Taking Care of An Organic Garden Is A Great Way To Start Living Green

Most of you probably recall when green living was a common practice in life. Now that people can purchase processed frozen foods, which they can make in their microwave, they have stopped eating organic foods. For people who can recall, nearly everyone grew some sort of garden or they shopped at the local farmer’s market. Back then processed food didn’t actually exist, now you need to check all the food labels cautiously. Gardening used to be a usual practice in everyone’s lives; this is how parents would feed their young ones and store the surplus foods for winter. “Waste not, want not” was a common phrase so what was not eaten was recycled into the garden.

Pesticides were not utilized on gardens, and manure was the basic plant food. A lot of people would divvy up the surplus food that their gardens produced with other community members. Of course, it was an time when people were familiar with the people in their communities and sharing with others was the usual custom. Nowadays we have things such as pesticides, weed killers and man-made chemical fertilizers which were unfamiliar previously. Now these chemicals are killing the planet by eliminating the vital nutrients that plants require to grow.

We will in all likelihood never realize how many of the health problems of today are caused by the chemicals found in the land and the lack of nutrients in the foods we eat. No one ever gives any thought to the health issues set off by these chemicals until they afflict someone in their family. Nevertheless, with the health problems affecting a lot of families at this point and time, most people are starting to be more mindful of the foods they consume. Studies have shown that veggies grown organically have more vitamins and minerals.

Today is a great time for you to think about going green, whether or not you have ever thought about it in the past. If you simply look at the health problems in the world nowadays, you may realize that it is time for a change. Now that common drugs no longer appear to be efficacious, it may be time to start trying some all-natural remedies. You could start by growing or getting organically grown foods. Living green with organic gardening can be a method to heal ourselves, and help mend our environment.

A few of the practical steps to organic gardening are working with nature to keep the soil healthy and the avoidance of all chemical substances. Organic plant foods that can be utilized are manure and the garden’s waste. The dead leaves, grass cuttings and kitchen leftovers will keep the soil full of necessary nutrients. By not using man-made fertilizers, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are not causing harm to wildlife or the health of your family. In addition, the food produced will be healthy for eating. Organic gardening is good for the environment by decreasing the contamination of the atmosphere and water supply.

When toxic pesticides are used, the area have to be avoided for a period of time. If the fumes shouldn’t be breathed in, how great can they be for the food? If you are growing your food without using chemicals, you need not worry about being in the garden with dangerous chemical substances. Gardeners who reside where the food is being grown have an incentive to employ the organic system, which is safety and personal health. You can grow very wholesome foods and help to stop pollution by using organic gardening methods.

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Green Living Is For Individuals And Companies Alike

A new company you likely have never heard of unless you are into serious green living is Harvest Power. Harvest Power is an organic waste management business that gathers green waste, scraps of food, leftover wood, and other organic waste products, changing them into syngas or biogas. Change into natural gas, heat and electrical energy are all possibilities. Harvest Power is paving the road and hopefully a lot more companies will follow, unlocking renewable energy and rendering organic fertiliser from what is ordinarily regarded as waste. The Earth can use a lot more of these businesses who will manage organic wastes in a responsible manner.

Among Harvest Power’s excepptional products is its compost product that can be added to the soil increase nutrients and organic material. Compost, added to growing mediums like soil, mainly raises the range and quantity of plant nutrients contained in the soil. Plant foods contain more health-giving properties if grown with organic compost rather than chemical substance fertilizers. Adding compost to your garden will give you a healthy garden, and the reason you would want that is because it will give you a healthier you. One more advantage of adding nutritious, organic compost to the soil is lowering the energy it takes for irrigation. Compost makes it possible for the plant roots to get longer, providing better water retention.

