Live in an Apartment – You Can Still Have a Garden.

So many people mistakenly believe that, if you are an apartment dweller, it’s not possible to have a garden. There is not a lot of space, and some areas are common with other people. You can’t always know that your plants will be safe. Some apartments complexes have balconies, but maybe yours won’t. Reasons like these cause a lot of people to hesitate living in an apartment. Nonetheless, methods abound for growing and caring for your own plants, even when you live in an apartment. In this article we are going to teach you how to garden in an apartment, or in a very limited living space.

If you already have containers, or know what kind you want to purchase, pick plants that are suitable for these containers. Some plants require big containers, but others can be grown in small containers like old teacups. This also helps you do some planning on the aesthetic appeal of your apartment garden. You’re not stuck with just using big containers and pots, so why not pick the sizes you like?

To learn how to successfully do container gardening, you just have to do a little research and you will find all the information you need.

Grow lights are an investment that you should consider. Maybe you think that grow lights are only used for plants that have to be kept out of sight. If you really think about it, any gardener who has an area that doesn’t get enough natural sunshine should be using grow lights.

These lights help you grow your plants indoors and on balconies that are shady all day long. Brand new grow lights can sometimes be expensive but, if you search the thrift shops and garage sales or flea markets, you will probably find used ones that will work well for your garden.

The garden center in your town will usually have experienced people who can give you advice on container plants. They work with plants all day and have a lot of knowledge they can share with you. Simply explain your situation – that you have limited space indoors only, but you want to have as nice a garden as you can. These knowledgeable folks already know what plants thrive indoors and which ones may prefer your balcony or tiny patio, if you have one. The kind folks at your garden center can tell you the best way to enjoy gardening even though you are limited on space. Your creativity isn’t limited!

Many folks successfully grow an apartment garden and so can you. Your imagination and a little research are all you need to come up with many different options. There are lots of different gardening methods and schools of thought that were developed around the very idea of not having a whole lot of space for planting and tending to what you plant. These tips and a little bit of research can help you grow a lovely and thriving garden, so get to work!

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Starting a Garden of Your Own is Great Fun For Grown Ups!

The largest held belief about gardening is that it is easy and doesn’t take a lot of work. While it is true that there is a lot of hard work involved in growing a garden, that work is usually very rewarding. Most gardeners say that working in a garden feels more like playing even if that work is weed pulling. Obviously the size and scope of your garden will dictate how much work you need to put into your garden. One thing is always the same: whether you’re growing a small indoor garden or a large yard sized garden, you are going to find the experience very rewarding.

Take some time to improve the quality of the dirt you want to use for your garden. No two patches of soil are the same. In fact, the dirt that is already in your yard is probably not the best for growing plants at all, which might be why you’ve had trouble growing a garden in the past. Different types of seeds have different nutrient needs.

Prepare the ground before you plant. The best way to prepare your garden soil is to spread organic matter over the top of it. To improve the quality of soil, compost is best but if used a few months ahead of time, grass clippings and mulch also work well. As the organics decompose they leave behind their nutrients and vitamins which helps your garden thrive.

The best way to loosen up your garden’s soil is to dig into it before you actually start the planting process. Make sure gardening conditions are right or digging could be a bad idea.

You want to dig when your soil is moist. It should be moist enough that you can form it into a ball with your hands when you dig it up from the ground. If the ground is too moist the ball will hold together when you drop it. Your best tool for this job is a spade or a spading fork that you can use to turn the soil and get the air moving through it.

Don’t purchase every tool in the garden shop just because they’re hanging there. Start with a few basics like a garden rake, a garden spade and a good hose and then build from there. Over time, as you work with your plants, you’ll figure out which tools you actually use regularly and which are only used for special projects. Resist the urge to buy all of the tools being upsold to you by the gardening clerk at the store. You might wind up tossing a bunch of money away on tools that you won’t ever use! Lots of grown men and women view gardening the same way little kids view playing outside. Many people insist that working in the garden is a fantastic way to work through most of the stress that they feel after the end of a long work day. Other people say that working in the garden is just a fun time for them. Even others garden because they want to say save money by growing their own food. There are all sorts of reasons for starting a garden. Just remember, even though you will have to work hard in your garden you will also get lots of joy from your garden.

