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Fiskars 6201 Push Lawn Mover – Eco Friendly and Free Exercise!

If you wish to adopt a green lifestyle, then you will want the Fiskars 6201 Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower. The Fiskars 6201 mower is as good as it can get. A reel lawn mower is a mower that cuts grass with blades attached to a roller. It has no motor so no pollution and no loud motor noise. It appears that it can be a challenge to use if you have a big yard or lawn.

The Fiskars 6201 18-Inch 5-Blade Momentum reel lawn mower is not your everyday push lawn mower. It features first-rate ergonomics to offer you the best experience in mowing your grass easily and in an environmentally friendly manner. There is no noise similr to that made by other mowers, no hassle of an electric cord, no charging of a battery, and no gasoline or oil. The ultra sharp blades seldom need sharpening and trim grass with hardly any effort. You can easily set the blades and the lawn mower does not call for effort to push.

Several of the upsides of the Momentum Reel Mower are the triple-ground blades that remain sharp longer, as there is no steel-on-steel contact like other mowers. The reel has a large diameter and, with strong blades, is able to cut through dense grass and twigs. Uncut grass are never left under the wheels, and the mower edges closer, because of the forward reel position. Because of its one-of-a-kind release chute, the grass trimmings are thrown away from the individual mowing.

You can own the Momentum for the affordable price of $200 and it has a four-year warranty. The comments by individuals who got the Fiskars 6201 Momentum are mostly positive and find it quite enjoyable. It is truly pleasant to mow the lawn without hearing the gas engine going the whole time. You won’t have any extreme shakings and no fuel smell. You don’t have to worry about having sufficient gas or oil. As long as you mow often, and keep the grass from getting too long, then the mower is easy to push. Not only that, the exercise is really good for you.

If you wish to be ecologically responsible, then you need to get a push lawn mower. You must determine what would be the best push lawn mower for you. A push mower will unquestionably save you money on fuel, and not any more pollutants into the atmosphere. While it may not be the least expensive, you cannot go wrong with the Fiskars 6201 Momentum Push Reel Lawn Mower. Only you can tell for yourself by giving this mower a try.

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Hayter 617 Spirit Petrol Mower

First of all if one of your main concerns in buying a new lawnmower is starting it up then the Hayter 617 Spirit mower is probably not for you. It’s not that it’s extremely hard to start but it’s nearly always a topic for debate with any decent petrol lawnmower – how hard is it to start? Out of the many petrol mowers I’ve tried this certainly isn’t the hardest to start, but it does require a little bit of effort. As with most petrol mowers you have to press a primer button a few times before pulling the starter cord. On the Hayter 617 you are told to press it five times before pulling the cord, in reality you’ll usually discover the right number yourself depending on the circumstances – varying between 3 and 10 in my experience!

Hayter 617 Spirit Mower

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So if you want to turn your mower with no effort at all, start looking at electric mowers or some of the new Honda petrol mowers which seem to start with a little less effort. The reason people buy Hayter mowers though are because they have a deserved reputation for quality. If you have a large garden or rough area that you need to keep under control – you’ll have little problem with most Hayters and the Hayter 617 push mower is no exception.

It’s construction is fairly solid although for those used to older Hayter lawnmowers this one doesn’t feel quite as solid being constructed from mainly aluminium and composite plastic. This does have the advantage of being a lot more light weight though and it does make it easier to manage and manoeuver than older models.

As suggested by the name it’s cutting width is 41 cms which is just about right for most jobs in a reasonable side garden. The cutting lengths are from 13mm to 65mm although it can be a little difficult to estimate these you soon get used to the lengths each setting provides. The Hayter 617 has a large grass collection capacity of 55 liters in it’s strong canvas grass bag which saves lots of visits to empty the cuttings.

So How Does the Hayter 617 Spirit Cut?

This is where I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, the 617 cuts beautifully providing a fantastic finish making most decent lawns look like golf fairways. The obligatory stripes are clear and defined and really do make your lawn look good.

Some have reported problems with the way the Hayter 617 manages and collects when the grass is damp. I don’t really feel I can comment on this as I never usually mow damp grass. It doesn’t look like it would be a problem but if you’re gardener who needs to cut grass in situations that are not ideal it might be worth checking around – there’s quite a few reviews on the Amazon site which mention it.

So overall the Hayter 617 Spirit Push mower is a pretty decent mower, it’s pretty affordable compared to their normal models but perhaps that is slightly reflected in the build components of these cheaper models. It does cut the lawn extremely well and you won’t find many better finishes in mowers at this price range or below. If you decide that a petrol mower is for you then you could do a lot worse than the Hayter 617 Spirit.

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Qualcast Panther Mower

Have you ever wondered about all the time and hassle it takes to set up your lawnmower before you cut the grass? I used to use a very expensive Hayter mower which needed pretty much a full service before it would start each time. Even then you were in danger of dislocating your shoulder trying to start it with the cord!
Well there is an alternative and it’s called the Qualcast Panther mower.

