Starting a Garden of Your Own is Great Fun For Grown Ups!

The largest held belief about gardening is that it is easy and doesn’t take a lot of work. While it is true that there is a lot of hard work involved in growing a garden, that work is usually very rewarding. Most gardeners say that working in a garden feels more like playing even if that work is weed pulling. Obviously the size and scope of your garden will dictate how much work you need to put into your garden. One thing is always the same: whether you’re growing a small indoor garden or a large yard sized garden, you are going to find the experience very rewarding.

Take some time to improve the quality of the dirt you want to use for your garden. No two patches of soil are the same. In fact, the dirt that is already in your yard is probably not the best for growing plants at all, which might be why you’ve had trouble growing a garden in the past. Different types of seeds have different nutrient needs.

Prepare the ground before you plant. The best way to prepare your garden soil is to spread organic matter over the top of it. To improve the quality of soil, compost is best but if used a few months ahead of time, grass clippings and mulch also work well. As the organics decompose they leave behind their nutrients and vitamins which helps your garden thrive.

The best way to loosen up your garden’s soil is to dig into it before you actually start the planting process. Make sure gardening conditions are right or digging could be a bad idea.

You want to dig when your soil is moist. It should be moist enough that you can form it into a ball with your hands when you dig it up from the ground. If the ground is too moist the ball will hold together when you drop it. Your best tool for this job is a spade or a spading fork that you can use to turn the soil and get the air moving through it.

Don’t purchase every tool in the garden shop just because they’re hanging there. Start with a few basics like a garden rake, a garden spade and a good hose and then build from there. Over time, as you work with your plants, you’ll figure out which tools you actually use regularly and which are only used for special projects. Resist the urge to buy all of the tools being upsold to you by the gardening clerk at the store. You might wind up tossing a bunch of money away on tools that you won’t ever use! Lots of grown men and women view gardening the same way little kids view playing outside. Many people insist that working in the garden is a fantastic way to work through most of the stress that they feel after the end of a long work day. Other people say that working in the garden is just a fun time for them. Even others garden because they want to say save money by growing their own food. There are all sorts of reasons for starting a garden. Just remember, even though you will have to work hard in your garden you will also get lots of joy from your garden.