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Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnraker

Do you want your turf free from moss, weeds and excessive grass? The Bosch ALR 900 Electric Lawnraker might be the product for you.

This unit does a good job in eliminating unwanted grass, weeds and moss in your backyard. The job can be easily done with a 900W high-torque motor. It can be a real help in dealing with a large lawn.

The unit is powerful that it can lift surface debris. With its full 32cm cutting width and 4 raking heights, it can work in pretty much any weather. It also has a raking cylinder which is built into the unit. This cylinder is responsible for keeping moss, weeds and thatch out of your backyard.

When mowing becomes difficult, the torque increases in order to meet the challenges at hand. This is because of the 900 watt motor combined with the gear set that works hand in hand. The purpose of which is to give you a powerful unit that could address any challenges in mowing your lawn.

The grass bin is also fairly heavy duty. It can accommodate up to 50 Litres of grass. This means you can mow your lawn with the minimum number of interruptions. It is detachable from the unit so you could store your equipment with ease. However, the unit and the bin occupies significant amount of space. When buying the product, you may want to consider the space it will occupy.

But then, the collection bin is superb. The debris automatically goes to the collection bin in a short period of time. This unit is probably best suited for medium and large lawns.

It also has a two year warranty on parts and service. Hence, in case you encounter some issues, just call their customer service and they will resolve your issue in no time. If you have a large lawn, then this product could definitely suit your needs.

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Brown Patch and Other Lawn Diseases

There are many different lawn diseases that can jeopardize the health of your lawn at any given time. Being educated about these different diseases and the harm that they cause can help you to treat and prevent them.

One very common lawn disease is known as brown patches. Brown patches are most common in areas that experience high levels of humidity and shade. They most commonly occur in Kentucky Bluegrass, Bermuda grass, Bent grass, St. Augustine grass, Centipede grass, and Ryegrasses. These brown spots typically will start out small, but they can quickly spread out in horseshoe or circular patterns. They can grow to be up to several feet wide. Many times, as the brown spot is expanding, the inside of it will recover. This will leave a brown ring in your lawn. The best way to prevent these brown spots from occurring is through regular aeration of your lawn. You can also reduce the shade to the effected areas. This will help them to grow back. A couple common fungicides that are used to treat brown patches are benomyl and chlorothalonil.
Another common lawn disease is the fairy ring. Fairy rings can grow in almost any type of grass. They are circular rings that are filled with a fast growing, dark green grass. Typically, the outside of the ring will turn brown and grow mushrooms. They are most typically found growing in soils that contain a lot of wood debris or old decaying trees. The best way to prevent fairy rings from growing in your lawn is to aerate the area that is effected by the fairy rings. This will help to kill them. It is also a good idea to water only in the early morning hours to help prevent them from growing. You should remove any excess thatch from your lawn, as well. Increasing the nitrogen levels in your lawn through fertilization is also a good way to prevent fairy rings.

Red Thread is another lawn disease that can turn your lawn brown. Red Thread is most commonly found in Fescues, Ryegrasses, and Kentucky Bluegrass. The name ‘Red Thread’ is taken from the pinkish-read threads that are formed around the blades of the grass. These threads then bind the grass blades together. The grass that is affected by Red Thread will eventually turn brown. Since Red Thread attacks only the leaves and leaf sheathes of the grass, it is rarely serious enough to kill the grass. It is easiest to spot Red Thread when the grass is wet. The best way to prevent Red Thread from occurring is to aerate your lawn often and remove any thatch that may have fallen onto the lawn. It is also important to follow a regular fertilization schedule. Chlorothalonil is a commonly used fungicide that can help to treat Red Thread.

Lawn diseases can cause a lot of damage to your lawn, if left untreated. With the proper knowledge, you can spot these diseases and stop them before they get out of control. This article was brought to you by the http://www.bestelectriclawnmower.co.uk/ team, thank you for reading.

