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Wanted To Know Best And Safest Way To Cut Grass. What Lawn Mower Buy And Safety Considerations.?

I am a retired college teaching professor, who has taken over raking leaves. Now want to go to cutting grass on lawn. The lawn is straight and small in front. In the back there really is not much grass. The lawn is more the crabgrass type. Even with the greatest of efforts, it will not get that “golf green” lawn look.
I am not interested in a riding lawn mower. Have talked to a couple of people. It looks like a push lawn mower with a bag is the way for me to go. Someone mentioned having one in which you do not have adjust the wheels.
Am concerned about what would be best to buy, where. Safety is also a major concern on how to adjust the blades, and any other matters should know about.
Tired of walking and thought practical exercise would be good. The mower would pay for itself soon.
Any suggestions about operating and buying a motorized push lawn mower would be greatly appreciated.

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Choosing a Lawnmower – Which Type is Best?

There are many different types of lawnmowers with a vast array of features over a large price range. If you are shopping for a new lawnmower which one should you go for? We have put together the advantages, uses and cost range of the popular types together with some examples to help you before your next purchase. I’m personally a fan of electric lawnmowers but they’re not for everyone, you can find out more here –
best electric lawnmower

The Different Types of Lawnmowers

Simple Push Mowers around $100

Simple reel mowers, ideal for a small lawn. Not suitable for anything larger unless you have a lot of energy!
Examples American Lawn Mower Company 18-Inch Reel Mower, Scotts 18-Inch Deluxe Push Reel Lawn Mower

Cordless or Corded Electric Lawnmowers $200 – $400

Electric mowers are easy to start and quieter than the gas powered models. Lighter weight and with fewer emissions they are considered to be more environmentally friendly. the obvious disadvantage of corded electric mowers is the necessity of dragging around the cord and restriction in the range, usually under 100ft. Cordless models are more expensive but give you freedom to move around more easily, but you are then restricted by the battery life between recharges. The most powerful models are less powerful than the top range gas powered models but should be adequate for most lawns. In addition they are not usually as reliable as gas-powered models and getting an electric mower repaired may be more difficult.

Examples Black & Decker 18-Inch 6.5 Amp Electric Mower,

Gas-Powered Mowers $400 – $700

From hand push to those with a more sophisticated cruise control like system. Toro lawnmowers in this range are fitted with personal pace self-propel system reaching a comfortable 4 mph. Also look for a recycling system to turn your cuttings into valuable mulch for your lawn. Lawnmowers in this range are fitted with either an electric key start system or a recoil pull start. We personally prefer an electric start. These mowers will need regular maintenance and can be noisy to operate, often around 85 decibels or louder. These mowers are recommended for lawns under 1/2 acre.

Examples Toro SR4 Super Recycler gas-powered mower, Lawn-Boy Insight Series 21-Inch 6.5 HP Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mower, Poulan Pro 21-Inch Side Discharge/Mulch/Bag Push Mower with 6 HP Briggs & Stratton Engine

Lawn and Garden Tractors more than $1000

For the really serious home owner with a large area of grass or the small commercial enterprise, lawn and garden tractors are ideal. More expensive than the gas or electric powered models but you will cut your grass in record time and be comfortably seated while doing it! Lawn and garden tractors can also be fitted with a wide range of attachments to turn your tractor into a multi-purpose riding machine. Attach a front blade to clear soil, leaves or other debris, turn it into a snowblower with another attachment or hitch up a trailer to move small loads.

Examples Toro LX Series Tractors, Husqvarna #LGT2654 960430036 26HP 54″ Garden Tractor

Zero Turn Lawnmowers $3000 and above

For large areas of grass with obstacles, such as trees, benches, birdbaths etc an zero turn mower will be ideal. Fast, reliable, zero turn mowers give an excellent cut and a comfortable ride and most perform well on uneven ground. Built to last these mowers are expensive, typically above $3000. Most come with a choice of bagging or mulching. these are large machines so finding a place to store them could be a problem!