Utilizing compost as an alternative to chemical based fertilizers is healthier for all of us. It it makes it possible to prevent the environmental problems triggered by chemical fertilizers, such as increasing acidity of the soil, contaminating groundwater, and promoting the overabundance of nitrogen. Adding compost means a great deal of beneficial insects, worms and other organisms that activate the soil. Importantly, cropsoils can again have their natural balance when compost is added, offsetting the cumulative effects of the erosion of topsoil. If we wish to live in a sustainable manner, it’s important to have healthy soil.

Harvest Power is going after other environmentally friendly areas such as anaerobic digesters, engineered fuels and renewable energy. What anaerobic digestion does is decompose waste with naturally occurring organisms and convert it into biogas. The positives of this are the following: generating clean, renewable energy, diverting waste from landfills, rejuvenating healthy soil with compost, replacing chemical fertilizers, and creating eco friendly occupations. If only the environment was a concern of all business organizations and they adopted green strategies.

Not everyone can work for a green business, but there are a good deal of little things that all people can do. Most people were instructed at a young age to not waste food. Even with that, it is still a great problem to waste a lot of food. A Stockholm company has estimated that food wastage of a stunning 50% occurs between the production and consumption of food. In 2004 a study discovered that 10% to 15% of eatable food in the United States was disposed of, amounting to about $43 billion. It would be terrible enough if it was merely the food alone, but what about wasting water? Well, it was observed that water wastage in America of 40 trillion liters takes place each year. Five hundred thousand people (more or less 8% of the world’s population) could subsist on that. Virtually everyone could do things to avoid wasting water.

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Great Gardening Made Easy with these Gardening Tips

While some people may be born with green thumbs, the fact is, anyone can learn to garden. The key is providing the right conditions for your plants to do well. Just be aware of the specific needs of the plant you’re dealing with and you have the foundation for success. Lets go through an outline of what many gardeners might consider to be the basics of a thriving garden.

Flower gardens are popular with beginners because they look and smell nice. If you want to make the most of your flower garden start out with flowers from your region.

It’s important to factor the sunlight needs of flowers in your garden and plan your garden accordingly. Perennials are great because they keep flowering year after year at about the same time of the year. Annuals are flowers that must be planted new each and every growing season in order to bloom. But the most important factor to remember when picking your flowers is that you want flowers that reflect your lifestyle, property, and tastes.

Don’t forget to prepare for insects and pests that are likely to invade your garden area. No one wants to go through the painful process of losing a season to pests. Many people are reluctant to use some of the more potent pesticides for fear of harming the environment or risking the health of themselves and their families. But there are natural choices to consider. You can find some surprisingly effective pesticides that have mint, onion, or garlic as main ingredients. Salt is an excellent repellant for ants. Ants are easily repelled by regular old-fashioned table salt. There are many natural ingredient options to repel pests that pose little harm and are much less expensive than traditional pesticides.

If you have limited space, or the property you have is less than ideal for growing plants, your best option may be a container garden. All you need to get started are a few containers, seeds, and soil as well as a place to put the containers – indoors or out. You can purchase the soil and seeds at a nursery or online, and use any type of containers that you prefer. Effective containers for this purpose will have adequate drainage at the bottom. Container gardening works for a wide range of plants including vegetables, flowers, and herbs. In conclusion, you can get many rewards and benefits from gardening. It’s not only a chance to enjoy the great outdoors but can also provide an opportunity to grow your own vegetables and herbs. The more carefully you plan your garden, the more smoothly everything will go and the easier it will be to avoid difficulties. With the right attention, your garden can be a showplace you’ll be proud of.

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Selecting the Ideal Work Boots for Large Sizes

When you require work boots for large sizes, it’s possible you’ll have to take a look at more places than just your local shoe store or shopping mall. On the subject of shoes and boots, it’s imperative to look for something that fits suitable, are built well and also comfy to wear. There are some critical concerns you should be aware of if you’re trying to find work boots for large sizes, and we’ll be going over those below.

