Choosing the Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

It can be difficult to choose which power tool best suits you and your specific needs, especially when the tool industry offers so much to choose from. In the world of corded reciprocating saws, however, there are a few that stand higher than the others. Firstly, however, choosing between corded and cordless power tools is one of the most important decisions you can make; it will, essentially, affect you for the life of the tool. Although cordless tools are more portable, corded power tools are a consistently, reliably strong alternative to battery power. With a corded, constant power source, these tools offer a non-dwindling toughness that will infinitely have your back. These corded recipro saws represent the best of the reciprocating world with models to satisfy the need of every degree of craftsmen. To begin, for our more die-hard users, with the most heavy-duty, high quality recipro saws in the industry, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Bosch, and Makita build some super-fine reciprocating machines that will annihilate your demolition projects like a true professional. Milwaukee is perhaps best known for their reciprocating Sawzall, and their 6536-21 13 amp recipro saw leaves no room to question why. This orbital Super-Sawzall is basically king of the reciprocating jungle. Its motor is intensely powerful, and designed to provide the fastest, smoothest orbital cutting action in the biz. The Super-Sawzall’s variable speed trigger offers a ridiculously fast 0 – 3000 SPM with an ultra long 1-1/4″ cutting stroke. These features, when brought together, create, as they say, a real Super-Sawzall equip to glide through your cutting materials with the speed, agility, and power of a calculating, reciprocating, quick-ripping monster. The tool is counter balanced for smoother, simpler operation with far less vibration, and with a specially designed clutch system to keep the tool’s internal gears protected, to is ultra long-lasting. Altogether, Milwaukee’s Super-Sawzall is a beast of a tool with the capacity to carve and demolish like no other reciprocating saw. Additionally, Porter-Cable’s 9748 reciprocating saw boasts an 11. 5 amp motor rendering this tool (with so much Hulk-ish power) the school bully, if you will. All that power, however, comes at no sacrifice to the tool’ s more sophisticated features; the 9748 has a 0 – 2600 SPM electronic variable speed that maintains constant speed under load to ensure always smooth and consistent cutting. A long 1-1/8″ cutting stroke bites through more material in less time, and with much less effort on your behalf (which is always a selling point). With keyless blade changes and an innovative front shoe (that extends back to expose more of the blade’s teeth for more aggressive cutting action) the saw is convenient and truly formidable. Also offering orbital motion (ideal for wood) and reciprocating motion (ideal for metal) the tool is versatile and ultimately designed to bring you ergonomic comfort and impressive, professional results. Bosch also builds a truly impressive reciprocating saw in their RS10. This tool has huge 12 amp motor for seriously powerful cutting action. This saw performs like an Olympian eating up demolition projects, limbs, and hedges with uncommon simplicity. Most craftsmen know that a good reciprocating saw transforms maintenance from a sometimes grueling ordeal into an exciting adventure, and this saw does just that with ergonomic comfort and a variable speed trigger. This control ensures your demolition adventures always end in your favor. Also featuring Bosch’s trademarked blade system (designed for one-handed blade ejection and insertion), and their Brute drive system for power, authority, and overall endurance, the tool is a ridiculous power. Also featuring a cord swivel for more working motion and strain relief as you work the tool is endlessly convenient. On the other hand, if cost is a more influencing factor, Makita’s JR3070CT reciprocating saw perfectly straddles the line between heavy-duty high quality and surprisingly good value. With an intensely powerful 15amp motor, variable speed and blade position settings, and anti-vibration technology, the tool is immensely tough, versatile, and comfortable to use. AVT or anti-vibration technology is a unique feature providing users with truly superior control and comfort. AVT is especially advantageous for heavier-duty and demolition applications where keeping your shoulders and wrists in their sockets is always a concern, and demo applications are smoother and simpler to perform. Offering four-position orbital/straight cutting action craftsmen may choose between several orbital positions and a straight cutting angle. The recipro saw also has a specialized clutch assembly designed to keep the tool’s gears protected in the event binding should occur. With an ultra long 1-1/4″ stroke for faster, more aggressive cutting, and tool-less blade changes, this reciprocating saw has beastly abilities with always smooth execution. Milwaukee’s 6509-22 is another example of extreme high quality at an uncommonly good value. This 11 amp recipro saw is strikingly powerful and also strikingly lightweight (at only 7 lbs) winning this Sawzall the best power to weight ratio in its class. The saw has a super fast 0 – 2800 SPM variable speed trigger, and excellent feature, so the sucker certainly moves fast, but because it only has a ¾” stroke, it doesn’t have the same length of motion as Makita JR3070CT. This isn’t necessarily an impediment, however, as Milwaukee’s 6509-22 is an aggressively chomping powerhouse that also offers tool-less blade changes, a dual bearing wobble plate to decrease vibration, and the ability to clamp the saw’s blade upside-down for specialized cutting applications. For high-performance, light-duty use Bosch’s RS15 reciprocating saw is a brilliant machine. With a massive 12amp motor delivering some of the most powerful reciprocating cutting action in the industry, the saw is ideal for yard and home care, and eats up limbs, hedges, and etc with striking ease. Unruly branches truly don’t stand a chance. The saw also has a swivel cord, so although the cord keeps you anchored to a wall, it swivels to allow for more working motion while also providing some strain relief to the cord. Offering ergonomic comfort and a variable speed trigger the tool is always simple to control, and with Bosch’s trademarked Lockjaw blade system (designed for one-handed blade ejection and insertion), to their Brute drive system boasting power, authority, and overall endurance, the RS15 is wildly awesome. Ultimately, there exists a brilliant corded recipro saw to fit the needs of every craftsman from contractor’s to homeowners. Simply do your homework, and the most complimentary power tool will most certainly find you.

As a UofU student Mallory is currently earning her degree in English. Specializing in tool parts & web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Porter-Cable’s 9748 recipro saw, and Makita’s JR3070CT recipro saw.