What To Do With Those Onions

You know it when your mom is cooking a morning breakfast or a hearty lunch when you sense the pungent smell of onions being sautéed and fried in cooking oil. Known for its smell, onions are staple recipe ingredient, often used to add to a dish’s flavor. It is important to able to identify the different types that are available at the grocery store.

When shopping for this ingredient, one can be bombarded with the colors, sizes and smells. They come in a variety of colors as well. It can be quite confusing, especially when one is not sure which one is the right one for the right recipe. One rule of thumb to consider when choosing just which to get is to two consider the two onion groups – green and dry. Green onions are harvested when they are just starting to mature and develop. They come off from the shoots, and are often characterized by their green color and soft, smooth texture.

On the other hand, dry onions have two types – sweet and storage. Sweet onions are the ones often used for burgers, salads, and sandwiches. They are best served fresh and raw, and because of that, they may rot easily. Storage onions are dryer than the sweet ones, and can last in the storage bin for a long period of time. Storage onions have a more pungent smell than sweet onions, and it is often recommended that they should be cooked first. Their potent smell adds flavoring to dishes, and best used to simmer with meat, soup or chili.

Onions can be prepared in different ways – sliced, diced, cut, or grated. You can add them in a salad, a sandwich, soup cream. They can be used as an essential ingredient to cook meat, fish or fowl. Onions are one of those staple food ingredients that never goes away. They can add more flavor to a soup or dish when it is grated and combined as pulp or liquid. This removes the feel of the pieces when eating the prepared dish or recipe.

When cooking onions with vegetables, it is best to peel off the skin first and then boil them to allow the pungent smell to escape and dissipate. Onion slices can be added to a white-colored sauce in order to create a thick cream. Adding cheese and breadcrumbs contributes to its thick texture. It is important that all flavors are mixed thoroughly, so use Bosch mixers when doing so. Bosch bread makers are high quality kitchenware that guarantees cooks and chefs the results they desire in their recipe dishes.

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