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Why I Prefer Selling Cordless Bosch Tools

In the age of battery tools, many of us prefer to use Bosch Cordless tools. Why would that be ? Well from the hardware stores, the Bosch reps were extremely professional and looked after the many smaller retailers. But remember all battery tools occasionally have their problems. Bosch was no different, a few years ago they often had problems with the gear shifts on many tools.

Many manufacturers have issues like this, yet it how they deal with them that is the measure of a firm. Bosch have always looked after their customers, from the consumer to the retailer. The new lithium based tools are much more reliable, design problems have been largely ironed out. The casings have been reinforced and the reduced weight of the new batteries has made this possible. Most of the Bosch tools have had steel reinforcments to help their durability. They do a line called Brute tough which is almost unbreakable.

If you’re like me and the purchase of a power tool is a very rare occurence, it’s worth checking out the Bosch range. There some serious engineering pedigree behind this German firm, certainly a lot more than the often mass manufactured Far Eastern stuff.

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