This alternative is a cylinder hand mower which has a central cylinder with 4 cutting blades. These provide a 30cm cutting width which although is not huge is perfectly adequate for small to medium type lawns.  So ok if you have a couple of acres of lawn to mow it’s not going to suit, but lets face it most of our lawns are much smaller than that,

qualcast-panther-mower Let’s have a look at some of the advantages – well for start it has very high geared wheels, this makes it extremely easy to push,   You can literally pick the Qualcast Pather mower up in one hand and start mowing the lawn.

Although you have no engine or motor to supplement your effort it’s not actually that difficult to mow your lawn with the Qualcast Panther.   I certainly find it much easier than the vast majority of Flymos especially when  they have their grass boxes attached.

You change the height of the cut using a nut and bolt on the mower,  it’s variable between 12 and 40mm in length.  If you can see it also has a roller which gives a striping effect to the cut.  The stripes are not too bad but don’t expect anything like a petrol cylinder lawn mower could produce.

So it’s easy to use, healthy for you giving a small workout.  It’s also obviously the best option for the environment as the only power is being supplied by you.  It actually makes mowing a little more relaxing as well mainly due to the relative peace and quiet.

The Qualcast Panther does have a grass collecting box of 20 liters although I have to say this is probably the weakest part of this mower.  The box collects a lot of the grass but it does drop quite a lot as well, it also isn’t able to squash the cuttings together like some mowers like the Bosch Rotak 40 for instance – so you’ll have more visits to empty the collector.

Another thing worth considering is that this mower is actually very simple, there’s not very much on it to go wrong.  I’ve had one for ten years and apart from looking after the blades it needs no real maintenance.   There are very small drawbacks to this mower – it struggles with damp grass, the cut is not quite as good as many electric mowers (but I still think better than most Flymos!) and it doesn’t quite catch all the clippings.  It’s also pretty cheap and is often on Amazon for between £30 and £40.

But as an environmentally friendly way to cut the grass and give yourself a bit of exercise then you won’t do much better than the Qualcast Panther Mower.

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Qualcast Panther 30 Hand Mower

A green carpeted look in your yard gives splendor in the exterior of your house. It adds value to your landscaping. It refreshes your eyes as well. It is good that there are lawn mowers like Qualcast Panther 30 Hand Mower. It saves you both time and energy because it cuts with vigor and efficiency. It is light to handle and similarly to have around in your lawn. If you are at all concerned with the environment then using a manual lawnmower is a great way to reduce your energy consumption. These mowers have been developed for years and they are amongst the simplest and best lawnmowers you can buy.

There is of course the matter of fitness, how many times have you seen people using labor saving devices, things like driving to the gym down the road. Simply using a bit of ‘You’ energy to perform everyday tasks makes much more sense. Why not skip the odd work out and mow your lawn instead, it can be as vigorous as you want to make it, slowly pushing the Panther 30 Hand mower uses a little bit
Further, its solid rotating action slashes even the strong grass and weeds with a little bit of effort. It can cut through with its 30 cm width cutting edge. It contains 4 bladed cylinders that produce a clean cutting output.

Further, the side wheels can be easily pushed so you will not have any problem mowing your lawn from one side to the other side of your yard. It also has a spacious grass collection bin. Therefore, it could accommodate large quantities of grass and weeds.

There should be no problem moving your Panther 30 from one location to another because it is surprisingly light. Furthermore, light as it is, it is sturdy. Therefore, your Panther 30 comes in handy for difficult mowing. The Panther 30 Hand mower is not ideal for big lawn. It can accommodate smaller areas. It is of course much more economical compared to other lawn mowers. More so, it gives you a rudimentary stripe form for its finishing touches.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when the grass from the bin falls off. This is one issue that you will be dealing with the product. However, overall, it is a good value if you have a smaller area to mown.

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Hydroseeding your Lawns

Hydroseeding is a modern and easy way of planting grass on your lawn. In hydroplanting, grass seeds, water, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and lime (optional) are blended together and applied to a prepared lawn area through a spraying hose. The wet fiber, which acts as the planting medium, easily bonds with the soil, creating a water-retaining blanket that will provide the seeds protection from the elements, as well as the nutrients they need, while being established. As the seeds germinate, the growing medium gradually decomposes and adds nutrients to the soil.

Hydroseeding your lawn

Taking Care of Grass

Planting your lawn by hydroseeding has advantages and disadvantages, which are discussed below.
Advantages. Hydroseeding allows for a big lawn area to planted at a relatively shorter period of time. The spraying process covers a wider planting area much more quickly than seeding or sodding. This method also makes it possible to efficiently seed contours and slopes. Because the wet fiber actually adheres to the soil, it creates a surface that prevents soil erosion. Hydroseeding can actually reduce erosion. Hydroseeding costs less than planting with sod, but more than regular seeding. The technology costs more, as well as the actual application which can only be done by trained professionals.

