Information on Honda Lawn Mowers UK, Ireland

Honda Lawn Mowers are not nearly as well known as their quality automobile engines. Did you know that the company also offers a wide selection of quality lawn mowers and yard and lawn equipment all available now in the UK and Ireland? Honda is now one of the major players in the lawn mower manufacturing market, with a total of 18 different lawn mower models in 5 mower categories. The design of these mowers were based on what the people want in the market. The more popular Honda lawn mowers are walk-behind lawn mowers that belong to the following model series: HRC, HRR, and HRC. All Honda lawn mowers boast of easy starting, powerful engines that account for better cutting ability. The compact, lightweight OHC/OHV GCV series of engines are used in all Honda lawn mower models. Aside from this, Honda lawn mowers are CARB compliant in all of the 50 states of United States of America, making it a cleaner choice to device to use.

There are five grades or categories of Honda lawn mowers.

These are the following:
The Honda HRX lawn model series which have the capacity to distribute grass clippings to both the bag and to the ground. The HRX features a powerful 6.5-hp Honda GCV overhead cam engine, with a choice of Smart Drive.
The Honda Harmony II series, which is has a timing belt built into the machine. This is a first-ever feature that helps the lawn mower absorb any vibration or noise created by the machine.
The Honda Harmony Series.
The Honda Masters Series.
The Honda commercial series. Honda’s commercial lawnmowers are in the top of their class, featuring Honda’s easy starting commercial grade overhead valve engine.
There are lawn mower brands in the market that offer a “personal pace” feature which is not offered by Honda, and which has proved to be a source of problem for these other brands. Honda has self-propelled lawn mower models to choose from, and which are available at three speed varieties.
In a 2009 consumer satisfaction survey that was carried out by J.D. Power and Associates, Honda walk-behind models received top ranking when compared with 9 other brands with similar models. More recently, the 21-inch Honda HRX217K2HXA has been put through exhaustive tests at and was reviewed as the best self-propelled gasoline lawn mower in the market. This machine is fuel-efficient, durable, and with a relatively quiet engine. Although the model lacks an electric starter, reviewers say the recoil start is easy to use, and that the engine can be paused using a blade brake. The HRX217K2HMA model carries the added feature of an electric start. The four-cycle OHV engine is CARB-certified as giving out low emissions. The Honda HRX217K2HXA is available in all 50 states.
Other features include a variable speed with cruise-control, and also a variable mode that makes mulching some of the clippings possible while bagging the rest. It also has a blade brake that can stop the blade, but not the engine.

It has some disadvantages, though. Some users say the handle is too long, and that height adjustment is complicated. There are also complaints about rear discharge and selective gasoline use. Some find the self-propelled feature to be too slow. There is absence of a drain plug, making it necessary to tip the mower over for oil changes.
Popular Mechanics is conducting a 2010 review of a similar Honda HRX model. The Australian equivalent of, the, also conducted earlier tests on the Honda HRX217K2HXA that yielded similar favorable findings. As befits a multinational company like Honda, their mowers can be bought all over the world Honda Lawn Mowers UK and Ireland are some of the biggest sellers.