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Bosch Rotak 43 LI Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower

Bosch Rotak 43 LI Cordless Rotary Lawn Mower

A powerful cordless electric lawn mower for medium and larger lawns The Bosch Rotak 43 LI cordless rotary lawn mower comes with two powerful 36V/2.6Ah Lithium-ion batteries with advanced electronics to enable a constant blade speed in all grass conditions. With the innovative grass combs it can also cut up to or over the edge of your lawn. It has a full 43cm cutting width, a rear roller for stripes and a range of cutting heights from 20 to 70mm, making it ideal for medium to la
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Replacement Blade for Bosch Rotak 43 Lawn Mower

Replacement Blade for Bosch Rotak 43 Lawn Mower

A sharp blade will cut the grass rather than rip the grass. Help your lawn to the best cut with a replacement blade

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Are there any Advantages to Cordless Lawnmowers ?

When people talk about cordless lawnmowers, they usually mean the kind that are powered by a battery. These are called cordless electric lawnmowers, and they are usually powered by one to four 12 volt batteries that are usually rechargeable.

The amount of batteries usually dictates how long your lawnmower is capable of cutting grass before recharging. This is one thing to keep in mind when buying an electric cordless lawnmower. Electric cordless lawnmowers can be somewhat more expensive than their corded counteparts.

However, in the long run you might actually end up saving money as you won’t have to buy petrol or oil. For example, the Rotak 43 LI cordless lawnmower sells at around £350 and is capable of cutting with the same power as a corded lawnmower. This lawnmower also recharges quickly, thanks to its innovative lithium-ion battery.

A cordless electric lawnmower, like the Rotak 43 LI, is perfectly suitable for lawns between 300 and 600 square metres in size. The greatest benefits of corded electric lawnmowers are the lack of smell, much quieter sound and the fact that it doesn’t have a cord, which can be quite a hassle with conventional electric lawnmowers. The Bosch Rotak models have gathered numerous extremely positive feedbacks on sites such as Amazon, and it’s no wonder because these lawnmowers are so far ahead of their competitors’ choices. If, however, your lawn is bigger than 600 square metres, you should consider buying a corded electric lawnmower, such as the Bosch Rotak 40. This powerful lawnmower is an excellent choice for medium to large lawns.

Daniel Jones is an expert in internet marketing, and has a keen interest in environmentally friendly lawnmowers such as the Bosch Rotak 40.

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All About Bosch Wiper Blades

If you are looking for durable and reliablewindshieldwiperbladesfor yourcar, look no further thanBoschwiperblades. Theyare flexible, quietin use and you can depend on them to provideyou witha smearlesswindshieldduring any type of condition, be it rainyand snowy;conditions. The manufacturers of Boschwiperblades, the Robert BoschAutomotiveGroup,haveeliminatedthe needfor adaptersmakingfor easyone step installationof theirblades. Boschwiperbladesare madeto last longerand performto perfection. Although automotivewindshieldwiperbladeshavenot changedmuch in terms of theirbasic designoverthe past seventy-fiveto eighty years,automobile;aftermarket parts maker, Robert Boschhaveput in a lot of time, effortand moneyintoresearch and theyhavecomeup withbracketlesswiperbladesthatconform betterto todaysautomobile;windshields;and providea much more efficientwiperblade. Boschwiperbladesare madewithout;plastic or metalbrackets. Making bracketlesswiperbladescan offerbetterwheather resistance to snowand ice by leavinglessarea for the snowor ice to build up on. For the majorityof todayscars,theseBoschwiperbladescan be easily installed;withno adapterswhatsoever makingthe processsimpleand quick. The processis so easythatthereis no needfor specilist techniciansto do the fitting whichalsosaves;you timeand money. Thesebladesofferlessstreaking and more resistance to elements thatmay corrodeothertypesof blades. With so many different autoparts storessellingBoschwiperblades, and since it’sso easyto installthem yourself;, you can oftenpurchasethe bladesat a discountfromthesestoresor even at the gas stations. You can alsooftenget a good deal by shopping on the onlinestoreslikeAmazon or at onlineauctionssuchas eBay. In fact, many of the onlinestoresoftenrun special rebates fromtimeto timeand you shouldcheckthem out for thesespecialsto savemoneyon wiperbladeswhichare essential for yourdrivingsafetyand comfort. Because of the unique way Boschwiperbladesare designed;, the bladesprovidean equalpressurethrough out its lengthand thatin turnhelpsto betterremove markingsand debris, and all thisis done without;causing damageto yourwindshieldwhileleavingyou witha clearwindshieldwithno streaks to spoilthe view. If you want an unobstructedviewof the roadduring hazardous drivingconditions,Boschwiperbladesmay be just the bladesyou’relooking for. Theywillprovideyou witha clean windshieldand theyare alsoveryquietwithout squeaking likesome otherwiperbladesand thiscan help to saveyou fromany further distractions whiledriving, especially in rainyor snowy;conditions.

