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Skating And Cooking In One Show

US skating champ Brian Boitano embarks on a new career as he hosts a fortchcoming cooking show entitled “What Would Brian Boitano Make?”. Boitano shares that opening a restaurant is his lifelong dream. But because of his touring and skating competition schedule would not permit him to do so, hosting a cooking show is the closest thing to his dream so far.

Boitano rose to worldwide recognition when he won the men’s figure skating title during the Winter Olympics held in Calgary back in 1988. But before achieving his status in the skating world, he first impressed the nation with a four-time US National Championship trophy. And in 1994, he came in 6th place in the overall ranking. After that, his schedule went to mainly skating and competitions.

Being in front of the camera and not competing is not a new experience for Boitano. His first screen debut as an actor took him playing the role of Don Jose in the movie Carmen on Ice. This new challenge for him proved to be very successful because he won an Emmy for his portrayal. Next to this were cameo appearances in the films Blades of Glory and Ice Princess.

And this year, he embarks on another highlight in his career – the “What Would Brian Boitano Make?’ cooking show. He is faced with several criticisms. This is because he chose to be a chef as opposed to the usual athlete’s project as food, kitchen and gadgets spokespeople. And to some critics that says he does not have formal training in a cooking school, Boitano quips that he will use that disadvantage to relate more to people who watch television. He also said that his training with cooking is merely a trial and error style. However, he expressed that he has the energy and the willingness to explore this field.

According to him, his cooking show will feature a humorous format that combines cooking with lifestyle. His guests include an all-girl roller derby team, his handyman’s supper club and others which are definitely to watch out for.

Aside from the new concept, the show also promises good cooking and superb menus. In line with this, a cooking show will not be complete without a little help from electronic appliances like the Bosch universal mixer. Incidentally, a Bosch mixer sale is available at present and that may be something you would like to take advantage of.

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