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Cat Repel – Enter the Big Cheese

I like wildlife, in fact although I live on a housing estate, the reason I moved here was it is next to a very old wood and a National Trust property and we get loads of wonderful birds. Anyway here is my story of how operation Cat Repel started. I am hopeless at identifying birds, I get all of them mixed up and that coupled with my diminishing eyesight means that I suspect my contribution to the RSPB survey this year might be flawed – but hey at least I tried.


But I also like other animals, but peering through the window yesterday I noticed a rather lack of birds despite my grand birdie breakfast laid out. On investigation I discovered a large, fat cat named after a famous footballer (name withheld to protect my identity) You see our garden is a bit of a suntrap, so animals who like to sunbathe, tend to lounge around our back garden which is fine, except for a card carrying member of the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds creating a bird killing zone is rather distressing.

So Operation Cat Repel was put into operation and I asked around to try and discover some humane way of repelling our feline friends at least from my back garden. I tried the water pistol method, but that never worked with the squirrels and had a similar effect with the cats. Anyway some suggested this device was a good idea- it’s called the Big Cheese

What it does is emit an ultrasonic sound whenever it detects movement of a large cat sized animal. The detection is infra red and works in a beam 12 metres in length and a 98 degree angle. Cats definitely do not like this! Humans are not really supposed to hear the sound but I’m afraid I could slightly, it’s not much of a problem though and not all can hear it, my wife says she can’t.

Cat Repel Device

Cat Repel Device

It really is very effective, the downsides are you can go through the little 9 volt batteries but investing in rechargeable ones would do that. I do wonder how much more it would have cost to make this solar charged as it’s going to be outside all the time. If you need to repel cats from your garden it does work, although one of the difficulties I found was putting it in the right spot, this of course depends on your garden and layout. You might find you need to buy a few of these units if you have a big garden Overall the Big Cheese Cat Repel device is worht investigating – there’s hundreds of other reviews – Big Cheese reviews here if you want check them out

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A Vacuum for your Leaves

In certain parts of the country the leaves look beautiful when they change color in the fall. However, they are not such a welcome sight when they fall onto your front yard. In the past, a good rake and a little muscle was the only way to get rid of these leaves. Today, we have the leaf vacuum. Leaf vacuums are becoming more and more popular and there are a wide variety of them on the market. There are many things to consider before purchasing a leaf vacuum.

First, the amount of leaves and the size of the job is an important consideration. For those homeowners that have a significant amount of land and a serious amount of leaves, then they may consider the higher-end leaf vacuums. For example, there are push vacuums, ride-on vacuums, and vacuums that can be hauled behind a tractor. Most of these vacuums conveniently pick up the leaves and mulch them. However, these products can be expensive.

The most popular leaf vacuums for homeowners are the hand-held type. These hand-held products generally have blower, vacuum, and mulch functions. These devices can be found at many retail stores. One way to find the leaf vacuum that is best for you is to simply pick one up. If the vacuum feels heavy, then maybe it is not the right one for you. The lighter models are around seven pounds.

Some hand-held leaf vacuums are gas powered and some are electric. A disadvantage of the electric vacuums is that the cord only allows you to get so far away from an outlet. The electric vacuums are convenient for jobs that are on the patio or front walkway, but would require an extension cord for leaves further out on the backyard.

Hand-held leaf vacuums are also equipped with a bag to catch the leaves. You may want to consider the size of the bag when making a decision about the vacuum. If the bag is too small, you will need to empty it more frequently. However, if the bag is too big, the device may become too heavy and burdensome to use.

The horsepower of the leaf vacuum engine is also important when making a decision. An engine without the necessary horsepower may not adequately do the job that needs to be done. Wet leaves will especially be difficult for a low-powered vacuum to clean up and the vacuum would become easily clogged. Forcing a lower horsepower engine to do a big job may also burn out the engine.

Homeowners may also want to consider the noise factor when purchasing a leaf vacuum. Some machines can be louder than others. This would be especially important if your city has a noise ordinance or if you just don’t want to irritate your neighbor.

