Bosch American Style Fridge Freezers

The American Bosch fridge-freezer style easily cope with the demands of a large family. Both models are available in the Bosch range feature an ice and chilled water dispenser and give the choice of ice water, ice cubes or crushed ice. There is a 6m hose included to plumb in the dispenser that includes a water filter that lasts up to six months. The other two American fridge freezers in the Bosch range. Both are 91cm high and they are both rated as a class energy efficiency, which is the highest rating available under the scheme of allocation of the EU, and is supported by the Government of His Majesty. More powerful energy-efficient products help reduce waste and save money by using energy more efficiently. Both models also Frost Free technology, which means there will be no need to defrost the fridge-freezer that free Frost eliminates the formation of ice on food and the freezer and keep in the freezer work more efficiently. The fact that both Bosch American fridge freezer has a rating of "high efficiency not only means they will save money, but they are also better for the environment because they waste less energy. Another way for these two fridge freezers are better for the environment is that they produce no CFCs (Chloro Fluoro Carbons) that deplete the ozone layer and HFCs (Hydro Fluoro Carbons) which have been linked to warming climate. The devices are completely free of CFC and HFC so they avoid damaging the ozone layer and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Both models are available in the U.S. Bosch fridge freezer almost exactly the same specifications. The main difference between the two is the finish. KAN58A50 The model is a sleek, glossy black finish, while the model is very similar KAN58A40 has an authentic look of the stainless steel finish and fingerprint resistant. The main point of an American fridge-freezer is that they are massive and can store a lot of meaning that weekly food shop can now become a fortnightly one. American fridge freezers Bosch have a gross capacity of 541 liters. Net fridge capacity is 334 liters in two models and the net freezer capacity is 170 liters in two models. The American style refrigerator-freezers are not designed for households of one, but are perfect for large families. I mentioned earlier the energy efficiency rating and how much money you can save on energy bills. Both models cost of about £ 52 a year to run, which is not bad considering the size of refrigerator-freezer. From a practical standpoint, the entire door seal magnetic american fridge freezers Bosch is removable for easy cleaning and replacement and there is a child lock setting on electronic controls security. The accessories are also all covers removable so there is more choice available on the layout of the refrigerator-freezer. Bosch American Fridge Freezers

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