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Uses For Karcher Electric Pressure Washers

Karcher electric pressure washers are the top produced electric pressure washers in the world. The first one was patented in 1950 by Alfred Karcher, who had started his business in 1935. Until the pressure washer was patented, he’d specialized in his electric heater business by producing industrial heating supplies and equipment. After he developed an electric heating element that could work under water, he came up with the design for his electric pressure washer.

Today, the Karcher family-owned company possesses over 250 patents, but the Karcher electric pressure washer is a top item. In fact, in the 1970s the company shifted away from heating equipment and began focusing on things like pressure washers, vacuums and other cleaning equipment. This helped lead a one man company to become an internationally known company, employing over 6,000 people worldwide.

Their electric pressure washers are designed after more expensive and more powerful commercial washers, but they’re designed for home use. Careful attention to ergonomics and ease of use help shape new designs coming from the company. They strive to make sure that their pressure washers are easy to use and comfortable to use for the average homeowner.

Karcher electric pressure washers are useful around the house, for jobs that would take much longer scrubbing by hand. And because electric power washers don’t have quite the power that gasoline powered units do, they’re safer for most jobs.

Commercial gas-powered washers can have so much pressure and power that they can do damage to things like siding or cars that can be dented, and can even break glass if used improperly. If the full-powered spray hits a person it can cause serious injury. While the spray from a Karcher electric pressure washer should never be aimed at a person or body part, the injury caused, if any, would be less serious. And there’s less likelihood of property damage.

Pressure washers are handy for things around the house like cleaning decks, sidewalks, driveways and patios. The power behind the spray can blast away years of ground in dirt, debris and even mildew. Using Karcher electric pressure washers with certain cleaning agents designed for it can lighten these surfaces a few shades after removing dirt and mildew.

Using a pressure washer on a wooden deck is a great way to prepare it for refinishing and/or resealing, too. Any painted surface where the paint is chipped, peeling or otherwise loose is a great place to use a pressure washer, too. Use the spray to blast away as much paint as possible, and then let it dry thoroughly. That can cut a laborious sanding job down a great deal, making painting prep much easier.

Karcher electric power washers are also suitable for careful cleaning of house siding and outside window surfaces. Care must be used to avoid denting or cracking certain types of siding. But used properly, mildew and dirt blasts away leaving siding looking as new as possible. Washing cars, boats, lawn mowers and many other items around the house are other uses for Karcher electric pressure washers.

Shelly Field is an award-winning interior designer, writer and artist. She is renowned for her extensive knowledge of home interior and home management. Shelly recommends home pressure washing as an important part of your home maintenance.

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