The Lowdown on Land Profit Generator by Jack Bosch

The Lowdown on Land Profit Generator by Jack Bosch: After spending some time going through the course, I can honestly say that it is one the best courses that I have seen in a long time for long term real estate investors.   The focus is to get in contact with people who are behind on their property taxes and to attempt to buy the property before it is sent to auction by the county.   Great plan!  We have tried it, and it works!  You can often pick up the property for little more (if any) than the taxes owed.   Delinquint tax property will always be around and this program would be an excellent tool for your long term investing business. Almost no competition, and an endless supply of leads. Jack has done over 5500 transactions in the last 7 years using this program, and has made a lot of money!  This is not just another guru selling information, this a guy that is actually buying and selling property every day.   He first came out with a course last year called Land Profit Formula, which sold out very quickly.   After working with these original students for a year, he decided to improve the course to include more items to cover the needs of all of his students.   I am certain that his new course will sell out very quickly as well. Basically, his course teaches you how to contact people who are delinquint on their property taxes and purchase the property before it goes to a tax deed or tax lien sale.   He teaches you who to contact to get a list of these people, which leads are best to follow up with, how to contact them, what to say to them, how to put it under contract, and then how to sell it!  Very comprehensive, and he even offers support to help get your system set-up.   Sign up for our list to be notified when it will be available and we will work out a disount or rebate program for you when the time comes, but only if you purchase through us will you get the best deal!  http://www. landprofitsreview. com

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