Bosch Rotak Mower 40

There are so many different electric mowers around nowadays, it can often be a very confusing choice. But I’d like to tell you about one of the Bosch Rotak mower range – the rotak 40. I guess you could say that this mower is designed with average lawn in mind, it has a 40cm blade which is about right for a medium sized lawn. If you have a large garden this model would be a little unsuitable although that is primarily due to the cord that you have to extend whilst cutting.

Bosh Rotak Mower Build Quality

It is a decent size though and reasonably robust. It is quite lightweight due to be being made primarily of hard plastic, I’ve been using one about 2 years now without any problem. It’s got 7 cutting lengths but I always have it set on the lowest one or two. That’s possibly the one thing that I find annoying with this Bosch Rotak Mower, the grass length selector is really fiddly.

It is a fabulous machine to use though the rotak 40 feels very similar to a vacuum cleaner, there’s no real effort involved in pushing it and the little combs on the front help push back the grass to make a really good cut.

The grass collector compresses the clippings quite well so you don’t have to empty the box that quickly. I have to say the cut on the lower levels is excellent for a rotary mower. The Bosch Rotak 40 is a great little mower, I guess the only real drawback is the cord, although you can find a battery powered version which is excellent. Of course this comes at a much higher price point than the Bosch Rotak Mower 40.

Lightweight Bosch Rotak 40

Bosch Rotak Rotary mower is very Light

All in all – it’s a great little mower, any concerns of how tough it is made out of plastic seem largely misplaced so far, the finish is excellent, not as far behind a cylinder mower than you would think. I have both and I rarely use my much more expensive Hayter mower simply because it’s much more hassle to use. I’d certainly recommend the Bosch Rotak 40 mower to anyone who wants a cheap, good quality electric lawnmower that’s easy to use.