There are a variety of work boot styles for big sizes even some for more hazardous conditions that might require a steel toed boot. Steel toed boots provide the ultimate in protection for your feet especially in construction, machinery or heavy tool jobs where they may be a job requirement. If you don’t have the right protection for your feet they can be quite vulnerable, even the best steel toed boot can even be insufficient for some conditions. An injury to a foot can be quite painful not to mention disabling in some cases.

Online stores often carry the broadest selection of steel toed boots. If you are considering ordering online though you want to make sure they have a good return policy. One problem with buying shoes online is that you can’t try them on first. Some brands will offer a slightly different sizing scale. If you don’t have a good return policy this can cause problems if the boot you order doesn’t fit when it arrives. Of course, if you have a regular brand that you buy, and you simply replace them when they wear out, then you can be fairly safe as you know exactly what to order. It’s for this reason that you need a good return policy before you purchase.

The height of your boot is something you should consider when looking for new boots. Cowboy boots are often tall but work boots are available in a variety of boot heights. Many people prefer a taller boot when their legs and ankles need protection for whatever reason. Some people also like the look of tall boots. If you are a motorcycle connoisseur you may prefer a taller boot for more protection of the leg from the heat. However if you live in a warmer climate you might not want a taller boot because it will likely make your legs hotter. Something to keep in mind is your boot height even though the ultimate decision is up to you and your personal preferences. These are only a few of the many considerations you will make when shopping for large size work boots. You don’t want to replace them often so they not only need to be comfortable but also durable as well as adequate for the climate and work you need them for. In this article we’ve covered some of the most important factors to consider when shopping for work boots for big sizes. While you may be the brains of the operation your feet are the brawn; let them tell you what boot is the right one.

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Lawn Seed Preparation and Costs

Looking for ways to come up with a durable, more lasting lawn? Consider lawn seeding. Lawn seeding ensures that grass on your lawn are deeply rooted and will withstand the wear and tear that most lawns are subjected to.

Although seeding a lawn takes and awful lot of time to do, it is definitely a lot less costly than laying sod. The first step is to determine the type of turf grass to plant. This step requires serious planning and it would be a good idea to get professional advise on what grass to grow in your particular area. Seed dealers can offer a wide variety of lawn products and services to choose from: from seed costs, to labor costs, and other requirements. One tip: never use quick grow seed packages as these contain a high percentage of annual rye, which dies after only one season. How much seed to buy? The rule of the thumb in seeding bare ground is 5 – 6 lbs per 1000 square feet; for over seeding add an estimated 3 – 4 lbs per 1000 square feet.
The initial establishment cost in lawn seeding is generally lower costs related to sodding. This is basically because seeds cost less than sod. Where to plant? Seeding is not an option in areas where there is a high probability of soil erosion. Too much movement of soil particles will prevent the seeds from properly taking root and will prove to be more costly when the process of seeding has to be repeated. Also, herbicides may be needed during the first year of seed establishment to ensure that the young grass plants do not compete with herbs for much needed nutrients in the soil. The cost of herbicide application should be included in the computation of seeding costs.

Lawn Seed Preparation

Taking Care of Grass

Seeding is a good option when you want to have grass in a shaded area; just be sure to plant the right type of grass seeds for the site. Other things you need to do in seeding include loosening the soil, which is a basic requirement for any lawn establishment procedure, clearing the area of weeds and debris, leveling the ground and applying topsoil where needed. Your usual garden tools are often sufficient for these procedures: shovel, rake, pick-ax. A rotary tiller might be needed in areas that are tough to loosen, but renting one rather than buying would be sufficient.

For seed application, you will need a drop or a broadcast sprayer, and then a garden hose and sprinkler to dampen the area where the grass will grow. Make sure the prepared ground drains well. New sprouts can be protected from heavy rain or strong winds by covering them up with a fine layer of hay, which can be removed with a rake when the sprouted seeds are strong enough to stand on their own.