There are obviously many aspects to consider when choosing a leaf vacuum. Another option may be to rent a leaf vacuum or borrow a friend’s machine to help make the final decision. When it comes right down to it, the decision will most likely be based on your budget and how many leaves you actually have. Of course, if none of the vacuums seems to meet your specific needs, there is always a $5 rake.

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Skating And Cooking In One Show

US skating champ Brian Boitano embarks on a new career as he hosts a fortchcoming cooking show entitled “What Would Brian Boitano Make?”. Boitano shares that opening a restaurant is his lifelong dream. But because of his touring and skating competition schedule would not permit him to do so, hosting a cooking show is the closest thing to his dream so far.

Boitano rose to worldwide recognition when he won the men’s figure skating title during the Winter Olympics held in Calgary back in 1988. But before achieving his status in the skating world, he first impressed the nation with a four-time US National Championship trophy. And in 1994, he came in 6th place in the overall ranking. After that, his schedule went to mainly skating and competitions.

Being in front of the camera and not competing is not a new experience for Boitano. His first screen debut as an actor took him playing the role of Don Jose in the movie Carmen on Ice. This new challenge for him proved to be very successful because he won an Emmy for his portrayal. Next to this were cameo appearances in the films Blades of Glory and Ice Princess.

And this year, he embarks on another highlight in his career – the “What Would Brian Boitano Make?’ cooking show. He is faced with several criticisms. This is because he chose to be a chef as opposed to the usual athlete’s project as food, kitchen and gadgets spokespeople. And to some critics that says he does not have formal training in a cooking school, Boitano quips that he will use that disadvantage to relate more to people who watch television. He also said that his training with cooking is merely a trial and error style. However, he expressed that he has the energy and the willingness to explore this field.

According to him, his cooking show will feature a humorous format that combines cooking with lifestyle. His guests include an all-girl roller derby team, his handyman’s supper club and others which are definitely to watch out for.

Aside from the new concept, the show also promises good cooking and superb menus. In line with this, a cooking show will not be complete without a little help from electronic appliances like the Bosch universal mixer. Incidentally, a Bosch mixer sale is available at present and that may be something you would like to take advantage of.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.

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The Battle of the Lawns – the Sod Strategy

If you’re tired of being jealous of your neighbors’ lush, green lawns, then perhaps sod is the answer for you. Sod has many advantages to putting down grass seed and it is easier to put down than you might think. By learning about sod and following certain tips, you can have a new, beautiful lawn in a short amount of time.

Some of the advantages of installing sod include the fact that it is almost weed free, it will not wash away if installed properly, and it looks good immediately. Laying down sod can be fun as well. It is much like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. However, before beginning the puzzle, there are some important steps that must be taken.

First, it is important to figure out how much sod you will need, where you will get it, and how much it will cost. It would be a shame to sod half of your lawn and then realize that you have not budgeted for the rest of it.

Before laying the sod, you must remove the old lawn, weeds, and rocks. It is important to start with a clean slate. The ground must also be level and tilled before installing the sod. A starter fertilizer should then be spread on the ground. The type of fertilizer used often depends on the type of climate. It is also recommended to us a soil conditioner at this point. Your sod supplier should have the most accurate information on which fertilizer and soil conditioner to use.

When laying the sod, it is important start on the outside edges of the lawn first. It is recommended that a border is created around the yard. This ensures that the lawn boundaries are straight. In addition, the sod on the edges has the greatest tendency to dry out. By putting full strips of sod on the edges, you can decrease the chances that they will dry out. It is best to wind up with any trimmed pieces of sod toward the middle of your lawn.

When laying the sod is complete, a roller should be used to eliminate air pockets and promote contact with the soil. The sod should then begin the process of taking root. If you don’t have access to a roller, it can typically be rented at a local rental center.

Once the sod is down, watering it is vitally important. The sod should be watered daily and deeply for the first two weeks unless it is raining. After that, you can stretch out the time between watering and allow the sod’s roots to grow toward the moisture in the soil. Avoid cutting the lawn until the roots have been established. This usually takes about two weeks.

Laying sod takes a little work and a little know-how but it is worth it. Sod provides a homeowner with the immediate gratification of seeing the fruits of his or her labor. Before long your neighbors will be the ones green with envy of your new lawn.

