Qualcast Panther 30 Hand Mower

A green carpeted look in your yard gives splendor in the exterior of your house. It adds value to your landscaping. It refreshes your eyes as well. It is good that there are lawn mowers like Qualcast Panther 30 Hand Mower. It saves you both time and energy because it cuts with vigor and efficiency. It is light to handle and similarly to have around in your lawn. If you are at all concerned with the environment then using a manual lawnmower is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. These mowers have been developed for years and they are amongst the simplest and best lawnmowers you can buy.

There is of course the matter of fitness, how many times have you seen people using labor saving devices, things like driving to the gym down the road. Simply using a bit of ‘You’ energy to perform everyday tasks makes much more sense. Why not skip the odd work out and mow your lawn instead, it can be as vigorous as you want to make it, slowly pushing the Panther 30 Hand mower uses a little bit
Further, its solid rotating action slashes even the strong grass and weeds with a little bit of effort. It can cut through with its 30 cm width cutting edge. It contains 4 bladed cylinders that produce a clean cutting output.

Further, the side wheels can be easily pushed so you will not have any problem mowing your lawn from one side to the other side of your yard. It also has a spacious grass collection bin. Therefore, it could accommodate large quantities of grass and weeds.

There should be no problem moving your Panther 30 from one location to another because it is surprisingly light. Furthermore, light as it is, it is sturdy. Therefore, your Panther 30 comes in handy for difficult mowing. The Panther 30 Hand mower is not ideal for big lawn. It can accommodate smaller areas. It is of course much more economical compared to other lawn mowers. More so, it gives you a rudimentary stripe form for its finishing touches.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the grass from the bin falls off. This is one issue that you will be dealing with the product. However, overall, it is a good value if you have a smaller area to mown.