A professional landscaper usually charges around $201for a 2,000-square foot lawn; others may charge around $90 to work on a 1,000 square foot lawn. Just a reminder: be wary of so-called professional grass seeders who charge too little for the job. You might be in for more trouble. Most seed /landscaping companies stay competitive and their price range will lie within a competitive range, so costs should be fairly even.

For an average-sized lawn, you will only need around $50 if you plan to buy the seeds and plant it yourself. If you need to add topsoil, you’ll have spend a little bit more. Some shops have a grass seed calculator that can help you in the computation of costs in preparing your lawn.
Your starter fertilizer should be an 18-24-12 mixture; a 50 lb bag will adequately cover about 12,000 square feet.
A final advice: do your seeding in late summer or early fall, when cooler weather and rains are expected. That way, the tiny plants will be less subjected to stress and will pass through their growing season more peacefully. You will also lessen the probability of having to reseed due to failed initial seeding attempts.

And remember choose the best lawnmower you can to keep the grass trim, and it’s especially important to keep the blades sharp when grass is young as otherwise your mower will tear the grass rather than cut it cleanly.

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Powerful Weed Killer – War on Dandelions?

Getting rid of those pesky weeds in your front yard can be a real headache, there’s a huge temptation to buying a really powerful weed killer. You pull them over and over again but they just keep coming back. My young son makes some handy cash by clearing my lawn of dandelions by pulling them up, of course the next day they’re back all over my lawn again again! It can also be very frustrating to buy a product that is supposed to obliterate the weeds but the little devils just seem to be invincible. There are a few tips that homeowners should know before they spend a fortune on weed killers that just do not do the job.

One mistake that some people make is that they believe granular weed killers will work better than liquid products. In fact, liquid weed killers can cover an area more thoroughly than the granular forms. You can also more effectively do spot treatments of lawn weeds with liquid products. It is important to note that putting a heavier dose of the weed killer on your weeds is not going to be more effective at killing the weeds. It is just going to be effective at killing your pocketbook.

War on Dandelions

Another mistake some homeowners make is that they do not read the labels of the weed killers they buy. Some products may start to work in a few hours and some may not work for a few days. Many weed killers need to stay on the weed for 24 hours without rain or irrigation. The label should also clarify what exactly the product will kill. You don’t want to spray your lawn with weed killer and then wake up the next morning to find you have no lawn at all. If you have pets, then you also need to especially look out for weed killers that may be harmful to them.

Many homeowners do not realize that weed killers that can be classified as “pre-emergence herbicides” and “post-emergent herbicides.” Pre-emergence herbicides work well on crabgrass and can be applied a few weeks before weeds are expected. Post-emergence herbicides are used for perennial broadleaf weeds and are used after the weeds have emerged.

Timing is very important when it comes to the application of pre-emergence herbicides. If these weed killers are applied too early, then weather will dilute them and weeds will go ahead and grow anyway. Timing is also important when it comes to using post-emergence herbicides. If you procrastinate with your weeds, then they will just become more of a problem and spread throughout your lawn.

In addition to buying chemicals and powerful weed killers that can wipe out weeds, homeowners should also look into products that will help their lawns flourish. A thick lawn can actually shade out weeds. It is recommended that you keep your lawn mowed at about three inches to shade the weeds. Weak spots in a lawn can be places where weeds will thrive. Nourishing your lawn with a good fertilizer can help your beautiful grass battle back the weeds.

Homeowners should not let weeds frustrate them. They are just a part of landscaping and gardening. With a little research, and perhaps a little patience, homeowners can get to the root of their weed problems and find the right solution.

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Cat Repel – Enter the Big Cheese

I like wildlife, in fact although I live on a housing estate, the reason I moved here was it is next to a very old wood and a National Trust property and we get loads of wonderful birds. Anyway here is my story of how operation Cat Repel started. I am hopeless at identifying birds, I get all of them mixed up and that coupled with my diminishing eyesight means that I suspect my contribution to the RSPB survey this year might be flawed – but hey at least I tried.