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A Look At Food History

It is something that we need every day. We sure cannot go without a day without it. But unlike air that we take in unconsciously, this one we take in because we need to and we feel like having it. This is about food and food has been around for ages. Without food, people will die of hunger and when hunger strikes, people just do not feel well. And so they take in food.

Because food is something that people take in everyday, they have tried their very best to create wonderful dishes. From the most simple to the most complex, people have worked their way with food so as to create variety. Eating the same kind every day does not appeal that much and so with variations, people get to enjoy what they take in. There are favorites, of course, but even eating your favorite day in and day out is not going to be enjoyable. In fact, you may even declare it not your favorite food anymore after two days of eating that – and just that and nothing else.

One of the authors who write about food, Kathleen Collins, has offered the market a new book and she calls it Watching What We Eat. In this book, we get to learn not only about the food that we take in but we actually get to learn more on the history of food through the television shows that we have had. Most television shows that are about food mostly are cooking shows however there are also variations which includes people going to various places sampling things and seeing how food is made. Like maybe how a person from this place can whip up a wonderful concoction by just using his (or her) Bosch mixer.

Indeed, this book would be a very interesting read. After all, it is very likely that most of us had grown up watching television cooking shows and being amazed at how a variety of ingredients could be put together to create a wonderful dish that will not only delight your taste buds but also be a delight for your eyes. And because they look wonderful, you take out your Bosch universal mixer and try out just how well you can make one yourself right in your own home. Your mother has just given you that cooking equipment when she found it at a Bosch mixer sale and you cannot wait to try it.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.

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PRIVACY POLICY for www.bestelectriclawnmower.co.uk

At Best Electric Lawnmowers we are dedicated to safeguarding and preserving your privacy when visiting our site or communicating electronically with us. Our Privacy Policy has been provided and approved by website privacy policy provider LegalCentre.co.uk.

This Privacy Policy, together with our terms of use, provides an explanation as to what happens to any personal data that you provide to us, or that we collect from you.

We do update this Policy periodically so please do review this Policy regularly.

Information We Collect
In operating our website we may collect and process the following data about you:

i.Details of your visits to our website and the resources that you access, including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data.
ii.Information that you provide by filling in forms on our website, such as when you registered for information or make a purchase.
iii.Information provided to us when you communicate with us for any reason.

On occasion, we may gather information about your computer for our services and to provide statistical information regarding the use of our website to our advertisers.
Such information will not identify you personally it is statistical data about our visitors and their use of our site. This statistical data does not identify any personal details whatsoever.

Similarly to the above, we may gather information about your general internet use by using a cookie file. Where used, these cookies are downloaded to your computer automatically. This cookie file is stored on the hard drive of your computer as cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. They help us to improve our website and the service that we provide to you.

All computers have the ability to decline cookies. This can be done by activating the setting on your browser which enables you to decline the cookies. Please note that should you choose to decline cookies, you may be unable to access particular parts of our website.

Our advertisers may also use cookies, over which we have no control. Such cookies (if used) would be downloaded once you click on advertisements on our website.

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In addition, we may use the information for the following purposes:
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Please be advised that we do not reveal information about identifiable individuals to our advertisers but we may, on occasion, provide them with aggregate statistical information about our visitors.

Data that is provided to us is stored on our secure servers. Details relating to any transactions entered into on our site will be encrypted to ensure its safety.
The transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure and therefore we cannot guarantee the security of data sent to us electronically and transmission of such data is therefore entirely at your own risk. Where we have given you (or where you have chosen) a password so that you can access certain parts of our site, you are responsible for keeping this password confidential.
Disclosing Your Information

Where applicable, we may disclose your personal information to any member of our group. This includes, where applicable, our subsidiaries, our holding company and its other subsidiaries (if any).
We may also disclose your personal information to third parties:
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iii.To assist fraud protection and minimise credit risk.
Third Party Links
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Contacting Us
We welcome any queries, comments or requests you may have regarding this Privacy Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact us at admin at bestelectriclawnmower.co.uk or simply post a comment below if you have any queries.

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