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Push Reel Lawn Mowers – How can they Help?

The current state of the national economy – the average price of gasoline rates at above $4 a gallon – is enough to prove that “Necessity is the mother of reinvention”. The push reel lawn mower, for example, has smoothed its way out of the history books in the U. S. A. Manually operated, it helps saves not only a few cents on gas, but also provides other and much bigger benefits. The reel mower is a classic of American culture, but it has evolved considerably over time. The current economic situation combined with a new found concern for the environment provide the foundation for a big comeback of the good old fashioned manually operated push reel lawn mower in our yards. Why choose a reel mower?* The most recent incarnation of the push reel lawn mower is lighter, more durable and much easier to handle. * It comes with an array of handy features including grass catchers, sharpening kits and easy-to-adjust cutting heights. * It’s also much quieter than the gas mower. The absence of the infamous buzz may actually enhance your relationship with your neighbors when you mow your lawn early on Sunday mornings, or when they are relaxing at the barbeque grill on a Sunday afternoon. * Not being a gas-guzzler by nature, it’s considerably lighter on the pocket as well. * It doesn’t run on electricity either, so you don’t even have to remember to plug it in. All you’ll need are your hands. Keeping the Blue Planet greenGas mowers belch out pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons. These are deleterious to human health and don’t do anything kind to the ozone layer, either. The choice of a reel mower has excellent consequences for the movement toward more environmentally friendly practices and products and also results in the raising of awareness. Small things, even lawn mower choice, add up to global effects. We can no longer afford to ignore or undervalue the importance of environment consciousness. There are more down-to-earth consequences of using a push reel mower. Gas mowers leave lawns with jagged-edged grass. These jagged edges render the grass more vulnerable to disease and facilitate the loss of moisture. Reel mowers cut grass cleanly and thus ensure a healthy lawn; when you buy a reel mower, prepare to be astounded by the difference between your lawn and your neighbors’. A mowing a day keeps the doctor awaySome of the advantages of using a push reel lawn mower are much more subtle. The regenerated reel mower is easier to handle than it has been in the past, but you have to get your hands dirty. The extra bit of effort you have to put in means that your lawn-mowing session also doubles up as cardio workout. You will also find yourself enjoying life more with a push reel mower. The psychological satisfaction of the hands-on approach will complement the obvious physical, economic and environmental advantages. Whatever your initial motivation for being interested in a push reel lawn mower, you might just end up getting a whole lifestyle experience because of it!

You can read more information as well as the latest customer reviews and comments about all brands of push reel lawn mowers located at

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Choosing the Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

