Bosch Rotak 37 li Cordless Lawnmower – Lithium-Ion

Bosch Rotak 37 li Cordless Lawnmower - Lithium-Ion

The worlds very first cordless mower from Bosch based on lithium-ion powers, it combines the power of the best electric lawnmower with the added convenience of new generation cordless technology.  At only 1.2kg the battery adds little to the overall weight making the mower extremely simple to manoeuvre. The 36V battery fully recharges in one hour with an 80% charge reached in 30 minutes if you just need a quick top up.  You’ll find that with no cable and no messing around with petrol mowing your lawn will be much simplers.  There is an extra cost compared with a standard electric mower but it really does make mowing the grass much simpler with these new technology cordless mowers.

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