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Finding The Right Lawnmower For Your Yard

Buying a lawn mower can be quite overwhelming with all of the selection available. In this article you will learn more about the different types of lawn mowers to enable you to find the right one for your particular needs and yard.

Choosing A Lawn Mower Using Reviews
There are many different kinds of lawn mowers in the stores. It is very easy for you to become overwhelmed by the selection. From hand-operated walk behind mowers, to cordless mowers, to the robo-mower, you will find many different kinds of electric lawn mowers. There are very similar kinds of mowers available in gas powered varieties as well.

When you are ready to purchase a lawn mower, then you may find that all of the choices leave you feeling confused and unsure of which one to get. With this information, you will find that you will be more able to find the right lawn mower for you and your particular needs.

How Big Is Your Yard?
The acreage that you regularly mow should be your most important criteria in your lawn mower selection. If you normally mow less than one acre of land, then you may want to choose a hand-operated mower. It would work well for the amount of land that you mow. It will give you a neat and trim yard and can help you burn off a few calories as well. If you have several acres of lawn, then this may not be the best choice for you. A hand-operated and battery-operated mower might be less expensive, but they will take more time to mow and to take care of-especially in the case of the battery-operated mower.

Electric Or Gas Powered Mowers
If you are a person who devotes their time to taking care of the environment, then you will most likely want to choose an electric mower thinking that you are doing to best thing for the environment.

However, if you think about it a little more, you may determine that your local pollution levels will decrease, but you will really not be making an impact on the overall pollution in the country. It depends upon the energy consumed and the carbon particulates that are released into the air.

You are right in thinking that an electric lawn mower is better for the environment on the local level, but finding alternative fuels and energy sources will help the environment more in the long run. That is why you want to make your choice carefully.

Electric lawn mowers need an energy source to run and this may become another concern when you have to keep it running while using it on your lawn.

A gas powered mower is a messy and problemsome choice because you have to continually refill the fuel. They are also a source of pollution.

Modern Robotic Lawn Mowers
If you have a large lawn, then you may want to consider a robotic lawn mower. This kind of mower is convenient to use, and works safely, silently, and automatically. You only have to give it an electric supply and plan out the supply to allow the mower to find it at certain points.

The safety features will astound you. A robotic mower will operate automatically in a safe mode to help keep your family and pets safe from harm. If your child walks into its path, then it will change its path. If it gets stuck, then the blades will stop rotating. It is a great and safe idea if you have a great deal of acreage to help save you time and energy.

By knowing the choices that are available to you, you will be able to make a decision that you will be satisfied with for a very long time.

Andrew Caxton is the author of many resources about lawn care and lawnmowers published at

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Is a Riding Mower or a Lawn Tractor the Right Choice For You?

If you have a large lawn that is getting too much to handle with a walk-behind mower you may be considering buying a lawn tractor or a riding mower. A lawn tractor may have various attachments available and can be used for hauling materials about your yard in addition to mowing your lawn. More expensive than riding mowers they have multiple uses. You should also be looking for mowing decks that are easily adjustable and have mulching capabilities.

Choosing the Type of Mower

Zero Turn Mowers

For a lawn that is more than 1/2 acre with multiple objects a zero turn mower would be a good choice. The time taken to mow your lawn can be cut in half with a zero turn mower as these mowers are more efficient. The excellent maneuverability allows you to easily mow around all size objects without having to back up and turn repeatedly. The rear wheels are used for both power and steering and operate independently so one wheel can reverse while the other wheel rotates forward allowing zero to 360 degree turns. In addition these mowers are fast, up to 6.5 mph so you can quickly cover a large lawn.

Riding Mowers

For a lawn of between 1/2 to 1 acre a riding mower will be ideal. They have few attachments as they are primarily built to do one thin wheel and that is to cut the lawn!

Lawn Tractors

With higher horsepower engines lawn tractors are better for larger lawns and rougher terrain. They also have a good range of optional attachments so if you want to use your mower as a snowblower, an aerator, a machine to move material around your yard you should choose a lawn tractor.