It can be difficult to choose which power tool best suits you and your specific needs, especially when the tool industry offers so much to choose from. In the world of corded reciprocating saws, however, there are a few that stand higher than the others. Firstly, however, choosing between corded and cordless power tools is one of the most important decisions you can make; it will, essentially, affect you for the life of the tool. Although cordless tools are more portable, corded power tools are a consistently, reliably strong alternative to battery power. With a corded, constant power source, these tools offer a non-dwindling toughness that will infinitely have your back. These corded recipro saws represent the best of the reciprocating world with models to satisfy the need of every degree of craftsmen. To begin, for our more die-hard users, with the most heavy-duty, high quality recipro saws in the industry, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Bosch, and Makita build some super-fine reciprocating machines that will annihilate your demolition projects like a true professional. Milwaukee is perhaps best known for their reciprocating Sawzall, and their 6536-21 13 amp recipro saw leaves no room to question why. This orbital Super-Sawzall is basically king of the reciprocating jungle. Its motor is intensely powerful, and designed to provide the fastest, smoothest orbital cutting action in the biz. The Super-Sawzall’s variable speed trigger offers a ridiculously fast 0 – 3000 SPM with an ultra long 1-1/4″ cutting stroke. These features, when brought together, create, as they say, a real Super-Sawzall equip to glide through your cutting materials with the speed, agility, and power of a calculating, reciprocating, quick-ripping monster. The tool is counter balanced for smoother, simpler operation with far less vibration, and with a specially designed clutch system to keep the tool’s internal gears protected, to is ultra long-lasting. Altogether, Milwaukee’s Super-Sawzall is a beast of a tool with the capacity to carve and demolish like no other reciprocating saw. Additionally, Porter-Cable’s 9748 reciprocating saw boasts an 11. 5 amp motor rendering this tool (with so much Hulk-ish power) the school bully, if you will. All that power, however, comes at no sacrifice to the tool’ s more sophisticated features; the 9748 has a 0 – 2600 SPM electronic variable speed that maintains constant speed under load to ensure always smooth and consistent cutting. A long 1-1/8″ cutting stroke bites through more material in less time, and with much less effort on your behalf (which is always a selling point). With keyless blade changes and an innovative front shoe (that extends back to expose more of the blade’s teeth for more aggressive cutting action) the saw is convenient and truly formidable. Also offering orbital motion (ideal for wood) and reciprocating motion (ideal for metal) the tool is versatile and ultimately designed to bring you ergonomic comfort and impressive, professional results. Bosch also builds a truly impressive reciprocating saw in their RS10. This tool has huge 12 amp motor for seriously powerful cutting action. This saw performs like an Olympian eating up demolition projects, limbs, and hedges with uncommon simplicity. Most craftsmen know that a good reciprocating saw transforms maintenance from a sometimes grueling ordeal into an exciting adventure, and this saw does just that with ergonomic comfort and a variable speed trigger. This control ensures your demolition adventures always end in your favor. Also featuring Bosch’s trademarked blade system (designed for one-handed blade ejection and insertion), and their Brute drive system for power, authority, and overall endurance, the tool is a ridiculous power. Also featuring a cord swivel for more working motion and strain relief as you work the tool is endlessly convenient. On the other hand, if cost is a more influencing factor, Makita’s JR3070CT reciprocating saw perfectly straddles the line between heavy-duty high quality and surprisingly good value. With an intensely powerful 15amp motor, variable speed and blade position settings, and anti-vibration technology, the tool is immensely tough, versatile, and comfortable to use. AVT or anti-vibration technology is a unique feature providing users with truly superior control and comfort. AVT is especially advantageous for heavier-duty and demolition applications where keeping your shoulders and wrists in their sockets is always a concern, and demo applications are smoother and simpler to perform. Offering four-position orbital/straight cutting action craftsmen may choose between several orbital positions and a straight cutting angle. The recipro saw also has a specialized clutch assembly designed to keep the tool’s gears protected in the event binding should occur. With an ultra long 1-1/4″ stroke for faster, more aggressive cutting, and tool-less blade changes, this reciprocating saw has beastly abilities with always smooth execution. Milwaukee’s 6509-22 is another example of extreme high quality at an uncommonly good value. This 11 amp recipro saw is strikingly powerful and also strikingly lightweight (at only 7 lbs) winning this Sawzall the best power to weight ratio in its class. The saw has a super fast 0 – 2800 SPM variable speed trigger, and excellent feature, so the sucker certainly moves fast, but because it only has a ¾” stroke, it doesn’t have the same length of motion as Makita JR3070CT. This isn’t necessarily an impediment, however, as Milwaukee’s 6509-22 is an aggressively chomping powerhouse that also offers tool-less blade changes, a dual bearing wobble plate to decrease vibration, and the ability to clamp the saw’s blade upside-down for specialized cutting applications. For high-performance, light-duty use Bosch’s RS15 reciprocating saw is a brilliant machine. With a massive 12amp motor delivering some of the most powerful reciprocating cutting action in the industry, the saw is ideal for yard and home care, and eats up limbs, hedges, and etc with striking ease. Unruly branches truly don’t stand a chance. The saw also has a swivel cord, so although the cord keeps you anchored to a wall, it swivels to allow for more working motion while also providing some strain relief to the cord. Offering ergonomic comfort and a variable speed trigger the tool is always simple to control, and with Bosch’s trademarked Lockjaw blade system (designed for one-handed blade ejection and insertion), to their Brute drive system boasting power, authority, and overall endurance, the RS15 is wildly awesome. Ultimately, there exists a brilliant corded recipro saw to fit the needs of every craftsman from contractor’s to homeowners. Simply do your homework, and the most complimentary power tool will most certainly find you.

As a UofU student Mallory is currently earning her degree in English. Specializing in tool parts & web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Porter-Cable’s 9748 recipro saw, and Makita’s JR3070CT recipro saw.

