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How Do I Change The Drill Bit On My Bosch Psr 1200 Drill?

  I have a Bosch PSR 1200 drill. I was given this and it has no instructions.
  Please can someone tell me how to expand the place where I insert the drill bit (it has 3 speed in it, I think it may be called "Chuck"?) Then again tighten around the fuse please?
  Thank you in advance

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Bosch PSB 18 VE-2 Cordless Hammer Drill + 2nd Battery

The PSB18VE2 is probably the ultimate Bosch Cordless Combi Drill. For drilling in masonry, timber and steel it has pretty much no equal, it’s also equally effective for screw driving as well. The Drill has 5 torque settings which you can adjust easily and a drill and impact drill setting optimum power for every application. For higher performance, it has a 2-speed planetary gears, this also ensures a longer lifetime for the drill and batteries. With the best power transfer and high quality workmanship, you can see all of Bosch Power tools experience in this one hammer drill. The Bosch Electronic speed control uses the trigger for acceleration from 0 to a maximum, and a keyless chuck means it’s extremely quick and simple to change the bits.

Wherever you buy this drill watch the price differences, and ensure you buy a pack with the two batteries included. With hammer drills it’s often the battery that expires first and they can be quite expensive to replace. The cost of the pack with two batteries is only a little more than the single pack and it will prolong the life of your drill for sure.

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Lawn Mower Blade & Garden Tool Sharpener, Rotary File drill attachment

Lawn Mower Blade & Garden Tool Sharpener, Rotary File drill attachment
Fits any drill, including wirelessly with a chuck 6 years. 5mm or more. The messy oils needed – sharpen dry and clean with a damp cloth. Just turn off your lawn mower, turn it on its side and secure the blade, then run the angle grinder especially along both edges to form a "like new" advanced. Otherwise, you can remove the blade and secure it in a vise or similar. The instructions on the back of the pack. Configured to sharpen any tool tip at an angle of 25 degrees. Wheel is reversible to give
Buy Lawn Mower Blade & Garden Tool Sharpener, Rotary File drill attachment at Amazon

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