Ben is an accomplished online publisher with many websites setup dealing with a variety of issues. Check out his latest site on Bosch Wiper Blades and also the article on Taking Care of Your Bosch Wiper Blades

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Paradise Club Apartments, Cala’n Bosch in Menorca

There’s so much to discover on the beautiful island of Menorca and self-catering will give you and your family the freedom you want to see it all at your own pace. The Paradise Club Apartments Menorca are located in the centre of the fashionable resort of Cala’n Bosch and just 300m from a gorgeous Blue Flag beach. These one and two bedroomed Paradise Club Apartments offer all the family their own space and give you the option to sample the catch of the day in local restaurants or cook up a storm in your kitchenette. There are fun activities from Shades the Shark and Dizzy the Dolphin at the resort’s KidsWorld, along with table tennis, mini golf and a whole lot more. Spend lazy days relaxing by the apartments’ two pools, whilst your little ones play in their own pool. If you fancy a change of scenery, move to the pool bar, whirlpool or just a little further to the spa for a heavenly treatment – it’s certainly worth the effort! Leaving the complex, the focal point of Cala’n Bosch, is the beautiful marina filled with bobbing yachts. In the evening this area springs to life with craft stalls, perfect for your souvenirs, street artists and performers. Around the edge you’ll find a vibrant array of fast food cafes and fine dining restaurants, along with British oriented bars to while away balmy evenings in. If you’re dreaming of long sandy beaches and safe warm waters, you’ll find them almost on your doorstep at the Paradise Club Apartments Menorca. The beaches have excellent facilities along with water sports equipment for hire and a choice of two schools where you’ll learn the delicate arts of sailing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, canoeing or water skiing. If you get chance go scuba diving to discover beautiful hidden coves and grottos, or if you prefer to stay on the water rather than in it, take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat for an unforgettable afternoon. Known as the sleepiest of the Balearics, Menorca has a lot to shout about away from the water’s edge. Ciutadella, Menorca’s ancient capital will enchant you with winding streets, quaint churches and its 17th century castle with a draw bridge overlooking the harbour. The walled city of Mao is Menorca’s present capital and lies at the end of an enormous natural harbour, buzzing with life and impressive architecture. Before you leave the harbour stop in at Xoriguer Gin Distillery to see how this local delicacy is made and sample it for yourself; from here head to Es Freginal park, in the heart of Mao for a family picnic. The Paradise Club Apartments in Cala’n Bosch are perfect for a family holiday and make a great base for discovering Menorca’s many delights.

Mark Addison is an eminent and well known writer. We can see passion in his writing. He mostly writes articles for holiday’s and hotel’s sites.

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Lg, Whirlpool and Bosch Washing Machine

