How to Take Care of your Lawn

Nowadays having a beautiful and well maintained lawn in your house has become a status symbol. That’s why a number of people have started to take care of their lawn personally. Everyone likes to have a beautiful, fascinating and healthy lawn. Today there are different types of equipments available in market which will really help you in this work. Besides this you must be careful while choosing the grass for your lawn. Not only this, you must make sure that this type of grass will be right for lawn or not. There are various factors which may affect your choice of grass such as your location, availability of the grass etc.

Before choosing the grass for your lawn you must see your location because you may be living in dry or wet part of the country. Not only this, the availability of a particular can also affect your choice. After choosing the right type of grass for your lawn you have to select the perfect lawn mower for your lawn. Nowadays there are a number of lawn mowers available in the market. You can easily select one of them according to your requirement. Following are the different types of lawnmower are:

1) Rotary Lawnmowers:

These types of equipments are powered either by electric or gasoline. These mowers are mowing deck, steel or aluminum that houses a single rotating blade.

2) Electric or Gasoline Hover Mowers:

These operate by using a single long blade, rather like the rotary mower but it is designed so that the rotation of the blade creates a down draft that lifts the mower off the ground.

3) Cylinder Mowers:

Cylinder mowers can be either electric or gas powered. They usually have a rear roller and combined with the precision cut of cylinder blades that create the much desired striped lawn effect.

Besides these lawnmowers there are also other types of equipments which may be required for your lawn. These equipments will really help you in your work. These equipments are:

a) A garden Shredder:

A garden shredder is a type of tool which is used to speed up your shredding activities and generally have high watt motors with silent crushing systems in your lawn. The best garden shredder is one that has an electric shredder and is easy to assemble.

b) Cultivator tool:

These cultivators tools are used to prepare vegetable plots, flowerbeds, etc. much easier. The best ones have tines to help smoothly cut through hard, compacted soil. Some also include a free border edger that helps clean the moss, aerate, and thatch.

c) Leaf Sweeper tool:

The purpose of leaf sweeper tool is to clear the unnecessary leafs from your lawn. Actually this tool is very useful in the autumn months on smaller lawns. They help to clear leaves. It is good to have an infinite height adjustment and a 200 liter collector.

d) An edge trimmer tool:

This edge trimmer tool will sure help you to trim the hedges and to prune plants. It is a very important piece of equipment.

e) A spading fork tool:

This tool is to make aerating and transplanting easier. It may also help you to mulch and sort hay. It can be used as a manure fork as well, and you can even use it for splitting grasses and perennials. As you can see, it is a very versatile tool.

f) A mattock tool:

This tool is really helpful when if you need to break up clay soil or work around mature trees and their roots, a mattock a very important tool to have is. You will avoid the need for a pick, hoe, and handles in your garden if you have a mattock.