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Cooking Minds In One Festival

Are you a cook? Are you somebody who is into food? How about wine? Do you love that? Are you both into preparing dishes and into the wonders of food and wine?

Well, it surely is a fact that all people need food and liquids to be able to survive. And with that, people have surely become experts on such. It is important for people that they take in something that will help their bodies be healthy and whatever they take in would also need to be something that will be wonderful for their taste buds. Think of it this way: would you want to eat or drink something that you totally abhor? Surely, you would not. And that is why people have been working on ways to bring to the market and to your table food and drinks that are not only good for the body but are also delicious.

Sharing what people know on food and wine is very important. With that, there are various ways to do such and the list includes blogging about it or having seminars on it or how maybe even joining with fellow people who are into such topics. The list of ways on how to share knowledge and information on food and wine also includes organizing festivals on the topic and taking part in it.

Weeks back, such a festival has been held and it really brought in a huge amount of people taking part in it. It was held in Sun Valley and Ketchum and the festival is known as the Sun Valley Food and Wine Festival. This is the third time that such an event has happened and it is held each year. For those who have taken part in it, they have totally been happy with it and are looking forward to the next one next year.

The event was held at Carol’s Dollar Mountain Lodge in the mentioned location and a tent was set up for all the people who were there. There were tons of types of food showcased as well as tips on how to actually prepare food and wine well. Bosch mixers have abound and a Bosch bread mixer seemed to have been spotted there as well. For three days, people dined and drank wine. There were also various seminars from experts to help people who were willing learn more about preparing food and choosing wine.

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The Way To Cooking Healthy

Everybody wants to lose weight by eating healthy. But have you ever thought about losing weight by cooking healthy? The problem with fast food and takeouts is that they are often fried, oily, with too much sugar or preservatives in them, but with little nutrients. Eating right may be the first step for a healthier lifestyle, but cooking healthy will allow for an easier adjustment to maintaining that lifestyle in the long run. Another advantage is that cooking allows you to be creative with your dishes, while at same keeping it low on calories or fats. For example, one consistent winner at the 34th Bayou Gourmet Cook Off for the Healthy Category has been whipping up healthy dishes for her diabetic husband, and this allowed her to get creative with some of her recipes. The great thing about eating homemade, healthy dishes is that you have all the room to cook it according to your own taste and you can just be creative with what you are doing.

One way to start cooking healthy is to use this rule: grill instead of fry and bake instead of grill. The less oil it needs to cook the food, the better it is because that way, you can keep the food on a low-fat basis. Another way is to use non-grease or non-stick frying pans like those Teflon utensils so that it will be quicker to cook the food without using so much oil.

Remove excess oil by placing fried food in plates lined with paper towels – another technique to keep fats at a minimum. When choosing cooking oils, go for olive oil or canola oil which are both easy on unsaturated fat content. For salads, go easy on the dressing – there is no point in eating the greens when you are putting on so much mayonnaise or vinaigrette and adding more calories to your dish.

Shopping for food is another way to start eating and cooking healthy. The main rule is to go for organic, low calorie and low fat food. The good thing about organic food is that they are unprocessed and they still keep most of their nutrients with less preservatives in them. Try looking at the labels, and monitor how much trans fats, sugar, salt or calories does the food contain. Of course, opt to buy more green and leafy vegetables and fruits, and choose dairy products with low fat content like switching from ice cream to yogurt, or changing from full milk to soya milk.

Choosing kitchen utensils that allow for various cooking methods will help you get creative when cooking healthy. For instance, you can get the Bosch universal mixer at any Bosch mixer sale, and then start setting it up on your kitchen for that healthy smoothie. A healthy lifestyle starts with having the right tools and the right knowledge to get it right the first time.

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Skating And Cooking In One Show

US skating champ Brian Boitano embarks on a new career as he hosts a fortchcoming cooking show entitled “What Would Brian Boitano Make?”. Boitano shares that opening a restaurant is his lifelong dream. But because of his touring and skating competition schedule would not permit him to do so, hosting a cooking show is the closest thing to his dream so far.

Boitano rose to worldwide recognition when he won the men’s figure skating title during the Winter Olympics held in Calgary back in 1988. But before achieving his status in the skating world, he first impressed the nation with a four-time US National Championship trophy. And in 1994, he came in 6th place in the overall ranking. After that, his schedule went to mainly skating and competitions.

Being in front of the camera and not competing is not a new experience for Boitano. His first screen debut as an actor took him playing the role of Don Jose in the movie Carmen on Ice. This new challenge for him proved to be very successful because he won an Emmy for his portrayal. Next to this were cameo appearances in the films Blades of Glory and Ice Princess.

And this year, he embarks on another highlight in his career – the “What Would Brian Boitano Make?’ cooking show. He is faced with several criticisms. This is because he chose to be a chef as opposed to the usual athlete’s project as food, kitchen and gadgets spokespeople. And to some critics that says he does not have formal training in a cooking school, Boitano quips that he will use that disadvantage to relate more to people who watch television. He also said that his training with cooking is merely a trial and error style. However, he expressed that he has the energy and the willingness to explore this field.

According to him, his cooking show will feature a humorous format that combines cooking with lifestyle. His guests include an all-girl roller derby team, his handyman’s supper club and others which are definitely to watch out for.

Aside from the new concept, the show also promises good cooking and superb menus. In line with this, a cooking show will not be complete without a little help from electronic appliances like the Bosch universal mixer. Incidentally, a Bosch mixer sale is available at present and that may be something you would like to take advantage of.

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The Safety Tips In Cooking

Picture this: A what seemed happy and ordinary dinner evening ruined because a fire erupted from your kitchen or from one of your bedrooms. Properties damaged and burned down. Worse even are lives of your loved ones lost.

According to government data, fire is the leading cause of death among natural disasters combined. And with these numbers of victims, 84% of them were killed in a fire from their own residences. Among the causes of fire listed by the Fire Safety Bureau are misuse of electrical appliances, wiring problems, blocked cooling vent, improperly-extinguished tobacco, lit candles that are left unattended, house clutters, especially clothes on gas dryer and blockage of fire exit. And the fire hazard that ranked first is unattended cooking. The Jackson Fire Safety Bureau identified all these hazards that are said to be evident not just locally, but across the nation as well.

In line with fire safety promotion, the Jackson Bureau of Fire Safety Fire Districts 1 and 3 offers free cooking fire safety. And in addition to their advocacy in fire safety, the said bureaus are also offering free battery operated smoke detectors to Jackson residents. Fire OfficialFrank Mc Donnell said that if you do not have smoke detectors in your home or the smoke detectors that you own is more than 10 years old, contact them at 732-928-1666, ext.14. You can also reach them by sending them an email at

Here is the list of the pieces of advice that the Jackson Fire Safety Bureau wants to share with the public. First is to fire-proof your home. This means that check all electrical wirings for wear and tear. Contact a duly certified electrician for repair needs. Install a smoke-detector. Make sure that your smoke detectors is working and in good condition. Next is to use electrical appliances properly. Do not plug several appliances in one socket as it can cause an electrical overload. Next is to de-clutter your home. As clutters like clothes and candles lying around can cause or start a fire.

And their safety tips in cooking? A firefighter’s advice is to be alert! While cooking, see to it that you are not multitasking with distracting activities like being on a computer, watching TV and talking on the phone. It is also best not to cook if you are drowsy, under medication or tired because your condition may contribute to a fire in your homes. Also, train your children to not to play inside the kitchen.

Incidentally, use appliances that are of good quality. Check out a Bosch mixer sale and get a Bosch universal mixer for your cooking needs.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.

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