There are several premium brands out there when it comes to domestic appliances. These tend to be a cut about the rest in one respect or other. Not all appliances are created equal but which brand should your choose when selecting your laundry appliances? As you go about shopping around for the best washing machine to meet your needs, you likely have come across LG appliances. With that in mind, you may be wondering how are LG washing machines when compared to the competition like Whirlpool and Bosch. Through this article you are provided with essential information comparing and contrasting the LG option against US and European brands of washing machines like Whirlpool and Bosch that are available to you today. Over the course of the past twenty years, LG appliances and electronics have started to move to the head of the pack. In other words, LG appliances and electronics for the home have started to garner praise from experts, reviewers and consumers alike. In fact, the past decade has seen them catching up with the heavyweights of washing machines brands manufacturers, namely Whirlpool and Bosch. Both Bosch and Whirlpool has currently a market share of 23 percent and 30 percent respectively. Despite being a Asian brand, LG has almost 35 percent of the market share and is looking to gain futher in the near future. That pretty sums how far LG washing machines has come. The LG line of washing machines utilize some of the latest technology available on the market today. Indeed, this is the case with all of the LG line of appliances and electronics. Therefore, if you elect to make the purchase of an LG washing machine, you will find that you will be purchasing and then using an appliance that has the best possible technology around. The LG washing machine brand is also known for its efficiency. In this day and age, people from all walks of like are looking towards efficiency when it comes to their appliances. Therefore, the reality is that because LG washing machines are more efficient, the use less electricity and water over time. Therefore, over the lifetime of the appliance, you will find that an LG washing machine will pay for itself on these types of savings. When it comes to LG washing machines you will also find that the manufacturer sells appliances in a wide range of prices. Therefore, no matter what your budget might be at this juncture in time, you will be able to find an LG washing machine that does fit within the price range that you desire. Finally, LG stands behind its washing machines. By this it is meant that LG washing machines come with wonderful and all inclusive warranties and companion guarantees. Therefore, if you find that you have a problem with an LG washing machine, you will have a manufacturer that stands behind its products on all levels. In the end, if you want the very best technology in an efficient washing machine that sells for an affordable price, you will

Andrew Washington has been providing advice on washing machines including Bosch washing machines for over a decade.

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Bosch Opts for Vitronic’s Inspection Technology!

Bosch is using six VINSPEC automated inspection units from Vitronic to ensure the flawless production of its new piezoelectric actuators. Piezoelectric actuators work in car engine fuel injection systems to reduce fuel consumption, noise, and carbon emissions. They make for clean, efficient running vehicles. What is piezoelectricity? Piezoelectricity is the ability of some materials to generate an electric field in response to applied mechanical stress. This effect is reversible – such materials produce mechanical stress in response to an applied electric field. How do piezoelectric actuators work? A vehicle’s fuel injection system injects pressurised fuel into the engine cylinder through a valve in precise quantities at precise intervals. Traditional injection systems open and close this valve using electromagnets. Bosch’s new actuators use piezoelectricity to control the valve quicker and more accurately than traditional systems, which makes for an efficient engine. Foil printing Bosch’s new actuators consist of stacks of special piezoelectric ceramic foils printed with strip electrodes, and guide marks to ensure accurate stacking. After printing, a robotic gripper deposits foils on a conveyor. Fast line-scan cameras from Vitronic capture high-resolution images of each as they travel along. The first VINSPEC system inspects these images to identify flaws on foils, such as holes, missing print, and bleeding. It also checks the position of the strip electrodes and guide marks. If the foils pass all inspections, they are dried and sent for stacking. Faulty foils are unusable, so VINSPEC immediately discards them. Precise automated stacking Robotic grippers then stack several foils into a block on a positioning table. Accurate stacking is essential to ensure actuators function correctly. By analysing images acquired by its cameras, the second VINSPEC system identifies a foil’s guide marks and calculates its position, before instructing the robotic grippers to stack the foils precisely. Completed stacks are laminated. This causes the foils to harden and form solid blocks. Without using the machine vision system VINSPEC it wouldn’t be possible to produce functional actuators. Raw actuator processing Next, a specially coated saw automatically divides the hardened blocks into bars and then into so-called ‘raw actuators’. Cutting bars into raw actuators is a delicate process. An incorrect cut can interrupt the strip electrodes and render actuators unusable. The third VINSPEC system captures photographic images of foil blocks, measures each bar to the nearest micrometer, and coordinates the saw to product precise cuts. The fourth VINSPEC system inspects the function and quality of the raw actuators before sending them for further processing. Checks include actuator dimensions and electrode position. Only flawless actuators pass to the next production stage. Final production stages Bosch applies a layer of insulation finish and electrical strip contacts to actuators before installing them into the fuel injectors. Finish must be evenly applied and bubble free. Strip contacts require careful soldering and must be clear of finish. Defects lead to short circuits, which render actuators unusable. The fifth and sixth VINSPEC units monitor these processes, and immediately discard faulty actuators. Complete control Operators can observe the inspections on monitors at each VINSPEC station. Graphical user interfaces mean results, live photographic images, and system status reports are all easily accessible, allowing operators to intervene if they detect production discrepancies. All inspection results are stored, allowing Bosch to produce statistical evaluations and optimise its manufacturing processes. For more information visit http://www. vitronic. de

