Purchasing Bosch Spares Online

Bosch manufactures a variety of high quality appliances as well as a wide variety of quality spares. In fact, Bosch dishwashers have won the Which? “Best Buy” award, proving their quality and commitment to energy efficiency and performance. Purchasing Bosch spares is a simple process that can be accomplished online. All you need to know is the model number of your appliance and a description of the part required. If you have the part numbers for the Bosch spares that you need, the process becomes even simpler. Bosch spares are available for washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens and hobs, cooker hoods, fridges and freezers, and small appliances like microwaves, kettles, blenders and coffee makers. Using quality Bosch spares to replace worn out parts will extend the life of your appliance, as well as smartening its appearance and making it look new again. When ordering your Bosch spares, you may also consider ordering a few genuine Bosch accessories. Bosch Spares for Fridges and Freezers Bosch spares for fridges and freezers include easily replaced internal shelves, baskets, drawers and trays, which can often become damaged. Replacement door parts such as hinges and handles and readily available, as well as door seals. Fridge light bulbs are one of the more common Bosch spares that need replacing.    Bosch Spares for Washing Machines A wide variety of Bosch spares for washing machines are available online. Spares for washing machine doors include door seals, door locks and latches, door hinges and door handles. Additional parts that are available include fill hoses and drain hoses, inlet valves, drain pumps, bearings, drum paddles, dispenser drawers, facias, heating elements and carbon brushes. Bosch Spares for Dishwashers Bosch spares are also sold for the Bosch range of dishwashers. There is a wide range of replacement parts including basket wheels, cutlery baskets, capacitors, dispensers, door handles, door locks, door seals, heaters, filters, drain pumps, wash motors, inlet valves, spray arms, thermostats, timers and modules. Bosch Spares for Ovens and Cookers Bosch spares for ovens and cookers consist of a wide variety of parts that are sold according to the model number of the oven or cooker. There is a long list of spares including fan oven elements, control knobs, hob elements, oven clocks and timers, oven door hinges, oven door seals, oven fan motors, oven lamps and their holders, oven thermostats, and safety thermostats. Spares for Bosch cooker hoods, including replacement extractor fan filters, are also available online.