Gardening Hoes – A Great Investment

You’d think it would be quite easy to find but I challenge you to find one in a DIY or hardware store – I’m talking about gardening hoes. I’d managed to survive 25 years of gardening without actually owning one, but I was speaking to a neighbor a few weeks ago and he mentioned it was one of his most useful tools.

However for me I wasn’t entirely sure what you would use a garden hoe for anyway. The hoe is actually one of man’s oldest tools which I think is one reason B&Q should be ashamed of not stocking them (well in my local branch anyway). There are quite a few different types but I was recommended to buy a digging hoe.

An Inexpensive Gardening Hoe - this is actually a Digging Hoe

An Inexpensive Gardening Hoe – this is actually a Digging Hoe

You’ll find lots of uses for these – I find them especially good for moving shrubs and smaller trees. You can dig under the roots and lever them out with this sort of gardening hoe. I have got quite heavy, clay soil and moving any sort of shrub with decent roots can be a real pain with a fork or spade but this is just the right shape.

But the beauty behind this tool is that you’ll find loads of other uses. It can be used as a mini-plough to turn over earth, dig out your potatoes or indeed create the trench for planting them in the first place.

In fact you’ll probably even find some uses outside the garden, this little gardening hoe was also used to clear ice off a garden path with great success. Anyway enough of this – where did I actually find this useful tool – I bought this one from Amazon – the Silverline GT52 Digging Hoe

For under £10 you won’t find many bargains like this and as long as you don’t start getting carried away and attempting to dig out anything too big then it’s tough enough for a myriad of garden jobs. I was almost expecting it to be a little cheap feeling for that price but it really has a decent solid feel to the tool.