Examples Swisher Max Z ZT2660B zero-turn mower – Consumer Guide Best Buy Award
Toro Titan Z Z4800 Model 74812 zero-turn mower – Consumer Guide Best Buy Award

Robomowers $1300 – $2500

Becoming more popular, robomowers are literally start up and forget it! There is even a solar powered model that will trundle itself back to its recharging dock when its battery is low. Setting up your yard for the robomower to work may take between 1-2 hours. Robomowers are better on square, even lawns with few obstacles. They may work less efficiently if your yard has trees or other large objects. Durability seems to be a problem with some models and they are pricey. With the batteries the mowers tend to be heavy.

Examples Husqvarna Automower, Friendly Robotics Robomower

Read more and find some great deals in new and used Toro lawnmowers at Toro Lawnmowers and Toro Snowblowers at Toro Snowblowers

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Taking Care of Grass

Many people feel that the grass is always greener on the other side, but what if for you it is literally true? It can be frustrating to look across the street and see your neighbor’s green grass practically glowing in the sunlight. You may be taking care of your grass and wonder what you are doing wrong. There are a few landscaping tips that may help you discover what you can do right.

Taking Care of Grass

Taking Care of Grass

First, when it comes to watering the lawn, less is more. Too much water can cause damage to your lawn. In fact, brown patches on the lawn can be caused by over watering. Most lawns only require approximately 1-1.5 inches of water per week. Over watering can actually leach valuable nutrients from the soil. These nutrients are essential to making your lawn a lush, green color.

Another important tactic for keeping your lawn green is to ensure that you are mowing it properly. Cutting your grass too close to the ground and cutting with a dull blade can both cause problems. For example, ripped grass is more vulnerable to pests.

Pests that can damage your lawn can be divided into two categories – soil inhabitants and thatch inhabitants. Examples of soil inhabitants are mole crickets, white grubs, and billbugs. Examples of thatch inhabitants are spittlebugs, clinch bugs, and sod webworms. It is best to figure out what kind of pest you are dealing with before spending any money on the problem.

Weeds can also deteriorate the beauty of a lawn. It is best to nip a weed problem in the bud before it gets too serious. Weeds can spread quickly throughout your lawn. A liquid spray weed killer would be best to spot treat weeds on a lawn. However, it is important that you read the label and do not purchase a weed killer that will do damage to your grass as well.

Then there is the issue of fertilizer. Most experts recommend using a fertilizer on lawns but they may disagree on how often. The frequency of fertilizer use and what type of fertilizer to use can depend on climate. The best option would be to ask your local lawn care supplier for his or her advice on the matter.

If you are still not satisfied with your lawn after changing your landscaping techniques, then sod is always a possibility. Laying sod takes a little work but it is not difficult. It would require you to rip up your existing lawn to make room for the new one. The process of laying sod generally takes two or three weeks. Sometimes putting your current lawn out of its misery might be the better option than continuing to watch it struggle.

There is obviously hope for even the worst lawns. Changing your lawn for the better is often just a matter of figuring out if you are doing something wrong or if there are other forces at play. It could be a problem with how you are watering your lawn or maybe it is just an unknown pest that has invaded. After some research and some changes, your grass can be among the greenest on the block and you’ll need to get the best lawnmower you can.

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2 Great Jobsite Table Saws for Heavy-Duty Users

