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Robotic Lawn mowers

Robotic mowers Lawnbott LB3210

With its fashionable design, superb features and performance, the completely automated LB3210 will give your yard that fresh, just been cut look, because it has all feature to do maintain your lawn.

Robotic mower lawn bott designed in Italy, the LB3210 Evolution is for the home owner who wants only the best to maintain the gorgeous lawn. The LB3210 is the only robotic mower in the market that uses the Adaptive Programming Technology. Its learning computer actually reprograms itself to adapt to the cutting necessities of your garden. This not only preserves battery lifespan and extends the runtime and durability of the electrical motors ; it also contributes to a stunning looking garden for your folks to enjoy.

Sophisticated Spiral grass Cut programming allows the robotic mower LB3210 to concentrate in one section, by curving outwards, from any area where it senses higher grass. This feature helps to assure an evenly cut lawn across the grass and one sector after another rather moving across the turf and cutting it irregularly.

Robotic Lawn Mowers have a much Newer Design

With the just improved design, the LB3210 Evolution now has a new frame to accommodate larger, more powerful motors and new wheels with a more aggressive tread design for better traction. It also can now be programmed to operate with up to four areas, to take on those complex yard shapes.
Robotic mower Lawn Bott LB3210 is able to cover areas up to 33,000 sq. Ft. That represents roughly 75 % of an acre of lawn! And, it will also move slope with a maximum wish of 27 and complete the job.

robotic mowers Features :

This robotic lawn mower can mow for 3 hours before it need recharge. When the charge goes down in robotic lawn mowers, the mower automated return to work station and charge itself. The normal charge time is 150 minutes-180 minutes.

Multifunction display Lawn Bott’s back-lit display, with two rows of sixteen characters each, makes it easy to view all functions whether you’re programming or merely checking on the mower’s status. You can now also set the language to either English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese. Battery consumption is microprocessor controlled to ensure long battery life-span.

Auto program method- mower determines how long it is necessary to operate to maintain lawn. This is done by sensing blade motor current.

Smart Spiral – When the mower senses long grass it instantly enters spiral mode and mows grass in immediate area in more efficient spiral mode. When long grass is not sensed it returns to random operation to search out more long grass.

Lithium batteries – lower weight for easier traction and handling

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Lawnbott Robotic Lawn Mower Evolution Model Lb3200

span style=”font-size: 12pt; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”>Have you ever mowed your lawn? Those who have know the importance of an efficient this magic machine. Lawn mowers come in different types; rotary mowers, cylinder or reel mowers, human pushed, motor driven and now robot movers. Choosing the right lawn mower can simplify lawn mowing and keep the grass looking healthy. Today Techno Station presents Lawnbott Robotic Lawn Mower Evolution Model LB3200 – an automatic mower designed in Italy, with the most advanced software available. The Evolution is the only robotic mower with Adaptive Programming Technology. Its learning computer actually reprograms itself to adapt to the cutting requirements of your yard. This not only conserves battery life and lengthens the durability of the electric motors, it also contributes to a greener lawn. LawnBott Evolution is able to cover areas up to 33,000 sq. ft. And, it will also navigate slopes of up to 27. It operates automatically, and autonomously by means of its intelligent computer and a perimeter cable. It can move freely within an enclosed area, detecting the faint signal transmitted by the perimeter cable located on the ground, defining the areas to be mowed; it can also work without a perimeter cable as working area is enclosed by a fence or small border at least 4 inches tall. Advanced Spiral Cut programming allows the Evolution to concentrate, by spiraling outwards, from any area where it senses higher grass. This feature helps to assure an evenly cut lawn. Let LawnBott Evolution help you while you enjoy the nicely tended landscape in your lawn and or a backyard.

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Is A Robotic Lawn Mower Right For You?

If you’ve ever wondered what type of lawn mower is best for you, read on. Learn what kind of mower is perfect for mowing around your garden or mowing around your large area.

First, you need to evaluate what you use for your lawn mower. You should always go with a brand known as Toro or John Deere, as they have been awarded several times as a manufacturer during the year. Which mower would you choose who will best meet your needs? One of the best brands of lawnmower out today, is John Deere. These tools come from green energy in a wide and each has many different purposes. If you plan to cultivate your own land to feed themselves, they have a special model for this. Also, the type of grass you have decided to cut must also be a factor in choosing the type of lawn mower you purchase.

