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Worx Electric Hover Lawn Mower 40 cm 50 Litre Capacity, 1600 watt

Worx Electric Hover Lawn Mower 40 cm 50 Litre Capacity, 1600 watt

This neat little Worx 16 inch electric lawn mower is rugged yet lightweight. This particular Worx mower is perfect for small yards and homes with limited storage space.

This 13 Amp mower has plenty of cutting power for the smallish 16 inch blades. It is actually an easy mower to store, the handles fold down and collapse, making it quite easy to store. The handle folds back and collapses for quite a compact, easy-to-store mower. The grass box is pretty spacious and holds approximately 13 gallons of clippings and you can detach the box simply in order to empty it.

There are limited reviews around on this particular Worx mower, personally I don’t like hover mowers so would probably never buy this. However for some people they make a good choice particularly if you want something easy to manage which will cut your lawn pretty quickly. Many people have not heard of Worx lawnmowers in the UK hwoever they have a good reputation in the USA where they are a well known brand.

Worx Electric Lawnmower

Worx Electric Lawnmower

Worx have another mower in this price range but it has wheels instead of the hover nonsense, it’s called the Worx 1200w Silent Electric Rotary Mower – also worth checking out. Another thing that might not be important to grass cutting itself but the Worx mowers certainly look quite stricking, a bit of a head turner and chances are you’ll be the only one who has one if you’re in the UK at least.

WRX WRXWG701EUK – Hover Mower 1600 Watt Electric 38cm Cut 38 Litre Cap

Buy Worx Electric Hover Lawn Mower 40 cm 50 Litre Capacity, 1600 watt at Amazon

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Performance Solutions From Bosch Appliances. Increasing the Washing Capacity Without Effecting the Environment

The new SoftSurge ™ drum system for better cleaning results – asymmetric paddles and "Rain-drop drum surface provides power for the use of trucks while being gentle on your clothes. The advanced water Flow system distributes the water and detergents more efficiently through the Wash, reducing the steeping time. The design of new guides is your laundry to the center of the drum, avoiding snags small objects. This is a first for Bosch washing machines. The main features include: program Sensitive – excellent for allergy sufferersAqua More options for the best flushing system resultsWash more for A-class wash performanceFreshen up programmeDelicates Silk programmeHandwash program wool15 'Clothes Care' programmesSafeguard monitoring system adjusts burden sharing and program settings for the protection of clothesCold fill with Performance Enhance to assist with the task of noise quiet removalVery levelCold fill – saves energy by heating only what it needs Extra large drum up 8kgSuper Quick 15 for light loads (2kg) packs a wash, two rinse cycles and improved rinse spinning into only 15 minutesPower Wash. program 60 gives an A-class perfomance WASH within 60 minutes (5kg loads) LED 's display with program status by the system iconExpress Wash up to 40% faster program timesTime 1-24 delay hoursPause option to open the door at the beginning of the program to add or remove load washingMixed programmeReduced ironing – reduces creases to facilitate ironingExtra large porthole door with 180 ° opening makes Laoding and unloading exceptionally EasyClear text and symbols on fascia to ensure ease of electronic useSensor monitor and adjust the cleaning performance optimized, which means you get a great wash each tray timePerfect detergent rinse – Bosch-jet spray into each corner of the tray specially shaped detergent rinse away detergent – so no more residue of sludge in the drawer After washing . All Bosch appliances have a 2-year manufacturer's warranty as standard in the United Kingdom.

Mr Havant has worked in the kitchen appliance industry for over 10 years, and has excellent knowledge of Kitchen Appliances and models like the Bosch washer dryer.

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