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Choosing an Electric Lawnmower

There are many types of lawnmower available nowadays, however the choice is becoming increasingly straightforward in many ways.   Previously the electric lawnmower has been the cheap and cheerful option, for those not choosy in the  finish to their lawn.  The serious gardener would have always use a petrol lawnmower mainly because they were all cylinder mowers.  This is changing all the time and an electric lawnmower is now a quiet, economical and efficient choice.

The best electric lawnmower now provide a stunning finish comparable with the much more expensive petrol cylinder mowers.   The terrible finish of the 1980s Hover mowers are a distant memory – electric mowers are easy to use, economical and are arguably best for the environment (well not quite – a manual mower is of course the most green option).

How to choose the best Electric Lawnmower

It’s simple, check out the latest deals and reviews on all the best electric lawnmowers on the market, we’ve selected a great cross range and you’re welcome to add your opinions on each of the mowers we feature.

Tell us if they are good, great or hopeless – there are some brilliant mowers out there but some are not so good.  You can click on the picture to see more reviews and the best price at Amazon. Every couple of days we’ll try and post a new electric mower, garden accessories or books that you might find interesting, feel free to make comments and help other purchasers with your opinions.

Choose the the best lawnmower

Personally I enjoy my garden but don’t enjoy working on it, which is why I use electric lawnmowers .

There are two basic types of lawnmower (if you exclude some of the heavy duty types) – they are rotary and cylinder mowers. The choice used to be limited to a cylinder with rollers if you wanted a really good finish and a rotary mower if you just wanted to cut the grass. Although opinions of many ‘gardening experts’ will always push you towards the cylinder mower – the fact is that quality of cut you get from a rotary mower has improved greatly.

The Rotary mower is basically just a great rotating blade which is propelled around at great speed. They are extremely simple, much cheaper than cylinder mowers and very easy to maintain. The disadvantage has usually been the cut, previously this has been quite poor if you remember the hover mowers of the 80s you’ll know what I mean. They have improved greatly now to such an extent that many Golf courses use rotary mowers on their fairways. They don’t quite compete with cylinder mowers for the perfect bowling green cut but the best ones do cut extremely well even to the extent of leaving the nicely mowed lines on your lawn. The rotary mower also copes better with different terrain, long grass, and is generally tougher and simpler to maintain.

You’ll still get a slightly better finish with a cylinder mower there is no doubt but the gap is narrowing. People don’t have the time or inclination to maintain lawnmowers nowadays and the cylinder mower will take more maintenance. The best cylinder lawnmower will reward you with the perfect bowling green finish but remember you’re going to have to cut it very frequently in Summer to maintain that look. If your prepared to spend that extra time, money and effort on perhaps that last 5% of the look of your lawn then a cylinder mower may be the best choice for you. In fact if you know you want a cylinder mower then I’m sure this advice will mean nothing.

For value, versatility and simplicity – an electric rotary mower will be the best choice for most people. My favorite are the Bosch range of Rotary mowers, they produce the best finish I’ve seen for an inexpensive rotary mower in my opinion. You just have to choose the best sized model and consider whether to have a battery or corded lawnmower. The battery lawnmowers are excellent but they are quite a bit more expensive – again it depends on the size and layout of your garden – a corded mower can be a nuisance in some gardens with lots of obstacles.

Here’s my Pick of the best lawnmowers for most average sized gardens.

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