Garden Must haves

Remember plants and dogs are just like babies you need to look after them like that. Just like you would pamper you child from time to time, you should take give your garden a facelift as well. If you don’t have the time or resources for that make sure you have a few garden basics.

Garden Tools

Every one needs a good gardening kit. It should have all the basic tools like garden scissors, pitch fork, garden hoe, plough, rake and fork. These are just the basics; you can also upgrade to lawn aerators, lawn sweepers and blowers.

Lawn Mower

Trimming the grass is essential for it to grow well and look lush. Having a lawn mower makes everything easier and much simpler. It s blades make sure that the grass is cut evenly. The type and capacity of the mower depends on the length and growth of the lawn. You can choose between reel mowers, rotary movers, electric cord and cordless mowers and riding mowers.

Water feature

You can have a pond constructed and have the most beautiful lotuses and other water plants in it. How about a waterfall? They look beautiful and are not difficult to install. If you are worried about water wastage you need not worry as you now have water fountains that use the same water that doesn’t need to be changed from time to time. If you are looking for something smaller you can install a bird bath. They look beautiful, the children will love it and so will the birds!

Garden Edging

This is an aesthetic feature that has many benefits. Edging frames the garden and segregates the grass from the plant area. This way you can trim the plants easily, protect the plants from weed and ensure that there is no erosion. Garden edging adds a special touch to the space. Edging is available in wood, plastic, metal and concrete. You can opt for various colours and styles. Once installed it will change how your garden looks or how you see your garden!

You can also consider installing a sand box for the children in the garden corner so they can enjoy the garden as much as you. We also suggest lights along the edging or flower bed. It will look beautiful and make your home come alive in the night. You must construct a garden shed to store all your equipment and manure. Last, but not the least, consider some garden furniture to add to the space for Sunday morning breakfasts!

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Nick Heidfeld is a Commercial and Domestic kerbing specialist working in the industry for 15 years. He specialises in innovative ways of kerbing and edging.