Garden Tractors

The toughest of these machines with the highest horsepower, garden tractors usually have two-cylinder engines and sturdy transmissions. For a very large garden or yard with rough terrain choose a garden tractor.

Factors to consider before you purchase a lawn tractor or riding mower

Size of Lawn

The first thing to take into account is the power of the engine and the cutting width and to ensure that these are suitable for the size of your lawn. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose. Be aware of the width between any obstacles as a larger deck may cut down the time to mow a large area but be unable to mow between obstacles.

1/2 to 1 acre lawn: You will need a mower with at least a 14 hp engine and a 42″ cutting width

1 to 2 acres lawn: A cutting width of between 42″ and 46″ with a 14 to 16hp engine should be adequate

3 Acres and above: For this size lawn area an engine size of between 18 and 24 hp and a 46″ to 54″ cutting deck would be the best buy


A wide range of attachments are available for lawn tractors including snowblowers, front blades, tractor shovel, electric spreaders, baggers etc. Check that attachments that you might need now or in the future are available for the model you are considering. Riding mowers generally have very few attachments but are cheaper to buy so if all you want to do is mow your lawn a riding mower would be the best buy.


Gear Driven or Automatic?

Consider the layout of the lawn area to be cut with your lawn tractor or riding mower. A gear driven mower will be better on open areas with few obstacles such as flower beds or bird baths. Choose an automatic transmission for areas that have obstacles so that you can easily vary the speed around the objects. Most of the lawn tractors with automatic transmission also have cruise control so you can set this in areas that are clearer.

Bagging, Mulching or Side Discharging

Many lawn mowers have the options to easily switch between mulching or side discharging. Most have optional bagging attachments.

Safety Concerns

The higher speed of lawn tractors and riding mowers leads to some concern for safety and operators should be aware of these factors before they use the machines.

Obstacles: Care must be taken with obstacles on the lawn as hitting a solid object will do severe damage to the machine at these speeds.

Scattering objects: Any small objects, for instance stones, twigs, household objects left on the lawn will be picked up by the mower and projected at high speed. Always ensure there are no people or pets in the area when operating the machines.

Noise: Some of these mowers can be very noisy. Wear ear protection if this applies to your model

Advantages and Disadvantages

Lawn Tractors

Advantages: Durable, built to last, attachments to do many other tasks

Disadvantages: Expensive, leaves uncut areas at the end of turns, needs a large storage area, difficult to take in for repairs

Zero Turn Mowers

Advantages: Fast, best for a lawn with many obstacles, no uncut areas at the end of turns, few attachments

Disadvantages: Expensive, needs a large storage area, difficult to take in for repairs, few attachments, some safety concerns due to the high speed.

Riding Mowers

Advantages: Cheaper than lawn tractors, reasonably fast, leaves uncut areas at the end of turns,few attachments

Disadvantages: Awkward to steer around obstacles and leaves uncut grass close to obstacles.

Read more and find some great deals in new and used lawnmowers and lawn Tractors at Toro Lawnmowers and Snowblowers or John Deere lawn Tractors and Snowblowers

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Choosing the Right Router

A router is one of the most versatile, and widely used tools on the market today; and for good reason. A router is a woodworking tool designed to rout, or mill out an area in the surface of a piece of wood, and can feasibly perform almost any kind of shaping and wood cutting application. It would be difficult to determine the application in which a router is most commonly used; they dominate edging operations, and are masterfully equip for box joining, mortising, dovetailing, dadoing, and rabbeting to name only a few.

There are several types of router available, each having individual features, benefits and their own favorite applications. The most popular types of router are the fixed-base and the plunge-base router; each of which offering their own set of pros and cons which I will attempt to shed some light upon. Beginning with the first born, the fixed-base router is a favorite of many craftsmen because of its more simple more, compact and versatile design, and its relative ease of operation. In a fixed-base router, the motor is securely clamped into the base, and has a more light weight design making it easier to work and maneuver. Built for table mounting and more stationary routing, the fixed-base router is generally better for running slots, rabbeting, and edging or molding patterns than its top heavy, plunging brother. For plunge cuts, however, the fixed-base router must be tilted or angled into the workpiece which can be a difficult procedure to master. Because the base is not fully supported as the bit enters the wood, plunge cutting can be much more difficult with a fixed-base router. These routers have simple and accurate depth adjustment systems. They must, however, be stopped and reset in between each cut.