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Top 5 Jigsaws for Every User

It would be easy to assume that every jigsaw is exactly like the next, however, this couldn’t be more untrue. The are many degrees of jigsaw on the market today and some are definitely better than others. The most avid, most industrious users can find the most superior jigsaws from Bosch, Festool and Makita. For heavier users Bosch’s 1590EVSK top handle jigsaw is truly one of the most precise and powerful jigsaws on the planet. With a 6. 4 amp motor and 500-2800 SPM, the tool is a true master in its cutting niche. Incorporating unique technologies like Bosch’s precision control and one-touch blade change systems, the tool is significantly more precise with essentially zero blade wandering, and fast and simple one-handed blade changes. A blade ejection lever promises no more blisters from groping at hot blades and no more cuts from rushed adjustments. The jigsaw has superior balance and its low vibration design provides the smoothest possible operation. The tool additionally touts a four-position orbital action system which adjusts your blade motion anywhere between super smooth to more aggressive cuts. A dust blower ensures an always clean line-of-site, and with speed and orbital options, craftsmen can compliment tool action to each workpiece or application. Additionally, the 1590EVSK’s tool-less die-cast aluminum footplate encourages bevel cutting, and a no-mar plastic footplate overshoe protects your softer, more delicate surfaces. Ultimately this jigsaw produces incomparably fine results. Additionally, heavy users and tool aficionados can’t get enough of Festool. Festool became an industry leader for their truly unique innovations and uncanny ability to revolutionize most every tool they get their hands on. From their hometown in Germany, Festool has grown into one of the most recognized manufactures for their superior quality and refinement. In fact, their Trion PSB 300 EQ, among other things, has literally unlocked the secret to splinter-free cuts. This (D handle) jigsaw is built with advanced splinter guards that are designed to be cut by the blade for perfect zero-clearance between the blade and the splinter guard. The resulting cut is immaculately clean requiring little to absolutely no additional finish work. The jigsaw features variable speed control and a variable stroke system allowing craftsmen to match the jigsaws cutting action to material need and also maintain speed under load. This ensures an always sharp and consistent cut. The variable stroke system additionally features four unique stroke settings from straight plunge action and aggressive orbital action for smooth to rapid cuts. The tool also has a surprisingly effective dust extraction system with deflector channels incorporated into the base plate and a built in chip deflector. Dual bevel cutting action allows for numerous working operations and blade changes are fast, easy and tool-free. A carbide guidance system rigidly supports the blade at exactly the pre-set angle – this virtually eliminates blade wandering keeping your blades on exactly the right track. Festool’s Trion PSB 300 EQ is a truly miraculous little jigsaw designed with the quality, precision, and innovation to satisfy a craftsman’s deepest need for power tool perfection. Festool additionally builds the Trion PS 300 EQ. This is a brilliant machine comparable in every way to its D-handled counterpart, the Trion PSB 300 EQ. Its barrel grip design stays the course like no other jigsaw, and with adjustable carbide-tipped jaws that work with the blade clamping system you can rely on totally optimized blade control. This system keeps the saw’s blade perpendicular to the shoe at all times, even through tight-radius curves, and with variable speed control and a four-setting variable stroke system (for straight plunge or aggressive orbital action) the jigsaw is capable of endless operations. Offering the same ridiculously accurate blade guidance system, impressive dust collection system, a splinter guard (for ultra clean cuts and vastly reduced material tear-out), tool-free blade changes, and bevel cutting action, this tool will fast become your favorite. For lighter users Makita’s 4341FCT barrel handle jigsaw is more than ideal. With all the features to entice the most seasoned craftsmen and the sophistication to accommodate to every degree of user, the tool is truly a brilliant performer. A powerful 6. 3 amp motor and variable SPM (800 – 2800) provide always smooth, controlled cutting, and boasting a low vibration, 5. 3 lb design, the jigsaw is easily manageable through even the most intricate applications. The saw has a built-in light to illuminate your cutting edges, thus increasing visibility and accuracy, and sporting a 4-position cut setting system with three orbital settings and one straight setting the tool is designed for diversity. These different cut stations ensure fast, effective, and precise cutting in all applications. Ultimately, the 4341FCT is a dreamy little saw with big power and, perhaps its most selling feature, a surprisingly small price tag as well. Bosch builds yet another uncommonly good jigsaw ideal for lighter users. Their 1587AVS top handle jigsaw is a fancy little tool designed to yield high-performance results in a small, albeit powerful, machine. The jigsaw boasts a 5 amp motor and a variable speed control dial (500 – 3100 SPM) for the smoothest, most accurate cutting. This speed control coupled with the tool’s four-stage adjustable orbital action ensures the tool’s speed and motion always compliment your current application. The tool additionally offers a sophisticated (and exclusive) multi-directional blade clamp mechanism; this feature provides superior blade guidance and control ensuring your cuts are infinitely on the right track. The 1587AVS is designed with a low position roller guide which enhances blade stability and precision while also touting a low vibration design; this ultimately provides craftsmen with pleasantly smooth and simple operation. This jigsaw is one fiery power tool with the power and precision to brand your home, hobby, and small carpentry projects with a most professional touch. Ultimately, there are some jigsaws out there that fall nothing short of superior. These models from Bosch, Festool, and Makita represent the finest in the business and will undoubtedly yield the most impressive, satisfying results with every curve, cut, and pattern.