Purchasing a jobsite table saw is a serious investment and one that will surely affect you in the long-term. Consequently, finding one that will continually meet your needs as a craftsmen is possibly the most crucial step in the buying process. The most industrial, heavy-duty users clearly require the most high-quality equipment, and, fortunately, in the world of jobsite table saws, there are two that seem to cast shadows over the competition. With commanding power and innovation these saws come from Makita and Bosch, two manufactures that have continually shaped the industry with high-performance tools and technology. Makita’s 2704X1 (10″) contractor’s table saw is a superior quality saw designed for superior accuracy. Its precision machined, die cast aluminum table top delivers exactly that, an uncommon degree of precision and strength throughout every project. The table-top is designed to remain flat despite heavy work and wear, and with a large cut capacity, even without its standard right extension table, (3-5/8″ at 90 degrees and 2-1/2″ at 45 degrees) the saw roughly rips 4x material in one pass. With its extension table, on another hand, the saw’s capacity is even larger ripping 4 x 8 sheets of plywood with surprising ease. The saw also has a built-in storage area with the capacity to hold your most frequently used accessories like a saw blade, rip fence, miter gauge, and etc. This on-site storage keeps your most returned to items all in the same place and perfectly within reach. Additionally, the table saw features wider, deeper T-slot miter grooves to accept the most industrial T formed shanks, even those made by different manufacturers, rendering the saw versatile and universally accommodating. For the most efficient and smoothest blade depth adjustment the saw also offers a simple two pole slide system for raising and lowering the blade. Lastly, but certainly not least, the saw packs a 15 amp motor, to perfectly couple supreme power with uncommon precision. Bosch builds another jobsite table saw to compliment the most heavy-duty users. Their 4100-09 (10″) worksite table saw is built with a seriously heavy-duty construction designed to withstand the many bumps and bruises of jobsite life. Built for durability the tool is coated with a powder paint finish to maximize overall longevity, and with Bosch’s patented Gravity-Rise stand, the saw is surprisingly simple to manage. Ensuring the motions of set-up and take down are a much less frustrating process, the stand is uniquely impressive. Additionally, the tool is supremely portable, and with a collapsible design the tool stores well and transports from one jobsite to another with terrific simplicity. The table saw additionally boasts 8″ treaded pneumatic wheels so, like a fierce, all terrain table saw, the tool confidently maneuvers through difficult jobsite environments. Ultimately, Bosch’s 4100-09 table saw is designed to bring heavy-duty craftsmen a table saw and stand that will consistently up the ante with brilliant power, precision and authority. Exemplifying the most elite of the jobsite table saw community, these saws will prove a sound investment to those heavy-duty craftsmen searching for long-term commitment.

A student at the Univ. of UT, Mallory is currently earning an English degree. Specializing in tool parts and web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Makita’s 2704X1 table saw, and Bosch’s 4100-09 table saw.

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Choosing the Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

