Power Tool Advancements Over The Years

Over the years lots of different types and designs of power tools have come and gone. One of the big questions on lots of people’s lips is: “How much better are modern tools, compared to the ones of say 10 years ago. ” In the article I’m hopefully going to answer that question, plus maybe a few others along the way. Firstly lets compare a classic, the Bosch GST 85 jigsaw with its newer cousin the Bosch GST135. I think it’s fair to use Bosch as an example here as they designed the first jigsaw way back in 1947, and they are the first choice for tradesmen all over the world. According to Bosch’s website, one in every two jigsaws in use world wide is made by Bosch. Motor wise the 135 has a much more powerful motor at 720watts compared to the 580watt input of the GST85. However that said the 85 has a faster stroke speed of 3100spm. So, I hear you ask those number are great, but how far has the jigsaw come since the GST85. Well, perhaps one specification will make it a little clearer. The GST135 can cut through 135 mm of wood. The GST85 only 85mm. Perhaps that’s how they get there name. Ok well what about price. Well the GST135 retails for around £165, its list price is higher, but as a rule about £165 is what I’d expect to pay. The GST85 used to retail at around the same price if not more. What that tells me is there aimed at the same price range, but in the modern age of ecommerce the price of tools has come down. In use the Bosch GST135 feels a lot more powerful and responsive. One specification I often hear about the 135 is it has 25% more torque that the GST85. It shows from the moment you turn the tool on. The newer model also offers the added function of dust extraction, and also the new technology of Constant Electronic. Constant Electronic basically is a clever piece of electronic trickery that boost the power output when under heavy loads. I’d defiantly conclude in the case of jigsaws the Bosch GST135 is a major step forward over is predecessors, not only in specifications, but in use. If you ever get chance to use one I’m sure you’ll agree. Wielding one of these bad boys makes you feel like a true workman. Even Brazilian hard wood will yield easily under will of this Bosch power house. In summary I suppose it is obvious that power tools get better as technology improves. However is it worth replacing your trusty old tools with the newer versions? That’s a harder question to answer. I recommend considering how often you use the particular tool and I suppose it depends on what you use them for. So Johan I hear you ask “How much better are modern tools, compared to the ones of say 10 years ago?” In short they are vastly better, but don’t get rid of your old tools until you require something better.

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