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Bosch Induction Hobs

Induction of labor by a powerful electromagnetic field that induces a current that generates instant heat inside the mold. This may cause some inconvenience if your pans are not the right type though. Only ferrous metal pans are suitable for use on this hob – simply test your pans with a magnet – if it sticks to the base then they are suitable for induction cooking. If not, then you need to buy new pots in May … or go for another type of plate. Bosch range of three and four induction zone plates are mainly of the size 60cm, but out of the six Bosch induction plates available, there are two models that are extra induction plates 80 cm wide. The only difference between the two plates of induction cooking is extra large that it has a brushed steel frame and the other has no frame at all. This difference has no advantage or disadvantage actual practice, but more a personal preference, which you think looks the best and continue the cooking. The hotplates extra-wide both have four induction zones on the black glass ceramic. There is a slight difference in size, that one is 2mm deeper than the others, but in terms of key features, they are almost the same. Bosch induction hobs are packed with features and functions that are designed to make cooking easier and less stressful. The plates have various settings to stimulate all areas, meaning that the output of the selected zone is increased by 50%, by borrowing power from one area of cooking for others, who can not not be used. This function is particularly good for generating frying with a wok, or making toffee or anything that requires a particularly high heat. A smart function that saves time and particularly energy is the automatic pan recognition where the hob realizes the magnitude of the pot is being used and only heats the bottom of the pan and not not the whole cooking zone. The hold function allows the hot cooking zone must be set to operate at minimum power so you can keep food warm on the hob or for things to be melted slowly such as butter or chocolate. The overfill protection means that if liquid overflows while on the control panel you are boiling something, the hob will automatically switch off so that the plate is not damaged and you have the opportunity to clean . There are also a number of safety devices in place to prevent accidents in the kitchen. Bosch induction hobs are available with the detection of small utensils so that if you leave an item of cutlery over a zone where it is activated, the plate will not recognize it as a cooking utensil that you normally use on the plate Cooking and automatically switch off. Given the heat that some of the access plates, this can only be a good thing to avoid melted and deformed cutlery being a new addition to your kitchen. Many of the Bosch induction hobs also have an automatic shutoff feature when the plate was left unattended for a certain period of time and some but not all, models have child locks for added protection.
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