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I Think I Have Wrecked The Lawnmower?

because inadevertently tipped it up on it’s end to check the blade and since then it will not start. I know the oil has seeped onto the spark plug so I have been cleaning it. The air filter appears to be okay, so the only thing I can think of is that the engine is full of oil. It’s a Briggs and Sratton??? petrol motor rotary mower. Has anyone any ideas please. No rude answers please!!

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Choosing a Lawnmower – Which Type is Best?

There are many different types of lawnmowers with a vast array of features over a large price range. If you are shopping for a new lawnmower which one should you go for? We have put together the advantages, uses and cost range of the popular types together with some examples to help you before your next purchase. I’m personally a fan of electric lawnmowers but they’re not for everyone, you can find out more here –
best electric lawnmower

The Different Types of Lawnmowers

Simple Push Mowers around $100

Simple reel mowers, ideal for a small lawn. Not suitable for anything larger unless you have a lot of energy!
Examples American Lawn Mower Company 18-Inch Reel Mower, Scotts 18-Inch Deluxe Push Reel Lawn Mower

Cordless or Corded Electric Lawnmowers $200 – $400

Electric mowers are easy to start and quieter than the gas powered models. Lighter weight and with fewer emissions they are considered to be more environmentally friendly. the obvious disadvantage of corded electric mowers is the necessity of dragging around the cord and restriction in the range, usually under 100ft. Cordless models are more expensive but give you freedom to move around more easily, but you are then restricted by the battery life between recharges. The most powerful models are less powerful than the top range gas powered models but should be adequate for most lawns. In addition they are not usually as reliable as gas-powered models and getting an electric mower repaired may be more difficult.

Examples Black & Decker 18-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Mower,

Gas-Powered Mowers $400 – $700

From hand push to those with a more sophisticated cruise control like system. Toro lawnmowers in this range are fitted with personal pace self-propel system reaching a comfortable 4 mph. Also look for a recycling system to turn your cuttings into valuable mulch for your lawn. Lawnmowers in this range are fitted with either an electric key start system or a recoil pull start. We personally prefer an electric start. These mowers will need regular maintenance and can be noisy to operate, often around 85 decibels or louder. These mowers are recommended for lawns under 1/2 acre.

Examples Toro SR4 Super Recycler gas-powered mower, Lawn-Boy Insight Series 21-Inch 6.5 HP Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, Poulan Pro 21-Inch Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag Push Mower with 6 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine

Lawn and Garden Tractors more than $1000

For the really serious home owner with a large area of grass or the small commercial enterprise, lawn and garden tractors are ideal. More expensive than the gas or electric powered models but you will cut your grass in record time and be comfortably seated while doing it! Lawn and garden tractors can also be fitted with a wide range of attachments to turn your tractor into a multi-purpose riding machine. Attach a front blade to clear soil, leaves or other debris, turn it into a snowblower with another attachment or hitch up a trailer to move small loads.

Examples Toro LX Series Tractors, Husqvarna #LGT2654 960430036 26HP 54″ Garden Tractor

Zero Turn Lawnmowers $3000 and above

For large areas of grass with obstacles, such as trees, benches, birdbaths etc an zero turn mower will be ideal. Fast, reliable, zero turn mowers give an excellent cut and a comfortable ride and most perform well on uneven ground. Built to last these mowers are expensive, typically above $3000. Most come with a choice of bagging or mulching. these are large machines so finding a place to store them could be a problem!

Examples Swisher Max Z ZT2660B zero-turn mower – Consumer Guide Best Buy Award
Toro Titan Z Z4800 Model 74812 zero-turn mower – Consumer Guide Best Buy Award

Robomowers $1300 – $2500

Becoming more popular, robomowers are literally start up and forget it! There is even a solar powered model that will trundle itself back to its recharging dock when its battery is low. Setting up your yard for the robomower to work may take between 1-2 hours. Robomowers are better on square, even lawns with few obstacles. They may work less efficiently if your yard has trees or other large objects. Durability seems to be a problem with some models and they are pricey. With the batteries the mowers tend to be heavy.