Unlike the fixed-based router who’s configuration has changed relatively little over time, the plunge-base router is more innovatively designed. The plunge-cut router is built so its motor sits atop two spring-loaded posts; this trait allows for the vertical motion which makes the plunging action possible. The vertical movement of the router essentially “plunges” the router bit into your workpieces without ever tilting or lifting the tool enabling users to get directly into the center of a workpiece without any pre-drilling or acrobatics. With the plunge-base router, making through cuts, deep grooves and mortises is generally much easier than with its fixed-base counterpart; but although a plunge-base router is the best choice for applications requiring more and deeper cuts, it is much heavier and can be difficult to move and adjust. Understanding which router is right for you can be a long process. The information below will help you narrow down your search options and determine which router fits you best.

To begin, again, with the fixed-base router, Bosh offers a 2 HP (horse power) fixed-base router with a powerful 11 Amp motor and 25,000 RPM. This router is built with a precision centering design that makes it significantly easier to keep your bits on their intended cut line. The 8.3 lb tool is also designed with a macro and microfine bit adjustment system with resettable depth indicator for constant precision. This system provides always fast and accurate depth setting adjustment. Bosch has also incorporated a large 3-3/4 in base opening (6in. base diameter) plus a 2in. subbase opening to accept larger bits. For fast and easy template guide changes there is also a tool-free template guide adapter. The 1617 router has one-piece armature shaft for enhanced accuracy and long bit shank capacity.

Bosch’s fixed-base router also has a right or left switch location for user preference and consistency and a new dust sealed power switch for enhanced durability. The router features hardwood handles and a 10ft. flexible rubber cord. The 1617 also includes the RA1161 fixed-base system which allows for bit height adjustment from above the router table. For additional convenience the fixed-base system also has threaded holes that allow it to be mounted to the router table (in Bosch’s four hole pattern or the common three hole pattern). Bosch’s 1617 fixed-base router includes ¼in. and ½in. S.R. collet chucks, a 16mm shaft wrench, 24mm collet nut wrench, tool-free template guide adapter, a chip shield, and fixed-base.

DEWALT offers a 1-3/4 HP fixed-base router with an 11 Amp motor, 24,500 RPM, and enough power to rout out the toughest woods. The tool has an advanced microfine depth adjustment ring that provides precise depth adjustments in minute 1/64in. increments and can be adjusted vertically for a permanent switch/cordset location. This vertical movement adjusts with up and down actions rather than spinning; since the entire router doesn’t turn, the whole of the tool remains in the same position. For quick and tight-locking depth adjustments/base changes, the DW616 also has a strong and adjustable tool-free steel motor cam lock. A dust-deal keeps the switch free of dust and debris enhancing its performance, durability, and overall life. And with a right or left switch and cordset location, the user has the option to hold the switch in either the right or left hand increasing comfort and versatility. The tool’s overmolded rubber handles, and low center of gravity also contribute to the router’s best-in-class comfort, balance, and control. The router’s cordset is detachable to offer serviceability and the ability to use the same motor pack for all bases.

For easier bit changes DEWALT has built this router with a flat top – and with quick release motor latches for fast and simple motor pack removal. The router also has long, self-releasing, eight-slotted collets for better bit retention and elimination of frozen, or stuck bits. A clear LEXAN subbase (polycarbonate material specially developed for strength and impact resistance) delivers enhanced base durability and bit visibility, and also accepts standard template guide bushings. The subbase additionally has a concentricity gauge for best-in-class routing accuracy. With a heavy-duty, precision machined, die-cast aluminum base and motor housing – the tool is supremely durable, and weighs only 7.1 lbs. DEWALT’s DW616 fixed-base router includes a motor pack, fixed-base, concentricity gauge, ¼ and ½ in collets, and two wrenches. The router is also available to purchase as a kit (DW616K), which includes the above with DEWALT’s heavy-duty kit box.