A John Deere Utility Tractor lawn is perfect for those who have a yard bigger than most. This mower will be able to provide power and reliability that lawn tractors can give. A new model of lawnmower lawnmowers robotic which are equipped with a sonar system of detection which will automatically slow down when it detects an object nearby. The new sonar detection systems will also stop the blades of the lawnmower before they cut into the object.

If you have small children or pets who like to leave anything around the yard is the best idea for you. Also, some of Robotic lawn mowers have touch sensors on them. These touch sensors are able to change the direction of the mower blades when they feel an object other than the grass course and keep the goal of being crushed. These new detection systems, it is very unlikely that a lawn mower-related injuries happen. A major reason why the sonar detection systems were created was to ensure that no animals are injured because of a lawnmower. Since the detection systems have been placed on some models, no incidents or injuries have been reported.

Dogs have a natural inclination to bark and chase a moving object that makes noise. There is a better chance of your dog to attack these robotic lawn mowers that it is for a robotic lawnmower to harm your family dog. Another reason why so many people chose to go with the robotic lawn mowers is because they move relatively slowly compared to lawnmowers normal, and give it to people and / or animals company time to leave the track. Although it may take a little longer to mow your lawn, it will help keep the seventy-two thousand accidents of lawn mower a year of increases.

The author is a regular contributor to Mower Tips where additional information for selecting and using lawn mowers is available.

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How To Buy A Robotic Lawn Mower

Firstly, you should evaluate your lawn. Your yard does not have to be perfect "postage stamp" of lawn to get good results with a robotic lawn mower. In fact, most robotic lawn mowers are designed to handle lawns of oddly shaped and all different types of herbs. Lawn Mowers robot can maneuver around obstacles such as pools, trees, flower beds, poles, mailboxes and even the play equipment. Estimate your lawn sizeRobotic lawnmowers can be used on lawns up to 100 square feet to 2 + acres. Some models allow multiple units to be installed on the lawn in extending coverage to more than 2 acres. If your lawn is on the short side of the spectrum, a unit cheaper May be sufficient for your needs. Before you decide on a price range, keep in mind that the special features, durability and quality also affect the price. Do you have a hilly lawn, or is it relatively flat? Another major factor for the robotic lawn mower to buy is how he can handle the hills. If you have any hills or steep slopes learn how they are. Some robotic lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns relatively stable, while others can be upgraded to handle the steep slopes. For example, the LawnBott LB3500 robotic lawn mower (at LawnBott. Com) can mow hills up to 30 degrees to add on spiked wheels. This model uses a compass on board to keep the course as it navigates hilly terrain. Determine your degree of slope can be done in minutes. Email sales @ LawnBott. com for instructions. Robotic models of lawnmower differ in how long they take to recharge and how long they can cut before needing a charge. The charging time may vary from 2. 5 hours up to 24 hours depending on the model you choose. With the cooldown in mind, remember that the robotic lawn mowers will take more time to mow your yard a human would. Therefore, if you have a large lawn, this could take several consecutive races to cover the entire area. Since the robot does all the work, short consecutive no effort on your part, but you want to choose a model that helps keep your lawn looking its best without delay during the peak growing season. The execution time for the robotic lawn mowers can vary from 90 minutes to 7 hours before needing to recharge the battery. Some top models like the LawnBott LB3550 can mow up to 15 hours a day with a period of recharge between the two. Many lawnmowers completely automated robotic lawn mowing, working time and schedule of the day. The lawnmower will automatically leave its home base, mow the lawn, and dock when it's done. Low-end robotic mowers require you to bring him back to charge. Consider the special features you may want: • higher end mowers robot can detect the speed of your lawn is growing and will adjust his schedule according to when the lawn should be mowed. This feature can be useful during droughts or fast-growing seasons. • Most lawnmowers fully automated robot using a rain sensor to automatically stop the sessions until the grass cutting dry out • Some robotic lawn mowers are bulky and heavy weight, while others are Small and lightweight. It is important to consider the weight and size of the mower if you need to send it for repair or maintenance. Depending on which model you choose, the weight can vary from 21 pounds to 80 pounds. For example, the LawnBott LB3210 weighs only 21 pounds while RL1000 Robomow weighs about 80 pounds. Consider how much maintenance is required of the mower of your choice. Maintenance is very simple for robotic lawnmowers. There is no need to empty bags or clean grass clippings because mulch. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the blade (s) once a year. Lawn mowers are robotic lawn mowers electric, reflected no gas, oil or spark plugs to replace. Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of replacement parts. Some robotic lawn mowers (as LawnBott) claim to have a life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years before major repairs are needed. Superior range of robot mowers are generally better quality, more durable parts, which also means higher initial costs and replacement. On the other hand, lower costs Lawnmowers use cheaper parts, which results in May in more frequent repair needs that could ultimately cost more in maintenance than high-end models. However, the cost robotic lawn mower maintenance will almost always well below the cost of maintenance and maintain the traditional lawn or paying a lawn service. Most robotic lawnmowers come with a warranty of 2 years with various guarantees on the battery. Some safeguards include pickup and return shipping cost depending on the model you choose. Prepare your lawn. • Although most sensors bump lawnmower robot can detect objects more than 4 inches high, you want to remove small toys, ropes, pipes, light objects and other objects lying on the lawn as you would with a lawnmower • Fill large holes. Some robotic lawn mowers have problems with "turf pot holes. LawnBott. com offers to fill the holes with sand or topsoil as necessary: • If your robotic lawn mower requires wire, plan your installation. A good dealer will offer to illustrate a plan customized installation free. It is better to have an idea of where to lay wire to get the best efficiency of the lawnmower. Installation for most sites can be very simple while others May require special wiring tips. Expect to set aside most of the time of day to tie down the wire perimeter. • Last but not least, it is important to buy from a dealer who is familiar with robotic lawnmowers. An unsuspecting seller may give bad advice, which could ultimately lead to your dissatisfaction with a robotic lawn mower. It is also advisable to buy from a dealer that offers free online assessments lawn. After all, it is preferable to have an expert evaluate your lawn than buying the robot bad for your lawn. www. LawnBott. com offers a satisfaction guarantee behind the robotic lawn mower that we recommend for your garden. We offer free support and unlimited years of experience and expertise to all our customers.