Malcolm Smith is the UK Sales Manager at Vitronic. Vitronic is a leading supplier of machine vision systems. A global company, it provides advanced technological solutions to a broad range of markets, such as logistics, traffic control, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and industrial robotics.

For more information visit:

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Gas Tankless Water Heaters – Comparing Brands Bosch, Noritz, Rinnai, & Takagi

It’s not easy to choose a new tankless water heater.   I’m going to compare four different brands of gas units, examining the specs and features of Bosch, Reehm, Rinnai, and Takagi units. I’ve made the table below to show what I think are the most important specifications for the tankless water heaters.   These include the maximum Input BTUs, Minimum Flow Rate to turn on the heater, the energy factor, and the temperature rise at a given flow rate. Maximum Input BTUs The maximum input BTUs basically tells you the size of the heater, giving you a way to quickly compare different models.   Most all tankless heaters are around 80% efficient, so any two heaters that have similar input BTU’s will have similar output capabilities.   A water heater with a higher efficiency will deliver a slightly higher flow for a given temperature rise and flow rate. Calculating BTUs A BTU (British thermal unit) is the amount of heat required to heat 1 pound of water 1 degree.   Water weighs about 8. 3 pounds per gallon.   Heating 1 gallon of water 100 degrees would require ((8. 3 pounds x 1 gallon x 100 degrees) / 80% efficiency) = 1,037 BTUs. Heating the water takes time of course, so if we wanted to heat that gallon in one minute the Btu consumption would be (1037 BTU x 60 minutes/hour)= 62,220 BTUs per hour. To heat 2 gallons per minute 100 degrees will require roughly 124,000 BTUs per hour.   3 gallons per minute would be 189,000 BTUs. Minimum Flow Rate The minimum flow rate is important because that is how much flow you need through the heater to turn it on. The problems appear when you want a low-flow of hot water.   If it takes 3/4 gallons per minute of flow to turn on the heater, and the output temperature of the heater is set for 120°, you have to mix colder water with the hot water to get the temperature you want.   Since you have to keep the flow rate high enough to keep the heater turned on, and you have to mix it with cold, you simply cannot get a small flow of hot water.   To make matters worse, if you are trying to take a shower, and you turn down the temperature enough for the heater to kick off, you won’t know it until that slug of cold water hits you a minute or so after you’ve adjusted the valve, depending on how long it takes the water to travel through the pipes to the fixture. Energy Factor The energy factor (EF) tells what a water heater’s overall energy efficiency is. It’s based on the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed over a typical day. Factors included in the energy factor are:Recovery efficiency – how efficiently the heat from the energy source is transferred to the water Standby losses – the percentage of heat loss per hour from the stored water compared to the heat content of the water (water heaters with storage tanks) Cycling losses – the loss of heat as the water circulates through a water heater tank, and/or inlet and outlet pipes. The higher the energy factor, the more efficient the water heater is. However, higher energy factor values don’t always mean lower annual operating costs, especially when you compare fuel sources. Temperature Rise & Flow Rate The output flow rate is one of the most important factors since it tells you exactly how much hot water the unit can produce. Bosch and Noritz give you the temperature rise at 77° and 75° which are close enough for our comparison on their websites.   Takagi provides graphs which are nice, so I used 75° for Takagi. Rinnai only provides the flow rate at 35°, so to compare Rinnai flow rates you can figure a little less than half of the given values. Tankless Water Heater Costs Where I could find them I listed the lowest prices I could find online.   They may therefore be incorrect.   Keep in mind that installing the heater can be very expensive.   You may need special larger stainless steel venting, and you may have to run a larger gas line as well.   If the location does not have a power outlet you might need to run an electrical circuit since most gas tankless water heaters need power for their controls. Gas Tankless Water Heater Comparison Table Brand/Model          Max             Min.         EF            GPM@             Price                              BTU             GPM                       Temp Rise Bosch                            Bosch 2700ES      199,000       0. 65       0. 82         4. 2   77° F      $1,100Bosch 2400ES      175,000       0. 65       0. 82         3. 8   77° F      $1,050Bosch 1600H        117,000        0. 6        0. 69         2. 4   77° F      $649 Noritz Noritz N-0931M     250,000       0. 5       N/A          5. 6   75° F        $2,399Noritz 841             199,900        0. 5       0. 91         5. 0   75° F       $2,399Noritz N-0751M     199,900       0. 5       0. 83         4. 5   75° F        $1,299Noritz N-0631S     185,000        0. 5       0. 83         3. 8   75° F       $1,029Noritz 531             140,000       0. 5       0. 82         3. 1   75° F        $829 Rinnai Rinnai  R98LSi       237,000       0. 9        N/A*         9. 8  35° FRinnai  R50LSi       150,000       0. 6        0. 82          5. 0  35° F       $679Rinnai  R75LSi       180,000       0. 6        0. 82          7. 5  35° F       $975Rinnai  R94LSi       190,000       0. 6        0. 82          9. 4  35° F  TakagiTakagi T-K Jr.         140,000       0. 5        0. 81          2. 5  75° F       $599Takagi T-K3           199,000      0. 5        0. 84          3. 6  75° F        $800Takagi T-H1           199,000      0. 5        0. 92          4. 8  75° F