As for the plunge router, Makita offers a 3-1/4 in plunge-router with a powerful 15 Amp motor and variable speed option from 9,000 – 23,000 RPM. The router’s variable speed option ensures greater routing precision and always accurate projects. The router also has a pivoting multiple depth adjustment knob with three preset plunge depths, and a top handle depth adjustment which sets the tool to any specific routing depth. For easy penetration into your workpiece, the router also has a 0 – 2-3/8 in plunge depth capacity. Makita has incorporated an electric brake for fast bit stoppage which also helps to prevent accidental marring of working materials. And, with an electronic speed control, the tool maintains constant speed even under load. The 3612C plunge-router also has a bit deflector to keep chips and debris away from the operator and workpiece. The tool weighs 13.2 lbs, is double insulated, and has a strong, all ball bearing construction to extend the tool’s overall life. Having a shaft lock for quick and easy bit changes, and a soft start feature for smoother start-ups, Makita’s plunge router is equip to handle all your plunge-routing needs. The 3612C includes a ¼ in collet sleeve, ½ in collet cone, and wrench.

DEWALT also offers a heavy-duty 3 HP plunge-router with a 15 Amp motor that utilizes advanced soft-start technology for always smooth operation. The motor is also full wave variable speed, and runs at 8,000 – 22,000 RPM. The DW625 runs with a constant speed, even under load, to ensure a fine, quality finish in all your projects, and its one piece motor and shaft spindle ensures perpendicularity and professional accuracy as you work. For always fast and accurate depth settings, the plunge-router also has a rack and pinion depth adjuster, magnified scale, and microfine depth adjustment mechanism. DEWALT’s plunge-router has a spindle lock button that allows for simple one-wrench bit changes and a dust extraction adapter for a cleaner, safer work-space. The tool also has phosphorous bronze bushings that provide a smooth and accurate plunge, and a guide bushing adapter plate that accepts standard guide bushings – perfect for template work. DEWALT’s DW625 plunge router weighs 11.2 lbs and includes a ¼ in and ½ in collet, dust extraction adapter, template guide bushing adapter, and wrench.

Both classes of router offer a different set of features and applications, and each individual tool has its own specifications. Each option, however, offers unique and professional finishes to your woodworking projects.

As a student at the University of Utah, Mallory Kramer is currently earning an Englinsh degree. Three years ago she joined M&M Tool adding to their over 150 years combined experience; there, she specializes in tool parts and web communications. For over 60 years M&M Tool has provided professional service to the tool industry with parts, sales, and service to professionl level woodworking equipment, tools, and machinery.

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Riding Lawn Mower Review – Is the New Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD the Right Lawn Mower For You?

What factors are important to you when choosing a riding lawn mower? The best lawn mower for your lawn depends on a number of factors including the size of the lawn and the number of obstacles, such as fountains, benches, flower beds etc. If you have a large lawn with many obstacles and uneven grass, then a highly maneuverable riding mower will probably be the most suitable. A riding lawn mower that can cope with slopes, wet grass, and obstacles and also finely dices the cuttings to provide excellent lawn fertilizer is the new Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD and it may be just what you are looking for. The Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is one of the best lawn mowers for large uneven lawns. It is a well built mower that is designed to be extremely maneuverable, so it is ideal if your lawn has many obstacles like flower beds or trees. The new AWD (all wheel drive) is automatic and loss of traction will force it to engage on all four wheels. The Husqvarna Rider can easily cope with a lawn that is is sloped or when mowing in wet conditions. The maneuverability is further enhanced by the unique articulated steering system which allows the rear pair of wheels to swing in underneath the machine. The result is superior maneuverability with a 4 inch turning radius at full lock. The mower has 3 cutting blades and a front mounted cutting deck. Cutting heights can be set from 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches. The front mounted cutting deck gives excellent accessibility into corners and under benches and bushes. The use of 3 blades makes for very efficient cutting and mulching and the removable BioChip, when installed, causes the clippings to be chopped into mulch under the cutting deck before falling onto the lawn and quickly turning into fertiliser. The Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD comes with a pressure lubricated Kohler OHV-engine and wheel weights with ball bearings ensure maximum grip while ensuring minimum stress on the transmission. The blades are engaged automatically when the cutting deck is lowered and all controls are easy to reach from the driver’s seat. The seat itself is reasonably comfortable although some engine vibrations can be felt. the lack of a flat flat floor over the deck may make it harder to mount for less nimble gardeners. Although the Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is expensive (more than $US9000 for the basic model) it should provide years of excellent service. Slightly cheaper, without the AWD, is the Husqvarna Rider R155G2. A good choice of riding lawn mower that will have your lawn looking professionally finished in minimum time. Advantages * Very maneuverable * Easy to operate * Well designed and built for long life * Excellent mulching ability Disadvantages * Expensive * Awkward to mount * Engine vibrations can be annoying if mowing for long periods Conclusion The Husqvarna Rider R155 AWD is a well built, very maneuverable mower that will make mowing a large, uneven lawn that has obstacles and slopes very easy. The mulching ability is a nice addition but the expensive price tag will put this mower out of the reach of many gardeners. It’s sturdy construction and long life will make it a good mower to look out for in the future as a secondhand bargain.