It can be difficult to choose which power tool best suits you and your specific needs, especially when the tool industry offers so much to choose from. In the world of corded reciprocating saws, however, there are a few that stand higher than the others. Firstly, however, choosing between corded and cordless power tools is one of the most important decisions you can make; it will, essentially, affect you for the life of the tool. Although cordless tools are more portable, corded power tools are a consistently, reliably strong alternative to battery power. With a corded, constant power source, these tools offer a non-dwindling toughness that will infinitely have your back. These corded recipro saws represent the best of the reciprocating world with models to satisfy the need of every degree of craftsmen. To begin, for our more die-hard users, with the most heavy-duty, high quality recipro saws in the industry, Milwaukee, Porter-Cable, Bosch, and Makita build some super-fine reciprocating machines that will annihilate your demolition projects like a true professional. Milwaukee is perhaps best known for their reciprocating Sawzall, and their 6536-21 13 amp recipro saw leaves no room to question why. This orbital Super-Sawzall is basically king of the reciprocating jungle. Its motor is intensely powerful, and designed to provide the fastest, smoothest orbital cutting action in the biz. The Super-Sawzall’s variable speed trigger offers a ridiculously fast 0 – 3000 SPM with an ultra long 1-1/4″ cutting stroke. These features, when brought together, create, as they say, a real Super-Sawzall equip to glide through your cutting materials with the speed, agility, and power of a calculating, reciprocating, quick-ripping monster. The tool is counter balanced for smoother, simpler operation with far less vibration, and with a specially designed clutch system to keep the tool’s internal gears protected, to is ultra long-lasting. Altogether, Milwaukee’s Super-Sawzall is a beast of a tool with the capacity to carve and demolish like no other reciprocating saw. Additionally, Porter-Cable’s 9748 reciprocating saw boasts an 11. 5 amp motor rendering this tool (with so much Hulk-ish power) the school bully, if you will. All that power, however, comes at no sacrifice to the tool’ s more sophisticated features; the 9748 has a 0 – 2600 SPM electronic variable speed that maintains constant speed under load to ensure always smooth and consistent cutting. A long 1-1/8″ cutting stroke bites through more material in less time, and with much less effort on your behalf (which is always a selling point). With keyless blade changes and an innovative front shoe (that extends back to expose more of the blade’s teeth for more aggressive cutting action) the saw is convenient and truly formidable. Also offering orbital motion (ideal for wood) and reciprocating motion (ideal for metal) the tool is versatile and ultimately designed to bring you ergonomic comfort and impressive, professional results. Bosch also builds a truly impressive reciprocating saw in their RS10. This tool has huge 12 amp motor for seriously powerful cutting action. This saw performs like an Olympian eating up demolition projects, limbs, and hedges with uncommon simplicity. Most craftsmen know that a good reciprocating saw transforms maintenance from a sometimes grueling ordeal into an exciting adventure, and this saw does just that with ergonomic comfort and a variable speed trigger. This control ensures your demolition adventures always end in your favor. Also featuring Bosch’s trademarked blade system (designed for one-handed blade ejection and insertion), and their Brute drive system for power, authority, and overall endurance, the tool is a ridiculous power. Also featuring a cord swivel for more working motion and strain relief as you work the tool is endlessly convenient. On the other hand, if cost is a more influencing factor, Makita’s JR3070CT reciprocating saw perfectly straddles the line between heavy-duty high quality and surprisingly good value. With an intensely powerful 15amp motor, variable speed and blade position settings, and anti-vibration technology, the tool is immensely tough, versatile, and comfortable to use. AVT or anti-vibration technology is a unique feature providing users with truly superior control and comfort. AVT is especially advantageous for heavier-duty and demolition applications where keeping your shoulders and wrists in their sockets is always a concern, and demo applications are smoother and simpler to perform. Offering four-position orbital/straight cutting action craftsmen may choose between several orbital positions and a straight cutting angle. The recipro saw also has a specialized clutch assembly designed to keep the tool’s gears protected in the event binding should occur. With an ultra long 1-1/4″ stroke for faster, more aggressive cutting, and tool-less blade changes, this reciprocating saw has beastly abilities with always smooth execution. Milwaukee’s 6509-22 is another example of extreme high quality at an uncommonly good value. This 11 amp recipro saw is strikingly powerful and also strikingly lightweight (at only 7 lbs) winning this Sawzall the best power to weight ratio in its class. The saw has a super fast 0 – 2800 SPM variable speed trigger, and excellent feature, so the sucker certainly moves fast, but because it only has a ¾” stroke, it doesn’t have the same length of motion as Makita JR3070CT. This isn’t necessarily an impediment, however, as Milwaukee’s 6509-22 is an aggressively chomping powerhouse that also offers tool-less blade changes, a dual bearing wobble plate to decrease vibration, and the ability to clamp the saw’s blade upside-down for specialized cutting applications. For high-performance, light-duty use Bosch’s RS15 reciprocating saw is a brilliant machine. With a massive 12amp motor delivering some of the most powerful reciprocating cutting action in the industry, the saw is ideal for yard and home care, and eats up limbs, hedges, and etc with striking ease. Unruly branches truly don’t stand a chance. The saw also has a swivel cord, so although the cord keeps you anchored to a wall, it swivels to allow for more working motion while also providing some strain relief to the cord. Offering ergonomic comfort and a variable speed trigger the tool is always simple to control, and with Bosch’s trademarked Lockjaw blade system (designed for one-handed blade ejection and insertion), to their Brute drive system boasting power, authority, and overall endurance, the RS15 is wildly awesome. Ultimately, there exists a brilliant corded recipro saw to fit the needs of every craftsman from contractor’s to homeowners. Simply do your homework, and the most complimentary power tool will most certainly find you.

As a UofU student Mallory is currently earning her degree in English. Specializing in tool parts & web communications, she joined M&M Tool 3 yrs ago adding to their over 150 years combined experience. For over 70 years M&M Tool has provided the best service to the tool industry with replacement parts, sales, & service to expert woodworking products, machinery and power tools like Porter-Cable’s 9748 recipro saw, and Makita’s JR3070CT recipro saw.