More information about tankless water heaters: Tankless Water Heaters

For more information about all kinds of water heaters: Water Heater Trouble Shooting Tankless and tank type water heater information.

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Bosch tankless water heater

In modern days many people own their own houses and spend their time setting up electric and electronic gadgets to suit their many needs to live a comfortable life. Water heaters are one of the most important gadgets that every home should install because of the climatic conditions in the U. S. Therefore, when choosing a water heater special attention should be paid to check whether it is energy efficient and is able to give you the required amount of hot water that you need. Bosch solar tankless water heaters offer you an average life expectancy of more than 20 years of energy saving service that you and your family would love to acquire. Bosch tankless water heaters are the right choice since they are very efficient in functioning as well as in saving energy while cutting bills exorbitantly. At the end of the year you will notice the amount of savings that you have earned on installing the Bosch Solar tankless water heater. Bosch has many models of tankless water heaters with prices ranging from a low of $613. 83 to a high of $20,000. 00. They function with gas, electricity as well as solar. By going solar you are producing a reduction of 70% in the greenhouse effect that adds to the eco friendly environment that we live in. We are helping tremendously in keeping our environment safe from toxins and disease causing bacteria by opting for the solar heating system. To name a few models of Bosch is only good. Models like 1600PS-NG solar tankless comes with a pilot ignition for pre heated water using natural gas back up. The Pentair Sun Touch Solar Control System is another good model which runs your pump and heater as and when you need it just with a few buttons that will be activated. You can add additional features like lights and automatic cleaners to this model. It is compatible with gas as well as electricity. By choosing the Bosch tankless solar water heater you are making the right choice of tankless water heaters since tankless water heaters have the best features that help you reduce your energy bills by fifty percent.


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Bosch Rotak 34 Electric rotary mower

Bosch Rotak 34 Electric rotary mower

Features unique grass combs that allow you to cut right to the edge. 1400 watt hi-torque ‘powerdrive’ motor offers superb cutting and collection. 34cm width of cut, with high speed steel blade. 10 heights of cut (20-70mm). Lightweight and manouverable, only 10. 5kg. Rear collect grassbox, 40 litres. Cable Length 12m. Manufacturer’s guarantee 2 years parts, 2 years labour.

Buy Bosch Rotak 34 Electric rotary mower at Amazon

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