A student at the UofU, Mallory is currently earning her degree in English. Specializing in tool parts & web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Bosch’s 1590EVSK jigsaw, and Festool’s 561097 jigsaw.

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How Do I Choose Between A Rotary And Hover Lawwn Mower?

Hover mowers are usually rotary ! I think you mean cylinder or rotary. Depends if you want “stripes” or not. If you want stripes you need a cylinder mower, quite expensive compared to hover. If you just want to cut the grass go for a hover, if you have lots of grass, go for a rotary petrol, ie Mountfield. Petrol engines go for Briggs and Stratton for preference.

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My Riding Lawn Mower Cuts The Grass Unevenly. How Do I Adjust It?

I have a Craftsman TS1000 riding lawn mower and my son ran over a large rock that damaged one of the two blades. After replacing the damaged blade, the lawn mower cuts unevenly. I put the lawn mower on a level surface and can see that the mower deck is uneven, but I don’t know how to adjust it. Can you help me?

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Power Tool Advancements Over The Years

Over the years lots of different types and designs of power tools have come and gone. One of the big questions on lots of people’s lips is: “How much better are modern tools, compared to the ones of say 10 years ago. ” In the article I’m hopefully going to answer that question, plus maybe a few others along the way. Firstly lets compare a classic, the Bosch GST 85 jigsaw with its newer cousin the Bosch GST135. I think it’s fair to use Bosch as an example here as they designed the first jigsaw way back in 1947, and they are the first choice for tradesmen all over the world. According to Bosch’s website, one in every two jigsaws in use world wide is made by Bosch. Motor wise the 135 has a much more powerful motor at 720watts compared to the 580watt input of the GST85. However that said the 85 has a faster stroke speed of 3100spm. So, I hear you ask those number are great, but how far has the jigsaw come since the GST85. Well, perhaps one specification will make it a little clearer. The GST135 can cut through 135 mm of wood. The GST85 only 85mm. Perhaps that’s how they get there name. Ok well what about price. Well the GST135 retails for around £165, its list price is higher, but as a rule about £165 is what I’d expect to pay. The GST85 used to retail at around the same price if not more. What that tells me is there aimed at the same price range, but in the modern age of ecommerce the price of tools has come down. In use the Bosch GST135 feels a lot more powerful and responsive. One specification I often hear about the 135 is it has 25% more torque that the GST85. It shows from the moment you turn the tool on. The newer model also offers the added function of dust extraction, and also the new technology of Constant Electronic. Constant Electronic basically is a clever piece of electronic trickery that boost the power output when under heavy loads. I’d defiantly conclude in the case of jigsaws the Bosch GST135 is a major step forward over is predecessors, not only in specifications, but in use. If you ever get chance to use one I’m sure you’ll agree. Wielding one of these bad boys makes you feel like a true workman. Even Brazilian hard wood will yield easily under will of this Bosch power house. In summary I suppose it is obvious that power tools get better as technology improves. However is it worth replacing your trusty old tools with the newer versions? That’s a harder question to answer. I recommend considering how often you use the particular tool and I suppose it depends on what you use them for. So Johan I hear you ask “How much better are modern tools, compared to the ones of say 10 years ago?” In short they are vastly better, but don’t get rid of your old tools until you require something better.