Janet is a keen gardener who finds gardening in the tropics a challenge. For more information and some good deals on new and used lawn mowers check out Best Riding Lawnmowers or the UK website Best Lawnmowers UK

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Is The Best Riding Lawn Mower Right For You?

I can remember a time when all lawn mowers were of the push along type, they were hard work to use and believe me when I say that mowing your lawn was a real chore that could take up half your day. As technology has improved and the cost of equipment has come down, a powered lawn mower is now within the reach of virtually everyone; which is just as well because if your lawn is any size at all, a powered lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment to keep your yard looking great.
If your lawn is small or has many difficult obstacles to get round, then your choices are limited to a decent push along mower, or an electric hover mower. Both of these will do the job more than adequately, but on a very warm day you will build up a real sweat pushing your mower. The best option if you are in this situation is a small hover mower such as the Flymo in the UK or the Eastmans Hovermower in the US. They are relatively cheap to buy, very easy to use, and will work virtually anywhere on any type of terrain.
If you don’t like the sound of a hover mower, then your only option is a manual lawn mower. Get some help choosing a model you are comfortable with, from an expert at your local yard equipment store.
If your lawn is much larger and you have enough spare money to spend, you can buy yourself a really cool ride on lawn mower or garden tractor. This type of mower requires little or no physical exertions, is very easy to operate and will mow your lawn much quicker than any other type of machine. This type of mower is the Rolls Royce of the mowing world, and there is no cooler way to make your lawn look great.
Whatever the size of your lawn, you will need a grass trimmer to keep the edges of the lawn neat, and for cutting round fence posts, awkward obstacles, and trees. However expensive your ride on mower is, your lawn will look half finished unless you pay some attention to the edges as well. Grass trimmers are inexpensive pieces of equipment, easy to use, and are a good investment to give you that manicured professional look.
When you are buying a lawn mower of any description, I would always recommend finding yourself a reputable local dealer. Your dealer should be an expert on the equipment they sell which should give you the piece of mind to know that you’ve chosen as well as you could.

The Author’s website provides help and advice about choosing the best riding lawn mowers. Including:

Best Riding Lawn Mowers | Murray Mower Parts | Snapper Mower Parts

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Husqvarna Lawn Mowers: How to Select the Right Husqvarna Lawn Mower