Hydroseeding has been found to result in higher seed germination rates as compared to regular seeding. Because it creates lush growth, mowing and lawn maintenance can actually start at less than a month after the date of application. The fiber in the mulch maintains moisture around the seeds, thus increasing seed germination rate.
Disadvantages. Hydroseeding companies offer limited grass varieties to choose from. Usually, these are sturdy grass varieties that lend themselves well to the procedures.
As in conventional seeding, hydroseeding cannot be done at just about any time of the year, or whenever the lawn owner wants hydroseeding to be done. In order to get the best results, hydroseeding should be done immediately prior to the prime growing season of the specific grass variety. It is seed and season-specific.
Hydroseeding also is a costly process, and one that is best done by professional hydroseeding companies. The technology does not lend itself to “do-it-yourself” gardener. Not only is the hydroseeding sprayer costly; operating it properly requires training and skill.

Nonetheless, in order to make the hydroseeding effort a success, here are some preliminary procedures that have to be undertaken.
Follow their instructions the company will give you on soil preparation. If none are given, you can do this task by going over your soil bed with a lawn roller that is filled with water to 1/2 or 1/4 level.
Get cost estimates from hydroseeding companies in your area. Do not settle for one company, but get comparative costs based on the types of services they offer, types of planting materials or hydroseeding blends they have, and other costs that the planting procedure will entail.
The hydroseed mixture is green in color and the area where it is applied will acquire a green color. This makes it easier to spot missed areas, or areas that need reapplication. The seeds will germinate in about a week. Maintenance can begin at 3 to 4 weeks after the date of application. The hydroseeding company teaches the technique of watering a hydroseeded lawn. Should there be areas of the lawn that show sparse growth or no growth at all, the hydroseeding company can be asked to remedy to the situation.

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Information on Honda Lawn Mowers UK, Ireland

Honda Lawn Mowers are not nearly as well known as their quality automobile engines. Did you know that the company also offers a wide selection of quality lawn mowers and yard and lawn equipment all available now in the UK and Ireland? Honda is now one of the major players in the lawn mower manufacturing market, with a total of 18 different lawn mower models in 5 mower categories. The design of these mowers were based on what the people want in the market. The more popular Honda lawn mowers are walk-behind lawn mowers that belong to the following model series: HRC, HRR, and HRC. All Honda lawn mowers boast of easy starting, powerful engines that account for better cutting ability. The compact, lightweight OHC/OHV GCV series of engines are used in all Honda lawn mower models. Aside from this, Honda lawn mowers are CARB compliant in all of the 50 states of United States of America, making it a cleaner choice to device to use.

There are five grades or categories of Honda lawn mowers.

These are the following:
The Honda HRX lawn model series which have the capacity to distribute grass clippings to both the bag and to the ground. The HRX features a powerful 6.5-hp Honda GCV overhead cam engine, with a choice of Smart Drive.
The Honda Harmony II series, which is has a timing belt built into the machine. This is a first-ever feature that helps the lawn mower absorb any vibration or noise created by the machine.
The Honda Harmony Series.
The Honda Masters Series.
The Honda commercial series. Honda’s commercial lawnmowers are in the top of their class, featuring Honda’s easy starting commercial grade overhead valve engine.
There are lawn mower brands in the market that offer a “personal pace” feature which is not offered by Honda, and which has proved to be a source of problem for these other brands. Honda has self-propelled lawn mower models to choose from, and which are available at three speed varieties.
In a 2009 consumer satisfaction survey that was carried out by J.D. Power and Associates, Honda walk-behind models received top ranking when compared with 9 other brands with similar models. More recently, the 21-inch Honda HRX217K2HXA has been put through exhaustive tests at and was reviewed as the best self-propelled gasoline lawn mower in the market. This machine is fuel-efficient, durable, and with a relatively quiet engine. Although the model lacks an electric starter, reviewers say the recoil start is easy to use, and that the engine can be paused using a blade brake. The HRX217K2HMA model carries the added feature of an electric start. The four-cycle OHV engine is CARB-certified as giving out low emissions. The Honda HRX217K2HXA is available in all 50 states.
Other features include a variable speed with cruise-control, and also a variable mode that makes mulching some of the clippings possible while bagging the rest. It also has a blade brake that can stop the blade, but not the engine.

It has some disadvantages, though. Some users say the handle is too long, and that height adjustment is complicated. There are also complaints about rear discharge and selective gasoline use. Some find the self-propelled feature to be too slow. There is absence of a drain plug, making it necessary to tip the mower over for oil changes.
Popular Mechanics is conducting a 2010 review of a similar Honda HRX model. The Australian equivalent of, the, also conducted earlier tests on the Honda HRX217K2HXA that yielded similar favorable findings. As befits a multinational company like Honda, their mowers can be bought all over the world Honda Lawn Mowers UK and Ireland are some of the biggest sellers.

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