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Finding The Best Lawn Mowers For Your Garden

Lawn movers make the garden look neat and tidy hence they are a requirement for all houses that have a garden. There are various types of lawn movers in the market and while some people consider gas mowers to be the best lawn mowers others consider electric movers to be suitable machines. This article will elaborate on 4 of the best lawn mowers in the market. If you are looking for a reasonably priced lawn mower then you should consider opting for the self propelling Toro Recycler 20333. This simple yet efficient garden mower is good at removing grass and bagging it.   Two of the useful features in this machine include the side discharging feature and the blade brake feature. The easy to use recoil start makes this machine one of the best lawn mowers in the market. This machine is perfect for people who want the option to switch from bagging to mulching with the switch of a single button. If you prefer a cheaper mower and you are fine with push garden mowers then you should consider opting for the Craftsman 38905. This gas based garden mower provides value for money since it has an easy to change bag, trustworthy recoil starter and side discharge feature. This particular machine has been rated well in most lawn mower reviews due to its powerful 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine. Most retailers provide a two year warranty on this powerful and efficient machine. If you are looking for a luxurious lawn mower and price is not the top concern for you then you should consider opting for the Honda HRX 217 K2 HMA. This self propelled fuel efficient machine doesn’t make a racket and is very durable. This machine is considered as one of the best lawn mowers since it is CARB certified. One of the best features of this powerful machine is that the user can opt for various cruise control speeds. Since the blade brakes stop only the blades and not the engine many lawn mower reviews have given a good rating to this Honda mower. If you are looking for an efficient and reasonable electric lawn mower then you should consider opting for the Black and Decker MM875. This quiet and efficient electric garden mower is perfect for people who want a machine for a year years. Since the cost of this machine is below $250 many people feel that this machine is useful for 5 – 7 years. The makers of this machine have provided a lifetime warranty on the polymer deck since they have tried to create one of the best lawn mowers in the market. This multifunctional machine can not only mulch but it can also bag. An option for side discharge clippings is also provided with this machine. There are many excellent garden mowers in the market but the machines mentioned above provide value for money and they are worth buying. While buying a good mower it is recommended to buy the best machine according to your budget since these machines can last for a very long time.

For more information on the best lawn mowers, you can log on to; In addition to this information, you can also find some lawn mower reviews that can be advantageous to you.

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Do You Know What The Best Lawn Mower Is?

In todays market there is a huge selection of lawn mowers, from push and self-propelled mowers to large riding mowers, or lawn tractors, for more sizeable areas. There are manual lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, and gasoline engine-powered lawn mowers. But the best lawn mowers will cut and disperse cuttings evenly. The best lawn mowers are rated on their ability to cut with several different methods, including bagging, mulching and side discharge. Evaluations also include handling and ease-of-use, a noise evaluation, environmental affect, and of course safety. Gasoline engine-powered mowers can have either traditional mower engines or overhead valve engines, but both are considered to be the worst by environmental organisations. Manual reel mowers are apparently the best, with electric coming second. There are numerous options with gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Most of the newer mowers available to you have a blade brake clutch, which allows the user to stop the blade while keeping the engine running. This is of benefit if it is necessary to stop to get rid of debris, or if there is a gravel drive, this way the lawn mower can be transported without flinging stones. Easy adjustments are likewise important, especially when rasing and lowering the height of the cut. Some models will have a lever for every wheel, or just two for the front wheels, while more advanced models allow the user to adjust the height of all four wheels with just one lever. There are numerous starting options available, as well. The best lawn mowers will start on the first or second pull. Alternatively, some models have a battery and an electric start or key start ignition. This can be a significant weight-adding option, however. Lawn tractors have decreased significantly in price in the last few years and they have as well become a good deal more versatile around obstructions like shrubs and trees. In addition, most light-duty riding mowers have the ability to add attachments for lawn aerating, towing carts, or even plowing snow. Many models as well allow the user to change speeds and many even have cruise control. There are a plethora of choices to think about when searching for the best lawn mower. Price may be an indicator of performance, but one should always consider the cutting method, handling, noise, environmental impact and ease-of-use.

Do you wish to find out more about Automatic Lawn Mowers, then try be sure to visiting my website on how to get the best Lawn Mower Tips for your needs.