The weight of the reaper, its maneuverability, especially while mowing around trees, ease of use compared to raise or lower the cutting height, ease of starting the engine, and the need for a switch blade d judgment are some additional factors that will help decide which type of mower you need. This is the exception, naturally, the size of your lawn and the type, your budget, and other features you are looking for.
Do you want the engine to the front or rear? If you want a better forward visibility, choose a mower with a rear engine. Mowers are generally more powerful engines before.
What type of mowing you do? Will you mulch or bag or prefer to throw the clippings out of your lawnmower? Is it difficult to switch from one mode to another in the mower, you are thinking of becoming? Will you need additional accessories to do?
Husqvarna lawnmowers have earned a great reputation for their design features and engineering, which also gives them the ease of operation. The manufacturer offers a wide range of walk-behind, self propelled and ride-on mowers. Overall, these mowers offer good power at a reasonable price. They also come with a wide choice of accessories. These include bagging, mulching kits and carts, among others.
A 54-inch cutting is part of the standard specifications for ride on Husqvarna Lawn Mowers. It was not until the 23-inch tires, a cast iron front axle, a lever controlled hydraulic transmission, an electric clutch engagement control of drive lever and a fuel tank 4 gallons .
If you want to cut around trees and obstacles as a bush on your lawn, take a look at zero Husqarna mowers turn. These stick-controlled mowers heavy, both professional and semi-professional.
The characteristics of these mowers include labor-saving features that both business and residential users will come to cherish. Apart from powerful engines, they boast a compact design and reliable function. Husqvarna lawn mowers are equipped with a 24 month warranty covering parts and labor.
A lawn mower riding calls for regular maintenance. This will ensure the life of the mower. Keep a checklist which includes maintaining tire pressure, fluid control, and maintenance of cutting blades. All these elements are essential to maintaining your lawn in great condition.
I recommend the following steps to keep your mower in good health:
Check regularly to ensure that there is good tension and torque on all belts and pulleys. Lawn depends belt do all the moving parts operate effectively. Check if the belt is damaged, and if you find that are cut, frayed or cut, replace them immediately.
Mulching mowers and motor are increasingly popular among buyers lawnmower. Check if the mower has enough power to be able to mow your lawn during the peak growing season.
If you are looking at hand and self-propelled mowers, do not go for anything less than 5-6 horses. You will find the strength stated on the engine of most mowers. But, do not hesitate to ask for help if you are unsure.

Richard J. Runion is the President of Geostar Publishing & Services LLC. Rich loves net research & blogging. His new blog on Husqvarna Lawn Mowers is fast becoming popular, as it is comprehensive and well-researched. Read his blog at:

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Is A Robotic Lawn Mower Right For You?

If you’ve ever wondered what type of lawn mower is best for you, read on. Learn what kind of mower is perfect for mowing around your garden or mowing around your large area.

First, you need to evaluate what you use for your lawn mower. You should always go with a brand known as Toro or John Deere, as they have been awarded several times as a manufacturer during the year. Which mower would you choose who will best meet your needs? One of the best brands of lawnmower out today, is John Deere. These tools come from green energy in a wide and each has many different purposes. If you plan to cultivate your own land to feed themselves, they have a special model for this. Also, the type of grass you have decided to cut must also be a factor in choosing the type of lawn mower you purchase.

A John Deere Utility Tractor lawn is perfect for those who have a yard bigger than most. This mower will be able to provide power and reliability that lawn tractors can give. A new model of lawnmower lawnmowers robotic which are equipped with a sonar system of detection which will automatically slow down when it detects an object nearby. The new sonar detection systems will also stop the blades of the lawnmower before they cut into the object.

If you have small children or pets who like to leave anything around the yard is the best idea for you. Also, some of Robotic lawn mowers have touch sensors on them. These touch sensors are able to change the direction of the mower blades when they feel an object other than the grass course and keep the goal of being crushed. These new detection systems, it is very unlikely that a lawn mower-related injuries happen. A major reason why the sonar detection systems were created was to ensure that no animals are injured because of a lawnmower. Since the detection systems have been placed on some models, no incidents or injuries have been reported.

Dogs have a natural inclination to bark and chase a moving object that makes noise. There is a better chance of your dog to attack these robotic lawn mowers that it is for a robotic lawnmower to harm your family dog. Another reason why so many people chose to go with the robotic lawn mowers is because they move relatively slowly compared to lawnmowers normal, and give it to people and / or animals company time to leave the track. Although it may take a little longer to mow your lawn, it will help keep the seventy-two thousand accidents of lawn mower a year of increases.

The author is a regular contributor to Mower Tips where additional information for selecting and using lawn mowers is available.

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Is The Boost Compensator On A Bosch Diesel Pump The Big Star Screw And Lock Nut Right On Top Of It?

Is the trim boost on a diesel pump Bosch screw big star and good lock nut on it?
  If so how does it need to be rotated to increase the fuel?

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