Examples Husqvarna Automower, Friendly Robotics Robomower

Read more and find some great deals in new and used Toro lawnmowers at Toro Lawnmowers and Toro Snowblowers at Toro Snowblowers

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Finding The Right Lawnmower For Your Yard

Buying a lawn mower can be quite overwhelming with all of the selection available. In this article you will learn more about the different types of lawn mowers to enable you to find the right one for your particular needs and yard.

Choosing A Lawn Mower Using Reviews
There are many different kinds of lawn mowers in the stores. It is very easy for you to become overwhelmed by the selection. From hand-operated walk behind mowers, to cordless mowers, to the robo-mower, you will find many different kinds of electric lawn mowers. There are very similar kinds of mowers available in gas powered varieties as well.

When you are ready to purchase a lawn mower, then you may find that all of the choices leave you feeling confused and unsure of which one to get. With this information, you will find that you will be more able to find the right lawn mower for you and your particular needs.

How Big Is Your Yard?
The acreage that you regularly mow should be your most important criteria in your lawn mower selection. If you normally mow less than one acre of land, then you may want to choose a hand-operated mower. It would work well for the amount of land that you mow. It will give you a neat and trim yard and can help you burn off a few calories as well. If you have several acres of lawn, then this may not be the best choice for you. A hand-operated and battery-operated mower might be less expensive, but they will take more time to mow and to take care of-especially in the case of the battery-operated mower.

Electric Or Gas Powered Mowers
If you are a person who devotes their time to taking care of the environment, then you will most likely want to choose an electric mower thinking that you are doing to best thing for the environment.

However, if you think about it a little more, you may determine that your local pollution levels will decrease, but you will really not be making an impact on the overall pollution in the country. It depends upon the energy consumed and the carbon particulates that are released into the air.

You are right in thinking that an electric lawn mower is better for the environment on the local level, but finding alternative fuels and energy sources will help the environment more in the long run. That is why you want to make your choice carefully.

Electric lawn mowers need an energy source to run and this may become another concern when you have to keep it running while using it on your lawn.

A gas powered mower is a messy and problemsome choice because you have to continually refill the fuel. They are also a source of pollution.

Modern Robotic Lawn Mowers
If you have a large lawn, then you may want to consider a robotic lawn mower. This kind of mower is convenient to use, and works safely, silently, and automatically. You only have to give it an electric supply and plan out the supply to allow the mower to find it at certain points.

The safety features will astound you. A robotic mower will operate automatically in a safe mode to help keep your family and pets safe from harm. If your child walks into its path, then it will change its path. If it gets stuck, then the blades will stop rotating. It is a great and safe idea if you have a great deal of acreage to help save you time and energy.

By knowing the choices that are available to you, you will be able to make a decision that you will be satisfied with for a very long time.

Andrew Caxton is the author of many resources about lawn care and lawnmowers published at

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Fixing a Honda Lawnmower at Home?

I purchased a Honda rotary mower HRR216VXA last summer. When mowing, the blade disengages on its own. Wait lists at repair shops for this mower are long, please let me know any tricks to keep my lawn up with the joneses til I can have it fixed properly

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Lawn Care Equipments Selection Guide – Riding Lawnmower

You probably know what it feels like – pushing your conventional push mower our lawn is larger than .25 acres! For those with larger lawns, they should seriously consider purchasing a reactor-type lawnmower. It is relatively easy to operate and can cover medium to large lawns far quicker than the conventional push lawnmowers.

There are electric models for your lawn mower as well as the standard push mowers that everybody has seen. With powerful batteries, such designs can last for half an acre before it runs out of power and needs to be re-energized. These electric models are really quiet, good for the environment and don’t produce any noxious fumes. They lack the horsepower of the gasoline operated models and might run the hassle of being trapped in bushier places.

If you are a professional lawn care specialist, you might want to look into models that have reel blades that cut out in front. The rotary type is good if there isn’t a golf link to mow. The mowing blades are usually found below the deck below the seat and can give you some vibration. A good seat with plenty of cushion, however, won’t bother you.

You can find smaller riding mowers that will work with your lawn as well. The designs are basically the same as the bigger ones. The capacity and the size of the machine will be the main difference. You will always want more horsepower with your mower, but if you have a well-built machine, it won’t need as much horsepower to do a great job.