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How To Choose The Best Landscaping Equipment

When you get started in the landscaping field, you’ll need some basic equipment. At the beginning, some shovels, a mowing machine and a blower, may seem as enough. However, as you move up and get more experience in landscaping, you’ll need more specialized equipment, depending on the type of landscaping projects you do. There are so many types of equipment, that is extremely important that you get the right one for you, at a price according to your budget. You should, however, try to spend a little more money and get the best quality equipment you can afford. It takes some time to do it right, but read on to learn how to find the best landscaping equipment for you. Where to Get Landscaping EquipmentAnother aspect you need to take into account when getting landscaping equipment is how big it is and how often you’re going to use it. If you need a cement mixer, for instance, most probably you’ll use it only for a couple of days. Then the best option is to rent it. Luckily, there’s a landscaping equipment store in every town, but you can’t rent large pieces of equipment anywhere. However, A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales is a company that offers you the possibility to rent large machinery for a few days, and as the name say, they sell everything you need for a successful landscaping project. This company has been around for quite a long time now, and they are well known by the professional landscape designer. A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales has three stores and a website where you – novice or expert landscaper, Sunday designer or professional contractor can order the equipment you need in no time. They have everything you may think of: lawn edgers, lawn tractors, earth augers, sprayers, stump grinders, power rakes, reel motors, rotary mowers, aerators, blowers, brush clippers, line trimmers, weed mowers and many more!Another company, not so famous as the first one is Rittenhouse, established in 1914, its mission is to provide the landscaper, no matter their level of expertise, the highest quality in equipment, accessories and spare parts, as well as the best advice on landscaping equipment, as they’ve been doing since they first open their doors. In the end, it doesn’t matter where you shop, as long as you take you time to choose the tools that are right for you. Remember that in this case, spending a little more goes a long way, since quality landscaping equipment can last a lifetime.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about landscaping equipment, please visit backyard landscaping idea.

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What’s The Best Type Of Lawnmower For Tough Grass On An Uneven Surface?

I’ve had very limited success with hover-mowers, and metal bladed rotary mowers.
I’ve never tried a cylinder mower, but I suspect it would be better able to handle the tough conditions of my back garden.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Is The Best Riding Lawn Mower Right For You?

I can remember a time when all lawn mowers were of the push along type, they were hard work to use and believe me when I say that mowing your lawn was a real chore that could take up half your day. As technology has improved and the cost of equipment has come down, a powered lawn mower is now within the reach of virtually everyone; which is just as well because if your lawn is any size at all, a powered lawn mower is an essential piece of equipment to keep your yard looking great.
If your lawn is small or has many difficult obstacles to get round, then your choices are limited to a decent push along mower, or an electric hover mower. Both of these will do the job more than adequately, but on a very warm day you will build up a real sweat pushing your mower. The best option if you are in this situation is a small hover mower such as the Flymo in the UK or the Eastmans Hovermower in the US. They are relatively cheap to buy, very easy to use, and will work virtually anywhere on any type of terrain.
If you don’t like the sound of a hover mower, then your only option is a manual lawn mower. Get some help choosing a model you are comfortable with, from an expert at your local yard equipment store.
If your lawn is much larger and you have enough spare money to spend, you can buy yourself a really cool ride on lawn mower or garden tractor. This type of mower requires little or no physical exertions, is very easy to operate and will mow your lawn much quicker than any other type of machine. This type of mower is the Rolls Royce of the mowing world, and there is no cooler way to make your lawn look great.
Whatever the size of your lawn, you will need a grass trimmer to keep the edges of the lawn neat, and for cutting round fence posts, awkward obstacles, and trees. However expensive your ride on mower is, your lawn will look half finished unless you pay some attention to the edges as well. Grass trimmers are inexpensive pieces of equipment, easy to use, and are a good investment to give you that manicured professional look.
When you are buying a lawn mower of any description, I would always recommend finding yourself a reputable local dealer. Your dealer should be an expert on the equipment they sell which should give you the piece of mind to know that you’ve chosen as well as you could.

The Author’s website provides help and advice about choosing the best riding lawn mowers. Including:

Best Riding Lawn Mowers | Murray Mower Parts | Snapper Mower Parts

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