Johan Nickson is an expert on Johan Nickson is an expert on Bosch Jigsaws. Bosch Jigsaws.

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Choosing a Lawnmower

Perhaps you have moved to a new place with a bigger yard, or the old mower you’ve had for years has finally broken down. If either of these is the case, or you just wanting to upgrade, this guide may help you in deciding what it is exactly you need to satisfy your lawn care needs. Sorting through the myriad of options out there can be a confusing experience. The general tips you will find here will help you along the way. First of all, assess your general lawn care needs. How big is your lawn? Lawns larger than 2 acres make a strong case for choosing a riding mower. If you have a lawn smaller than 2 acres, a riding or push mower is more a choice of personal preference. With a lawn of 2 acres and up, however, a riding mower is the way to go unless you really enjoy spending all day mowing the lawn. With a relatively small lawn, there are a couple more choices to be made before you consider specific models. Do you want a really close cut for your grass in order to achieve that golf course look? If so, then a reel mower may be a good choice for you. A reel mower is different than a rotary blade in that it can achieve a far closer cut without damaging the grass. A reel mower cuts the grass gently since the blades are turned as the wheels move. The spiral of blades serve to guide the grass under a single stationary cutting bar that neatly snips the grass. A reel mower can also be adjusted to make extremely close and even cuts on the grass. Push reel mowers are powered simply by the turning of the wheels. If you have a small and relatively flat lawn, a reel mower can work great. They do not work as well over leaves, twigs, or rocks so you may want to think twice if your lawn tends to accumulate a lot of these. For larger or more difficult lawns, a powered mower might be a good idea. Here you have the choice of electric or gas powered push mowers. An electric mower may be a viable choice in some cases especially if you despise the loudness of gas motors. Once you have decided between having an electric or gas mower, you must also decide whether to go with a self-propelled mower or a simple push mower. For lawns that are sloped or would otherwise demand a lot from the operator, a self-propelled variety can save the user a great deal of strain. For those truly large lawns, or those with several obstacles, a riding mower may be the best solution. Riding mowers offer comfort and ease of use especially for larger jobs. If your lawn has gardens, trees, or other obstacles that prevent you from getting a clean cut lawn, then a zero-turn riding mower might be in order. These models carry a higher price, but they give the operator the ability to turn on a dime in order to achieve much closer cuts in hard to reach areas. If your yard is full of trees or gardens, this might be a worthwhile investment.

Steve Weide is a gardening and lawn care expert He operates a website featuring lawnmowers reviews and lawn care tips.

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Lawn Mowers

A lawn mower is great equipment. If you want to save your time and increase efficiency when it comes to taking good care of your lawn, this machine come into picture. Before deciding which machine is good for you it is advisable to first take a look at the available types of machines in the market. Finding about these machines and what kind of features they have will help you to finalize which one to go for. 1) Type #1 – The first type is the “Push Reel Lawn Mower”. As the name suggests this has to be pushed manually with a handle attached to a cylinder. The cylinder at the bottom rolls on the lawn cutting the lawn blades. The width of the cylinder with blades on it has a width of about 12 inches to 20 inches. This is a manual lawn mower. 2) Type #2 – The second one is called as the “Rotary Lawn Mower”. Unlike a push reel type, this is powered by a gasoline engine, which can generate a power equivalent to 2 to 7 horsepowers. Many manufacturers have even produced electrically powered rotary mowers. The main advantage of an electric one is reduced noise levels while working. But a gas-powered machine produces much more power than an electric one resulting in finer lawn cuts. 3) Type #3 – The third one is a “Riding Lawn Mower”. This machine is largely used when there are large lawn areas to be maintained. If you hate hard work then this lawn mower makes your life much easier, by making it possible to ride on it like a tractor. The quality this machine produces is excellent. A riding machine has several more arrangements to attach additional fixtures such as snow blowers etc. these machines are expensive as compared to the first two types. One very popular riding mower is the zero turning radius, which can work in areas where the landscaping design has lots of smaller areas covered with lawn. This was just a brief introduction of the types of lawn mowers commonly available in the market. Make sure you look for their detailed reviews and rating before you make any final buying decision.