You do not really need much horsepower if your yard is flat and even. If you have a very hilly area, however, you will need a lot more. If you have a lot of hills, a lawn tractor will be your better choice.

A lawn tractor will have 10-15 horsepower and can work well. Considering that a car has 150 ‘ 300 horsepower, it seems that it’s a lot less energy, but you don’t need that much. You will pay more for more horsepower, just like with a car. Make sure you really need it first.

Prices will go up if you have a mower that can cut a bigger area. Lawn tractor blades usually cut between 38 ‘ 42 inches and can cut the lawn quicker. But you will probably be only able to cut your lawn 10% more quickly and the mower might be a lot more inaccurate.

You can get a garden tractor with 20 horsepower and up to 60″ mowing blades for a powerful, efficient machine. If you need to haul dirt or tree parts with an attached trailer, you can use this more efficiently.

You will want to look at the turning radius of the mower you are about to buy too. If you have a very low or even zero degree turning radius, it will cost a lot more. If you don’t have a lawn that is difficult to negotiate, you probably won’t need it.

Moses Wright loves to take care of his home lawn whenever possible. He sets up a site to provide fellow lawn care home owners with more resources on Lawn Garden Equipments and Lawn Garden Landscaping Gloves Tools.

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Robotic Lawn mowers

Robotic mowers Lawnbott LB3210

With its fashionable design, superb features and performance, the completely automated LB3210 will give your yard that fresh, just been cut look, because it has all feature to do maintain your lawn.

Robotic mower lawn bott designed in Italy, the LB3210 Evolution is for the home owner who wants only the best to maintain the gorgeous lawn. The LB3210 is the only robotic mower in the market that uses the Adaptive Programming Technology. Its learning computer actually reprograms itself to adapt to the cutting necessities of your garden. This not only preserves battery lifespan and extends the runtime and durability of the electrical motors ; it also contributes to a stunning looking garden for your folks to enjoy.

Sophisticated Spiral grass Cut programming allows the robotic mower LB3210 to concentrate in one section, by curving outwards, from any area where it senses higher grass. This feature helps to assure an evenly cut lawn across the grass and one sector after another rather moving across the turf and cutting it irregularly.

Robotic Lawn Mowers have a much Newer Design

With the just improved design, the LB3210 Evolution now has a new frame to accommodate larger, more powerful motors and new wheels with a more aggressive tread design for better traction. It also can now be programmed to operate with up to four areas, to take on those complex yard shapes.
Robotic mower Lawn Bott LB3210 is able to cover areas up to 33,000 sq. Ft. That represents roughly 75 % of an acre of lawn! And, it will also move slope with a maximum wish of 27 and complete the job.

robotic mowers Features :

This robotic lawn mower can mow for 3 hours before it need recharge. When the charge goes down in robotic lawn mowers, the mower automated return to work station and charge itself. The normal charge time is 150 minutes-180 minutes.

Multifunction display Lawn Bott’s back-lit display, with two rows of sixteen characters each, makes it easy to view all functions whether you’re programming or merely checking on the mower’s status. You can now also set the language to either English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, or Portuguese. Battery consumption is microprocessor controlled to ensure long battery life-span.

Auto program method- mower determines how long it is necessary to operate to maintain lawn. This is done by sensing blade motor current.

Smart Spiral – When the mower senses long grass it instantly enters spiral mode and mows grass in immediate area in more efficient spiral mode. When long grass is not sensed it returns to random operation to search out more long grass.

Lithium batteries – lower weight for easier traction and handling

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Are there any Advantages to Cordless Lawnmowers ?

When people talk about cordless lawnmowers, they usually mean the kind that are powered by a battery. These are called cordless electric lawnmowers, and they are usually powered by one to four 12 volt batteries that are usually rechargeable.

The amount of batteries usually dictates how long your lawnmower is capable of cutting grass before recharging. This is one thing to keep in mind when buying an electric cordless lawnmower. Electric cordless lawnmowers can be somewhat more expensive than their corded counteparts.

