same is true of where you are going to be storing your lawnmower be sure you are able to get it in your shed or garage, including having enough space to make sure that it remains out of the manner.

Fantastic lawn mower for an incredible cost. Very quick to mow lawn, simple to push, simple to clean, simple to store, lightweight. It’s ideally suited to somebody using a medium sized lawn who would like to accomplish an excellent finish without having to spend too much on a mower. It is perfect for smaller lawns which are not cut too frequently or enthusiastically. It enables users to keep a tidy and neat lawn. These grass cutters are made to save you time by means of your mowing.

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Hayter 617 Spirit Petrol Mower

First of all if one of your main concerns in buying a new lawnmower is starting it up then the Hayter 617 Spirit mower is probably not for you. It’s not that it’s extremely hard to start but it’s nearly always a topic for debate with any decent petrol lawnmower – how hard is it to start? Out of the many petrol mowers I’ve tried this certainly isn’t the hardest to start, but it does require a little bit of effort. As with most petrol mowers you have to press a primer button a few times before pulling the starter cord. On the Hayter 617 you are told to press it five times before pulling the cord, in reality you’ll usually discover the right number yourself depending on the circumstances – varying between 3 and 10 in my experience!

Hayter 617 Spirit Mower

Click for Best Price for Hayter 617


So if you want to turn your mower with no effort at all, start looking at electric mowers or some of the new Honda petrol mowers which seem to start with a little less effort. The reason people buy Hayter mowers though are because they have a deserved reputation for quality. If you have a large garden or rough area that you need to keep under control – you’ll have little problem with most Hayters and the Hayter 617 push mower is no exception.

It’s construction is fairly solid although for those used to older Hayter lawnmowers this one doesn’t feel quite as solid being constructed from mainly aluminium and composite plastic. This does have the advantage of being a lot more light weight though and it does make it easier to manage and manoeuver than older models.

As suggested by the name it’s cutting width is 41 cms which is just about right for most jobs in a reasonable side garden. The cutting lengths are from 13mm to 65mm although it can be a little difficult to estimate these you soon get used to the lengths each setting provides. The Hayter 617 has a large grass collection capacity of 55 liters in it’s strong canvas grass bag which saves lots of visits to empty the cuttings.

So How Does the Hayter 617 Spirit Cut?

This is where I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, the 617 cuts beautifully providing a fantastic finish making most decent lawns look like golf fairways. The obligatory stripes are clear and defined and really do make your lawn look good.

Some have reported problems with the way the Hayter 617 manages and collects when the grass is damp. I don’t really feel I can comment on this as I never usually mow damp grass. It doesn’t look like it would be a problem but if you’re gardener who needs to cut grass in situations that are not ideal it might be worth checking around – there’s quite a few reviews on the Amazon site which mention it.

So overall the Hayter 617 Spirit Push mower is a pretty decent mower, it’s pretty affordable compared to their normal models but perhaps that is slightly reflected in the build components of these cheaper models. It does cut the lawn extremely well and you won’t find many better finishes in mowers at this price range or below. If you decide that a petrol mower is for you then you could do a lot worse than the Hayter 617 Spirit.

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Flymo Turbo Compact 330-Any Good ?

A well manicured lawn is attractive to the eyes. It might sound silly, but it invariably cheers people up and makes our houses look much more pleasant and more importantly cared for. But unfortunately mowing a lawn can be a real pain especially an oddly shaped lawn. Fortunately some of the best lawnmowers on the market can make the job a lot easier that it used to be – the question is does the new flymo turbo compact 330 cut the mustard. I’m not a big fan of hover mowers but to be honest it’s been a while since I tried one.

Click for Best Price on Flymo Turbo Compact 330

Click for Best Price on Flymo Turbo Compact 330

The Flymo Turbo Compact 330 Grass Collecting Electric Hover Lawn Mower (phew that’s mouthful) has a 33 cm metal blade powered by 1500 Watt motor which should be more than adequately powered for most gardens.

With a fairly large grass collection bin which can accommodate 30 liters of grass, it does minimize the main time consuming part of mowing the lawn which is emptying the grass every five minutes. To be fair the Flymo stored a decent amount of grass although it doesn’t compress nearly as much as some lawnmowers so you’ll still have to empty it quite a bit on a normal sized lawn.

The brochure says the unit is designed to withstand the test of time with a minimum level of maintenance, although I found this particular Flymo to fee a little flimsy but it’s often the case with the electric mowers which make a real effort to minimise the weight.

The cable is approximately 15 meters long which is a decent size, if you’ve had an electric mower before you’ll know whether your garden is suitable. If you haven’t just think for a while, if you’ve got lots of ornaments, shrubs and flower bed interspersed in your lawn are you going to manage pulling a cord along. It’s perfectly ok on many lawns where there aren’t many obstacles – but on some lawns using a corded mower is an absolute nightmare.

Inside the package, you get the Turbo Compact 330 unit (which is the mower in case you’re wondering), an instructional guide and a guarantee registration card. The instructional guide will help you set up the unit. It will also help you on how to properly use the product. It has the dos’ and don’ts so you will have an idea on how to take care of your unit. A one year warranty is already included with the product. It’s pretty easy to set up but as I mentioned it doesn’t exactly feel sturdy – despite this feeling it’s actually quite heavy compared to many electric lawnmowers even when hovering.

