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Healthy Food For The Kids

One of the best ways to lose weight is by enjoining the support and encouragement of your family to be involved or to join in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kids naturally have a sweet tooth, and they will always choose a pancakes and eggs over an oatmeal breakfast. It is important that kids must be taught to eat healthy. The Department of Education has regulated the school canteens of public schools to over meals and food that have high nutritional value, rather than selling burgers, fries and chips. Among kids, the incidence of obesity is also prevalent, making them vulnerable to be picked on or bullied by their peers for their weight.

Cooking with your kids is not only an opportunity to teach them how to become independent, but it also allows them to take control over the food they eat. The great thing about teaching cooking skills is that it involves learning many things – from chemistry, to culture and geography. Kids become knowledgeable about a variety of foods and flavor, about presenting dishes, and on becoming a sophisticated and nutritious eater. Best of all, teaching your kids how to cook can be a great bonding activity for the whole family.

The first things kids should remember about eating healthy is reduce, replace or eliminate fats, sodium and sweets in their diet or cooking recipes. For example, reduce calories by reducing salt content and replacing them with herbs and spices that also add flavor to the food. Replace full cream milk with low-fat dairy products such as yoghurt and cottage cheese. Eliminate or reduce salad dressings, seasonings and condiments into your dinner meals. When frying, replace standard cooking oil with canola oil or olive oil. Both canola and olive oil have one of the lowest fat content and helps protect your heart and arteries from possible cholesterol build up.

When cooking healthy meals with kids, it is best not to use the frying method, since this always entails using cooking oil. Instead, bake, grill, boil or steam your food. These cooking methods require using fresh food retains the food’s nutritional value and does not require adding up on sweets or sodium to give it flavor. When mixing ingredients with a Bosch mixer, replace ingredients such as sugar or oil with lemon or orange extracts and with buttermilk. Always include fruits in your diet and whole wheat grains. Baking using the Bosch bread mixer, makes it easier to combine all the thick, but healthy ingredients.

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Are You Hungry? It€™s World Food Day

Poverty and hunger go hand-in-hand. And recent report from the Food and Agriculture Organization show results that there are more than 1 billion people around the world who suffer from hunger everyday. Not only as this report is alarming but also disheartening to think that while some of us waste food on the table, a huge number of people have nothing on their plate.

And today, World Food Day is being celebrated across the globe. Rev. David Beckmann, the President of Bread for the World, recounts some important events with hunger and poverty. He relates that in 1980, 17 cents per $1 aid from developing nation is allocated for farmers living in poverty and for developing agriculture industry around the world. And twenty six years after that, the allocation has fallen to less than 4 cents. Another point that Rev. Beckmann stressed is the fast rising of the number of hungry people. His accounts show that there are over 1.02 billion people who are undernourished. Among the severely affected are children and women who are subsistence-level farmers who only depend on their small fields to feed their children.

This startling facts and agonizing situation among impoverished nations is the main concern of Rev. Beckmann’s Bread for the World Foundation. His first foreseeable solution is investing in agriculture especially in developing countries. He stresses that policies should be formulated to increase agricultural products, thus also increasing food security. It’s instability with foods and other agricultural crops that spurred riot among 30 nations. He also said that the report of FAO in State of Food Insecurity in 2009, should serve as a wake-up call to take a closer look with hunger and poverty. Another factor is the high-priced crop commodities like sorghum, wheat, corn and rice. And his offered solution is always being prepared to address price instability.

And perhaps another topic that can be of help in fighting hunger is educating the parents and the community as well with responsible parenting. Though the Church and the state have disagreements with it, it’s worth a try to educate and liberate the people.

While most of us worry about the meals to be prepared or maybe the lack of kitchen help like a Bosch mixer and other handy kitchen gadgets, take time to think of those who are suffering from hunger. And while you’re thinking about when is the next Bosch universal sale, also take time to ponder on how you can help even in littlest way. Say no to hunger!

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A Look At Food History

It is something that we need every day. We sure cannot go without a day without it. But unlike air that we take in unconsciously, this one we take in because we need to and we feel like having it. This is about food and food has been around for ages. Without food, people will die of hunger and when hunger strikes, people just do not feel well. And so they take in food.

Because food is something that people take in everyday, they have tried their very best to create wonderful dishes. From the most simple to the most complex, people have worked their way with food so as to create variety. Eating the same kind every day does not appeal that much and so with variations, people get to enjoy what they take in. There are favorites, of course, but even eating your favorite day in and day out is not going to be enjoyable. In fact, you may even declare it not your favorite food anymore after two days of eating that – and just that and nothing else.

One of the authors who write about food, Kathleen Collins, has offered the market a new book and she calls it Watching What We Eat. In this book, we get to learn not only about the food that we take in but we actually get to learn more on the history of food through the television shows that we have had. Most television shows that are about food mostly are cooking shows however there are also variations which includes people going to various places sampling things and seeing how food is made. Like maybe how a person from this place can whip up a wonderful concoction by just using his (or her) Bosch mixer.

Indeed, this book would be a very interesting read. After all, it is very likely that most of us had grown up watching television cooking shows and being amazed at how a variety of ingredients could be put together to create a wonderful dish that will not only delight your taste buds but also be a delight for your eyes. And because they look wonderful, you take out your Bosch universal mixer and try out just how well you can make one yourself right in your own home. Your mother has just given you that cooking equipment when she found it at a Bosch mixer sale and you cannot wait to try it.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.

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