Repairing Your Lawn Mower

Most of us garden owners look for a lawnmower with a quality finish, as it makes such a difference to our lawns. that is why choosing the right lawnmower is so importantbut it’s easy to get lost in the choice. Hover mowers, lawnmowers, rotary mowers and even now robotic mowers. But one thing that is essential to keep these working as well as possible is regular maintenance.

When it comes to lawnmower repairs, you have a couple of options you can either do it yourself or hire a professional. Of course the option you choose is dependent on the cost of the lawnmower and whether you have the correct skills, without investing too much time.

The most common problem with a lawnmower is that it doesn’t actually start. This can be caused by several things but the first thing to check is the fuel supply if it’s a petrol or gas powered mower. Next stop is to check the throttle, and the wick candle if you lawnmower has one.

If all this checks out then make sure the air filter isn’t clogged, or with electric lawnmowers check out the batteries or fuses and plugs !

With a petrol mower you may have to drain the fuel, and clean the carburettor out. If all fails an expert can usually remedy most faults really quickly so it might be worth taking it along to a reliable local firm. One thing that people also forget to do is to check the manual often at the back there will be a list of common problems and complaints that could help you with your problems.

Take care of your lawnmower and ensure you give it some love and maintenance and it should last many years.