How To Buy A Robotic Lawn Mower

Firstly, you should evaluate your lawn. Your yard does not have to be perfect "postage stamp" of lawn to get good results with a robotic lawn mower. In fact, most robotic lawn mowers are designed to handle lawns of oddly shaped and all different types of herbs. Lawn Mowers robot can maneuver around obstacles such as pools, trees, flower beds, poles, mailboxes and even the play equipment. Estimate your lawn sizeRobotic lawnmowers can be used on lawns up to 100 square feet to 2 + acres. Some models allow multiple units to be installed on the lawn in extending coverage to more than 2 acres. If your lawn is on the short side of the spectrum, a unit cheaper May be sufficient for your needs. Before you decide on a price range, keep in mind that the special features, durability and quality also affect the price. Do you have a hilly lawn, or is it relatively flat? Another major factor for the robotic lawn mower to buy is how he can handle the hills. If you have any hills or steep slopes learn how they are. Some robotic lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns relatively stable, while others can be upgraded to handle the steep slopes. For example, the LawnBott LB3500 robotic lawn mower (at LawnBott. Com) can mow hills up to 30 degrees to add on spiked wheels. This model uses a compass on board to keep the course as it navigates hilly terrain. Determine your degree of slope can be done in minutes. Email sales @ LawnBott. com for instructions. Robotic models of lawnmower differ in how long they take to recharge and how long they can cut before needing a charge. The charging time may vary from 2. 5 hours up to 24 hours depending on the model you choose. With the cooldown in mind, remember that the robotic lawn mowers will take more time to mow your yard a human would. Therefore, if you have a large lawn, this could take several consecutive races to cover the entire area. Since the robot does all the work, short consecutive no effort on your part, but you want to choose a model that helps keep your lawn looking its best without delay during the peak growing season. The execution time for the robotic lawn mowers can vary from 90 minutes to 7 hours before needing to recharge the battery. Some top models like the LawnBott LB3550 can mow up to 15 hours a day with a period of recharge between the two. Many lawnmowers completely automated robotic lawn mowing, working time and schedule of the day. The lawnmower will automatically leave its home base, mow the lawn, and dock when it's done. Low-end robotic mowers require you to bring him back to charge. Consider the special features you may want: • higher end mowers robot can detect the speed of your lawn is growing and will adjust his schedule according to when the lawn should be mowed. This feature can be useful during droughts or fast-growing seasons. • Most lawnmowers fully automated robot using a rain sensor to automatically stop the sessions until the grass cutting dry out • Some robotic lawn mowers are bulky and heavy weight, while others are Small and lightweight. It is important to consider the weight and size of the mower if you need to send it for repair or maintenance. Depending on which model you choose, the weight can vary from 21 pounds to 80 pounds. For example, the LawnBott LB3210 weighs only 21 pounds while RL1000 Robomow weighs about 80 pounds. Consider how much maintenance is required of the mower of your choice. Maintenance is very simple for robotic lawnmowers. There is no need to empty bags or clean grass clippings because mulch. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the blade (s) once a year. Lawn mowers are robotic lawn mowers electric, reflected no gas, oil or spark plugs to replace. Another thing to keep in mind is the cost of replacement parts. Some robotic lawn mowers (as LawnBott) claim to have a life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years before major repairs are needed. Superior range of robot mowers are generally better quality, more durable parts, which also means higher initial costs and replacement. On the other hand, lower costs Lawnmowers use cheaper parts, which results in May in more frequent repair needs that could ultimately cost more in maintenance than high-end models. However, the cost robotic lawn mower maintenance will almost always well below the cost of maintenance and maintain the traditional lawn or paying a lawn service. Most robotic lawnmowers come with a warranty of 2 years with various guarantees on the battery. Some safeguards include pickup and return shipping cost depending on the model you choose. Prepare your lawn. • Although most sensors bump lawnmower robot can detect objects more than 4 inches high, you want to remove small toys, ropes, pipes, light objects and other objects lying on the lawn as you would with a lawnmower • Fill large holes. Some robotic lawn mowers have problems with "turf pot holes. LawnBott. com offers to fill the holes with sand or topsoil as necessary: • If your robotic lawn mower requires wire, plan your installation. A good dealer will offer to illustrate a plan customized installation free. It is better to have an idea of where to lay wire to get the best efficiency of the lawnmower. Installation for most sites can be very simple while others May require special wiring tips. Expect to set aside most of the time of day to tie down the wire perimeter. • Last but not least, it is important to buy from a dealer who is familiar with robotic lawnmowers. An unsuspecting seller may give bad advice, which could ultimately lead to your dissatisfaction with a robotic lawn mower. It is also advisable to buy from a dealer that offers free online assessments lawn. After all, it is preferable to have an expert evaluate your lawn than buying the robot bad for your lawn. www. LawnBott. com offers a satisfaction guarantee behind the robotic lawn mower that we recommend for your garden. We offer free support and unlimited years of experience and expertise to all our customers.

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