However, in the long run you might actually end up saving money as you won’t have to buy petrol or oil. For example, the Rotak 43 LI cordless lawnmower sells at around £350 and is capable of cutting with the same power as a corded lawnmower. This lawnmower also recharges quickly, thanks to its innovative lithium-ion battery.

A cordless electric lawnmower, like the Rotak 43 LI, is perfectly suitable for lawns between 300 and 600 square metres in size. The greatest benefits of corded electric lawnmowers are the lack of smell, much quieter sound and the fact that it doesn’t have a cord, which can be quite a hassle with conventional electric lawnmowers. The Bosch Rotak models have gathered numerous extremely positive feedbacks on sites such as Amazon, and it’s no wonder because these lawnmowers are so far ahead of their competitors’ choices. If, however, your lawn is bigger than 600 square metres, you should consider buying a corded electric lawnmower, such as the Bosch Rotak 40. This powerful lawnmower is an excellent choice for medium to large lawns.

Daniel Jones is an expert in internet marketing, and has a keen interest in environmentally friendly lawnmowers such as the Bosch Rotak 40.

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What’s The Difference Between A Petrol Mower And A Rotary Petrol Mower?

A petrol mower is one that is fitted with a petrol engine, it can use several different methods to cut the grass. Alternatives are mains electric – with a long cable, and battery electric.

Rotary mowers are usually the type that has a blade rotating on a vertical shaft. They cut the grass by the speed of the blade and can be used for quite long grass.
The other type is usually called a cylinder mower. This has a horizontal shaft carrying twisted blades that cut in a scissor type action against a stationery blade. This type generally produces a finer finish.

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Choosing a Lawnmower

Perhaps you have moved to a new place with a bigger yard, or the old mower you’ve had for years has finally broken down. If either of these is the case, or you just wanting to upgrade, this guide may help you in deciding what it is exactly you need to satisfy your lawn care needs. Sorting through the myriad of options out there can be a confusing experience. The general tips you will find here will help you along the way. First of all, assess your general lawn care needs. How big is your lawn? Lawns larger than 2 acres make a strong case for choosing a riding mower. If you have a lawn smaller than 2 acres, a riding or push mower is more a choice of personal preference. With a lawn of 2 acres and up, however, a riding mower is the way to go unless you really enjoy spending all day mowing the lawn. With a relatively small lawn, there are a couple more choices to be made before you consider specific models. Do you want a really close cut for your grass in order to achieve that golf course look? If so, then a reel mower may be a good choice for you. A reel mower is different than a rotary blade in that it can achieve a far closer cut without damaging the grass. A reel mower cuts the grass gently since the blades are turned as the wheels move. The spiral of blades serve to guide the grass under a single stationary cutting bar that neatly snips the grass. A reel mower can also be adjusted to make extremely close and even cuts on the grass. Push reel mowers are powered simply by the turning of the wheels. If you have a small and relatively flat lawn, a reel mower can work great. They do not work as well over leaves, twigs, or rocks so you may want to think twice if your lawn tends to accumulate a lot of these. For larger or more difficult lawns, a powered mower might be a good idea. Here you have the choice of electric or gas powered push mowers. An electric mower may be a viable choice in some cases especially if you despise the loudness of gas motors. Once you have decided between having an electric or gas mower, you must also decide whether to go with a self-propelled mower or a simple push mower. For lawns that are sloped or would otherwise demand a lot from the operator, a self-propelled variety can save the user a great deal of strain. For those truly large lawns, or those with several obstacles, a riding mower may be the best solution. Riding mowers offer comfort and ease of use especially for larger jobs. If your lawn has gardens, trees, or other obstacles that prevent you from getting a clean cut lawn, then a zero-turn riding mower might be in order. These models carry a higher price, but they give the operator the ability to turn on a dime in order to achieve much closer cuts in hard to reach areas. If your yard is full of trees or gardens, this might be a worthwhile investment.

Steve Weide is a gardening and lawn care expert He operates a website featuring lawnmowers reviews and lawn care tips.

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What’s The Best Type Of Lawnmower For Tough Grass On An Uneven Surface?

I’ve had very limited success with hover-mowers, and metal bladed rotary mowers.
I’ve never tried a cylinder mower, but I suspect it would be better able to handle the tough conditions of my back garden.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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