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Repair, Restore, Remodel: Five Multi-tools That Will Multiply Your Productivity

For renovations, repairs, and restorations craftsmen demand a tool that delivers always professional results. For all these applications, and many more – there exists one tool to champion over all others, the multi-tool. A multi-tool is, as the name indicates, is a tool – one tool – that performs multiple functions. For versatility and functionality a multi-tool is truly unbeatable. The design of most multipurpose tools makes them ideal for tight space applications and close quarter work in corners and on floors. Utilizing oscillation technology, or a rapid, successive back and forth motion, a multi-tool cuts and sands, scrapes and grinds with better handling and precision than any other tool available. This oscillation, not unlike vibration, delivers optimal control, precision, and accuracy in all its applications.
From the company that developed the world’s first oscillating MultiMaster over 41 years ago, there are several multipurpose tools available. In 1967 Fein developed the first power tool to utilize this coveted oscillating technology To begin, Fein’s MultiMaster Start is a high performance tool designed around beginners and simple home-repairs and restorations. The Start is the first link in Fein’s MultiMaser chain (behind the MultiMaster Select and MultiMaster Top), but at no sacrifice to quality, performance, or professionalism. The Start is a true-blue MultiMaster capable of all cutting, grinding, scraping, and sanding applications; and utilizes some of the most advanced accessories for sawing, scraping, and etc. The Start’s lightweight and ergonomic design make it simple to use and control, and with a powerful, variable speed (up to 21,000 OPM), 250 watt motor – Fein’s Start is both strong and versatile. This superior versatility makes the Start a great tool for simple renovations like flooring, tile work, windows, and cabinets. Fein’s Multi-Master Start includes one sanding pad (with hook and loop design for easy changes on the job) and five of each type of sanding sheet in 60, 80, 120, and 180 grain. The start also includes: a key and mounting bolts – a rigid stopping knife for lifting linoleum, carpet, adhesive residue, paint, tape etc. – and a (29mm) universal E-Cut blade for base and flooring work. The E-Cut blade is ideal for door jambs, baseboards, toe kicks, and other flooring applications. It effortlessly cuts through plaster, wood, drywall, and plastic and synthetic materials. The blade has an unique fine tooth pattern for enhanced control, accuracy, and blade life – and a flush cut design that provides perfectly perpendicular cuts for flooring and tight areas.
Fein’s MultiMaster Select and Top both offer the features of the Start with a few more benefits. The MultiMaster Select is a professional renovation tool built with Fein’s tool-free quickIN rapid clamping system which allows for quick and simple, keyless accessory changes and the same powerful, variable speed motor. The Select includes, in addition, a carbide tipped saw blade and an HSS segmented saw blade. The carbide blade is is essential in removing damaged tile joints and carving grooves in plaster, concrete, and other similar building materials. The flat, high-speed segmented blade is designed for cutting hardwoods and other hard materials like carbon-fiber, fiber-glass, and 20 gauge sheet metal. The blade’s segmented shape allows it to cut right, or ninety degree angles without over-cutting. Now, the MultiMaster Top is designed to help craftsmen professionally complete the most detailed jobs or hobby projects. It includes the same accessories as the Start and Select, and all the additional ones necessary to champion a wide range of applications. The Top includes a perforated sanding pad with 5 more of each grain (60, 80, 120, and 180, perforated), a profile sanding set, dust extraction device, plastic carrying case, and a triangular, perforated, carbide rasp for grinding filler, adhesive, concrete, stone, and wood. Fein’s MultiMasters are generally more expensive than their competitors, but, Fein also has the experience, technology, and longevity to provide an exceptional product.
