The Bosch Battery Lawn Mower – Bosch Rotak 37

If you purchased a lawnmower battery a few years ago, there’s a very big chance you’ve been disappointed. They have often been undercharged with very little power and would often run out of charge halfway through the lawn. Bosch tools have been producing battery producing tools for many years and have now released a new range of lawnmowers using this technology.

The range of Battery powered lawnmowers have been well received by many critics. They are well built and powerful – making grass cutting work much simpler than previously. If you buy a standard electric lawn mower you still have to endure the annoying cord. Depending on your lawn layout lawn this can make mowing the lawn a difficult prospect. Bosch has produced a reliable lithium battery that has enough power for most peoples needs. The lithium battery contains enough power to mow an average lawn size easily. So how long this mower battery last? Well, it obviously varies depending on the length of the grass, but on a full charge the Bosch Rotak Li will last approximately 22 minutes. Thats quite a decent time and version 37 inch blade – the Bosch Rotak Li 37, you should be able to cut about 450 square meters of lawn.

Of course, you can remove the battery backup if needed and that the battery can be recharged in about an hour. Bosch has made an excellent battery lawn mower that works extremely well and makes cutting the lawn a breeze. Of course, for a large lawn that the battery may now be fairly even with the 43 "version of the Bosch Rotak 43. The lawnmower battery will always be more expensive than standard electric version because of the technology in the lithium battery, but it really does lawn mowing easier without cable.

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