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Hayter 617 Spirit Petrol Mower

First of all if one of your main concerns in buying a new lawnmower is starting it up then the Hayter 617 Spirit mower is probably not for you. It’s not that it’s extremely hard to start but it’s nearly always a topic for debate with any decent petrol lawnmower – how hard is it to start? Out of the many petrol mowers I’ve tried this certainly isn’t the hardest to start, but it does require a little bit of effort. As with most petrol mowers you have to press a primer button a few times before pulling the starter cord. On the Hayter 617 you are told to press it five times before pulling the cord, in reality you’ll usually discover the right number yourself depending on the circumstances – varying between 3 and 10 in my experience!

Hayter 617 Spirit Mower

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So if you want to turn your mower with no effort at all, start looking at electric mowers or some of the new Honda petrol mowers which seem to start with a little less effort. The reason people buy Hayter mowers though are because they have a deserved reputation for quality. If you have a large garden or rough area that you need to keep under control – you’ll have little problem with most Hayters and the Hayter 617 push mower is no exception.

It’s construction is fairly solid although for those used to older Hayter lawnmowers this one doesn’t feel quite as solid being constructed from mainly aluminium and composite plastic. This does have the advantage of being a lot more light weight though and it does make it easier to manage and manoeuver than older models.

As suggested by the name it’s cutting width is 41 cms which is just about right for most jobs in a reasonable side garden. The cutting lengths are from 13mm to 65mm although it can be a little difficult to estimate these you soon get used to the lengths each setting provides. The Hayter 617 has a large grass collection capacity of 55 liters in it’s strong canvas grass bag which saves lots of visits to empty the cuttings.

So How Does the Hayter 617 Spirit Cut?

This is where I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, the 617 cuts beautifully providing a fantastic finish making most decent lawns look like golf fairways. The obligatory stripes are clear and defined and really do make your lawn look good.

Some have reported problems with the way the Hayter 617 manages and collects when the grass is damp. I don’t really feel I can comment on this as I never usually mow damp grass. It doesn’t look like it would be a problem but if you’re gardener who needs to cut grass in situations that are not ideal it might be worth checking around – there’s quite a few reviews on the Amazon site which mention it.

So overall the Hayter 617 Spirit Push mower is a pretty decent mower, it’s pretty affordable compared to their normal models but perhaps that is slightly reflected in the build components of these cheaper models. It does cut the lawn extremely well and you won’t find many better finishes in mowers at this price range or below. If you decide that a petrol mower is for you then you could do a lot worse than the Hayter 617 Spirit.

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Hayter Spirit 41cm Petrol Push Roller Mower

Do want a manicured striped finish for your lawn? Then Hayter Spirit 41cm Petrol Push Roller Mower is the product for you.

Hayter Spirit 41cm Petrol Push Roller Mower produces a perfect striped finish because of its 41cm push Briggs and Stratton Sprint 40 engine rear roller mower. On top of the striped linings, the rubber rimmed front wheels produces a smooth touch to make a well manicured lawn for you.

The handle bars can be folded. Therefore, it conserves space. You can put it anywhere and you do not have to worry that it will eat up a lot of space.

Further, the blade is adjustable so you could deal with damp weeds and grass. The Hayter Spirit 41 is very flexible with its seven stage cutting height. This means that the blade can be easily adjusted through its single lever.

The product is perfect for tight and narrow spaces. There is no issue with its maneuver capability because it can work its way around limited spaces.

The product has a cutter blade friction disc to ensure that the unit will be able to serve you for a long period of time. Because it is designed as push type, it can be easily operated and maneuvered.

Further, its cutting performance is unquestionable. It could cut through even to damp weeds and grass. That is in itself a good value for your money.

The product is known for superior performance and grass collection features. These features and more make it a good assistant in keeping our lawn in a constant perfect look.

Hayter Spirit 41cm Petrol Push Roller Mower
This 41cm push gasoline Briggs & Stratton Sprint 40 engine rolls back the mower provides a perfect striped finish. He has rubber-rimmed front wheels with bearings for smooth and easy. A grass bag material is included, and has seven parameters of cutting height 13-65mm single lever adjustment. This machine is ideal for lawns manicured striped finish. Handles both for ease of storage. Contains1 Box machine1 tissue catcher1 xx x x grassbag frame1 manual / warranty book
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Hayter Envoy 36cm Electric Push Roller Mower

Hayter Envoy 36cm Electric Push Roller Mower
This network 36cm Electric rear roller mower is ideal for a finished lawn stripes. It is powered by an induction motor 1400V. It has seven parameters of cutting height and a simple lever counter-balanced for ease of operation cut 13-60mm and comes with 17 meters of cable and a bag of grass cloth with lift with handle facilitate draining. The cylinders and wheels are fitted with ball race for smooth operation and long life. Handles both for ease of storage. Box Contains1
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