But I also like other animals, but peering through the window yesterday I noticed a rather lack of birds despite my grand birdie breakfast laid out. On investigation I discovered a large, fat cat named after a famous footballer (name withheld to protect my identity) You see our garden is a bit of a suntrap, so animals who like to sunbathe, tend to lounge around our back garden which is fine, except for a card carrying member of the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds creating a bird killing zone is rather distressing.

So Operation Cat Repel was put into operation and I asked around to try and discover some humane way of repelling our feline friends at least from my back garden. I tried the water pistol method, but that never worked with the squirrels and had a similar effect with the cats. Anyway some suggested this device was a good idea- it’s called the Big Cheese

What it does is emit an ultrasonic sound whenever it detects movement of a large cat sized animal. The detection is infra red and works in a beam 12 metres in length and a 98 degree angle. Cats definitely do not like this! Humans are not really supposed to hear the sound but I’m afraid I could slightly, it’s not much of a problem though and not all can hear it, my wife says she can’t.

Cat Repel Device

Cat Repel Device

It really is very effective, the downsides are you can go through the little 9 volt batteries but investing in rechargeable ones would do that. I do wonder how much more it would have cost to make this solar charged as it’s going to be outside all the time. If you need to repel cats from your garden it does work, although one of the difficulties I found was putting it in the right spot, this of course depends on your garden and layout. You might find you need to buy a few of these units if you have a big garden Overall the Big Cheese Cat Repel device is worht investigating – there’s hundreds of other reviews – Big Cheese reviews here if you want check them out

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Some Environmental Tips for Gardeners

If you’re a gardener, there are lots of ways you can reduce our impact on the environment. The great thing is that most of these tips actually can save you money as well, so heres a few environmental tips for gardeners – thanks to the National Trust for many of these.

Saving Water – add between 5-10cm of much to beds and containers. This cuts down evaporation significantly and means you can water much lees often. Obviously it also helps keep out those pesky weeds. When we’re talking about watering your plants please try and collect rainwater, it’s actually much better for your plants and it doesn’t cost anything.

You can even now get water butts or bigger tanks with integrated pumps although it’s usually cheaper to buy a water butt and then purchase a cheap pump seperately. The water butts don’t have to cost much, here’s a nice slimline one from Amazon for about £20 – 100 Litre Slimline Water Butt Stand & Tap Kit

Environmental Tips Gardeners - Water Butt

Environmental Tips Gardeners - Water Butt

If you line, porous wooden and terracotta containers with a lining such as plastic sheeting this will also cut down water loss. It’s surprising how moist the containers will keep with a little bit of sheeting to keep the water from draining away – but remember you do need some drainage holes at the bottom somewhere !

Always water in the evening if you possibly can, the evaporation loss can be quite substantial if you water in the hotter parts of the day. You can find you only need to water half as much if you do, also using a watering can is much more efficient than a hose, you’ll waste lots more water with a hose than you will using a watering can.

Any More Environmental Tips for Gardeners ?

There’s actually many more, mostly common sense ways to minimise your environmental impact with gardening. Reducing waste is obviously important, and the simplest way is to make your own compost, most organic matter is suitable so gather grass clippings, weeds, kitchen waste and shredded cardboard together to create your own compost.

Normally the best compost will be 50% green material and 50% woody material, use paper shredded up or sawdust even dried leaves to balance out the mixture if you need to. Also make sure that the compost remains moist.

But even if you are not able to create enough composts for your needs, make sure that you never but peat composts always buy peat free ones. Peat is extremely valuable to the environment actually locking away carbon and preventing it creating CO2 in the atmosphere, it shouldn’t be used in gardens as it takes hundred of years to replace each meter that is used for gardening.


I hope these environmental tips for gardeners are useful to you, I’ll publish some more on this blogs very soon.

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