Now for the real test, how does it actually cut the grass? Well I tried the Flymo Turbo compact 330 on a relatives lawn – the grass hadn’t been cut for about two weeks in August so was quite long. It was perfectly dry though so it shouldn’t have been too bad, but I’m afraid it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

When I started using it all my remembered horrors of using Flymos in the 1980s came back, it doesn’t seem that they’ve improved much. My main problem (which is a fairly fundamental one) is that it doesn’t cut the grass well – because it’s quite heavy the hovering motion just seems to squash a lot of the grass rather than cut it.

I went over the lawn twice and there were big areas which just had squashed grass, it just lefts these clumps all over the lawn. It was fairly pointless going back over them as the more they got squashed the less likely the grass would be cut – I’m sorry but this is a big fundamental design flaw if the Flymo Turbo Compact 330 I used is typical. Maybe mine was faulty but it looked like more than that to me.

These mowers are pretty cheap but there are loads of better ones at similar price points. It’s honestly not worth saving a few quid getting a mower like this, it’s kind of depressing spending ages mowing a lawn then it not looking much better and the Turbo Compact 330 made a right mess of cutting my relatives lawn. It’s main selling point is cost but you’d expect a few years service out of even a cheap mower and this mower is just not that good at cutting grass – have a look what others think on the Amazon site – Opinions on 330 – I am not alone I think!

Do yourself a huge favor and spend a few pounds extra and get the much, much better mower here – I’ve had mine for four years and it cuts beautifully – it is frankly in a different league to this hover thing.

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Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnraker

Do you want your turf free from moss, weeds and excessive grass? The Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnraker might be the product for you.

This unit does a good job in eliminating unwanted grass, weeds and moss in your backyard. The job can be easily done with a 900W high-torque motor. It can be a real help in dealing with a large lawn.

The unit is powerful that it can lift surface debris. With its full 32cm cutting width and 4 raking heights, it can work in pretty much any weather. It also has a raking cylinder which is built into the unit. This cylinder is responsible for keeping moss, weeds and thatch out of your backyard.

When mowing becomes difficult, the torque increases in order to meet the challenges at hand. This is because of the 900 watt motor combined with the gear set that works hand in hand. The purpose of which is to give you a powerful unit that could address any challenges in mowing your lawn.

The grass bin is also fairly heavy duty. It can accommodate up to 50 Litres of grass. This means you can mow your lawn with the minimum number of interruptions. It is detachable from the unit so you could store your equipment with ease. However, the unit and the bin occupies significant amount of space. When buying the product, you may want to consider the space it will occupy.

But then, the collection bin is superb. The debris automatically goes to the collection bin in a short period of time. This unit is probably best suited for medium and large lawns.

It also has a two year warranty on parts and service. Hence, in case you encounter some issues, just call their customer service and they will resolve your issue in no time. If you have a large lawn, then this product could definitely suit your needs.

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ALM Lawn Mower Plastic Blades

ALM Lawn Mower Plastic Blades

This spool cover is an easy fitting design that can be fitted by the user so there is no need for costly repairs.

Lawnmower Blades Range of blades to fit most grass mowers

Buy ALM Lawn Mower Plastic Blades at Amazon

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ALM Metal Lawn Mower Blade

ALM Metal Lawn Mower Blade

This blade is an easy fitting blade that can be fitted by the user so there is no need for costly repairs. It fits all Black & Decker hover mowers using a metal blade except gx530 (bd033), gx635 (bd034)

Lawnmower Blades Range of blades to fit most grass mowers

Buy ALM Metal Lawn Mower Blade at Amazon

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Flymo Multimo 420XC 42cm 240 Volt Mains Electric Mower

Flymo Multimo 420XC  42cm  240 Volt Mains Electric Mower

The Flymo Multimo 420XC is a 4 wheel 42cm cut mower and features a roller between the rear wheels for striping. It has a metal blade, 15 metre cable and 50 litre grass box, and large rear wheels for extra manoeuvrability. It also features an easy fit mulch plug for use when not collecting, and an easy reel system for neat and tidy storage

Flymo Multimo 420 XC Electric Lawnmower

See all

Buy Flymo Multimo 420XC 42cm 240 Volt Mains Electric Mower at Amazon

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Flymo Hover Compact 300 Electric Hover Mower

Flymo Hover Compact 300 Electric Hover Mower

Flymo’s Hover Compact 300, the revolutionary hover mower that collects as you mow on a cushion of air. Making mowing easier and more efficient, this hover mower is ideal for giving your lawn a neat and tidy finish in the shortest possible time, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden.The powerful 1400 watt motor spins at 4,300 rpm, making easy work of your lawn. Your Hover Compact 300 has 4 heights of cut (10 – 30 mm) and a 30 cm cut with a metal blade.The 30 litre
Buy Flymo Hover Compact 300 Electric Hover Mower at Amazon

Newer version of this Flymo Mower reviewed here – Flymo 330 compact Hover Mower

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ALM Lawn Mower Metal Blade

ALM Lawn Mower Metal Blade

This blade is an easy fitting blade that can be fitted by the user so there is no need for costly repairs.

Alm Fl043 Metal Blade Size: 30cm (12in) – To Fit Flymo Hover Mower Models: Dle-02 Dle03 E30- 1/2/3/4/5/11/12/13 Xe30 Tl E30 Twin Sprinter 30 Sprintmaster 30 Hoverstripe 30 Turbo Compact 300 – Compares To 5126439-72/7 And 5126439-00/8

Buy ALM Lawn Mower Metal Blade at Amazon

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Cylinder Mower Cover

Cylinder Mower Cover
No description for this product could be found, but have a look over at Amazon for reviews and other information.
Buy Cylinder Mower Cover at Amazon

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