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Lawn Mowers – Keep The Beauty Of Your Lawn Maintained

There are many claims to being the inventor of the lawn mower, one is made by an engineer with a rather strange name Beard Budding in about 1830. He designed a lawnmower to cut the grounds of large gardens and sports ground. It wasn’t until 18500 that the first lawnmowers were manufactured though.

I’m sure you’ll agree that a lawnmower doesn’t just cut the grass it can actually transform a garden. A well cut lawn nearly always make a garden look healthier and much more attractive.

There are actually a lot more types of lawnmower to choose from nowadays.

One of the newest lawnmowers are the robotic ones, the first attempts at these where rather hopeless but the have become increasingly advanced and effective. You usually have to specify the boundaries of the lawn but after that you can let it get on with it, check out a company called Robomow for these. They are not the cheapest mowers but look pretty impressive although I’ve only seen them working on gardening programs.

If you’re trying to get fit there’s a great benefit to be had from using a manual or reel mower. This uses the persons strength to mow the lawn. They are a real option with anyone with a smallish garden, a nice little workout and none of that messing around with fuel or cables.

Try the Panther range, they generally are very well thought of – there’s a selection of the traditional manual mowers here – manual lawn mower

of course another advantage is that they are very inexpensive. remember as well they are the most ‘green’ lawnmowers you can buy with zero carbon emissions.

Anyway here’s some things to check when choosing a lawnmower.

    Most important check the weight, if it’s too heavy for you, you’ll always have problems.

    Check that the blades are not exposed and it looks safe.

    Budget according to size and shape of your lawn, if you have a huge garden with a large uneven lawn, you’d be advised to get a professional lawnmower, don’t waste money on a cheap and flimsy flymo.

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