Now, after losing their patent around a year-or-so ago, Fein has some tough competition. Bosch has just released their new Multi-X multifunction tool powered by a professional, high-performance 12v motor. Oscillating from 5,000 – 20,000 OPM, the tool’s variable speed dial is designed to provide the huge range of applications and speed adjustments needed for a craftsman’s very multifaceted work day. For enhanced versatility and precision, Bosch’s Multi-X has multiple position settings rotating in 30 degree increments, and a tool holder with a 240 degree angle adjustment for optimized tool movement. Weighing only 2. 12 lbs Bosch’s multi-tool has a soft grip, a small perimeter, and a comfortable ergonomic design. This comfortable design reduces operator stress and fatigue, and maximizes overall performance on the job. To protect your projects and materials as you work, Bosch’s multi-tool also has a no-mar plastic nose. The Multi-X is powered with Bosch’s Litheon battery technology which utilizes lithium ion technology to achieve optimal battery life and power. Litheon batteries are lightweight and compact delivering maximized power in a more effecient package. Bosch has also incorporated a built-in fuel gauge for battery charge control. Capable of countless applications, the Multi-X is ideal for seasoned craftsmen and carpenters, and serious do-it-yourself-ers alike.
The Multi-X is compatible with a huge range of premium performance Bosch accessories including: plunge cuts for both metal and wood, sanding pads, and grout removal and flush cut accessories. An etched depth gauge for accurate capacity measurements, and Bosch’s universal interface are also available. The interface makes the Multi-X compatible with accessories and attachments from other manufacturers. The Multi-X is available in two packages: the PS50-2A and PS50-2B. The Multi-X PS50-2A include and HCS wood plunge cut blade, sanding plate set, sanding paper, two Litheon 12v max batteries, an adapter, 30 minute charger, and carrying case for security and convenience. The PS50-2B includes everything from the previous package, with three additional HCS wood plunge cut blades and an HCS wood segment blade. Bosch’s Multi-X is versatile, durable, efficient, and backed by Bosch’s Provantage three year tool protection plan.
Dremel has also introduced a Multi-Max multifunction tool to give these others a run for their money. With a 1. 5 Amp motor powerful enough to cut through even a 1-1/4in. oak door jamb, Dremel’s Multi-Max is truly tough. Ranging from 10,000 – 21,000 OPM (oscillations per minute) the tool has a huge speed range for optimized control and versatility. For better access to tight or confined areas, and enhanced operator control and comfort, Dremel’s Multi-Max also has a compact and ergonomic design. The Multi-Max has a separate on/off switch which maintains speed setting even after the tool is shut off, and an electronic feedback to ensure consistent speed throughout even the toughest applications. The tool also features a Quick Fit mechanism which allows for faster, easier use, and changes accessories up to twice as a fast as other tools. The Dremel Multi-Max kit includes: a sanding pad with three pieces of tough sanding paper for wood, metal, and chipboard – a flexible scraper for tough removal of caulk and adhesive – a 3in. wood and drywall half-round blade which is also ideal for plastics – a 3-1/4in. wood blade for wood, plastic, and drywall cutting – and a carrying case for convenience and portability. Also coming with Dremel’s two year limited warranty, the Dremel Multi-Max is compatible with a number of other grinding, cutting, and sanding accessories making it one of the most versatile tools available today.
The versatility of a multi-tool is absolutely unbeatable. For grinding, sanding, cutting, and scraping there is no challenger to its accuracy and functionality. With unique oscillation technology the multi-tool precisely and perfectly takes your repairs, remodels, and restorations to an entirely new level.

As a student at the University of Utah, Mallory Kramer is currently earning an Englinsh degree. Three years ago she joined M&M Tool adding to their over 150 years combined experience; there, she specializes in tool parts and web communications. For over 60 years M&M Tool has provided professional service to the tool industry with parts, sales, and service to professional level woodworking products, tools and machinery.

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The 2009-2014 Outlook for Attachments for Consumer Riding Lawn, Garden, and Snow Equipment Excluding Snow Throwers, Carts, Wagons, Dozer Blades, … and Rotary Mower Decks in the United States

The 2009-2014 Outlook for Attachments for Consumer Riding Lawn, Garden, and Snow Equipment Excluding Snow Throwers, Carts, Wagons, Dozer Blades, ... and Rotary Mower Decks in the United States

This econometric study covers the latent demand outlook for attachments for consumer riding lawn, garden, and snow equipment excluding snow throwers, carts, wagons, dozer blades, rotary tillers, and rotary mower decks across the states and cities of the United States. Latent demand (in millions of U. S. dollars), or potential industry earnings (P. I. E. ) estimates are given across some 11,200 cities in the United States. For each city in question, the percent share the city is of i
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