Clint runs – a website dedicated to robotic lawn mower sales, service and support.

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Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Dangerous?

The idea of a robot with blades attached to a powerful engine to wander around the lawn may seem frightening. But should it be? If you saw a lawnmower robot, either in person or over the Internet, May thought crossed your mind. But how can you do with lawnmowers accidents occur? Each year, approximately 68,000 persons with injuries caused by power lawn mowers are treated in traditional hospitals. (Source: American Academy of Pediatrics) Most of the injuries caused by mowers occur when people put their fingers near the blade, usually in an attempt to delete a bunch of weeds or other undesirable matter. Most of these accidents occur when the person reaches under the skirt of the mower, or reached into the discharge chute. (Source: Technology Associates) Other injuries are caused by flying objects. The lawnmowers have blades that can throw objects, as far as 50 feet. Combine this with the risk of the operator from slipping below, more than turning in a riding lawnmower, or being more, you can easily see the concern for safety when it comes to lawn mowers in general . However, robotic lawnmowers are completely different. The greater safety advantage over robotic lawnmowers mowers have is that you do not need to press or roll over him. By removing the person, that fact alone eliminate most causes of injuries lawnmower. Robotic lawn mowers are not likely to clog. Take it from someone who was exclusively a user robot lawnmowers for over 7 years – frequently mowing robot mowers chop grass and thin enough that the probability of forming clusters in the framework of the mower (or anywhere for that matter) are eliminated. But even if you try to raise the mower while it is running, immediately stop the blade turning. However, if the blade (s) were to get snagged on something, the robotic lawn mower on the computer is smart enough to stop the blade (s) and signal for help. Robotic lawn mowers have very different consequences than the blades of mowers. First, the blades are much smaller, which play a large part of why it is less likely to throw items away. Even if the blades of a lawn mower robotic spin much faster and achieves better quality than traditional cutter blades, the force behind the small strip just does not throw nearly as many objects as heavy as the big waves . Also lawnmowers robotics blades are usually recessed or protected on all sides to impede a path for flying objects Voyage. Being an avid user of robotics and test lawnmowers, I have personally seen objects thrown for a maximum of 5 feet max a robotic lawn mower. Objects are rarely more than 8 inches off the ground and are not near the amount of force behind them against the mower if a traditional make the same object. Given that the security mechanisms robot lawn mowers are built into the mower from the computer, they are difficult to circumvent. Some robotic lawn mowers, as LawnBott use touch handles for work similar to those affected by lights. By touching the handle, the blade stops turning in an instant. All mowers have lift robot sensors that stop the blade when closed or returned. Other safety features include PIN, bump sensors that detect objects left in the courtyard, and the ability to run during the night are all among the array of security features that traditional lawnmowers could not dreaming.

Clint runs – a website dedicated to LawnBott robotic lawn mower sales, service, education and support.

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