This Is The Cooks’ Haven

One of the first cooking techniques that historians and archeologists believe is cooking food by means of an open fire. Thus, roasting is believed to be in existence as early as the Stone Age. In Asia, it is through bamboo tubes that served as food container while the food is being cooked. Shells of turtles and mollusks are also used in some areas. With regards to heating water, the stomach of animals is used in heating water.

The first Americans on the other hand used cooking baskets in preparing their food. The basket contains food to be roasted and wood coals and it will be covered with clay. When the clay hardens because of the coals’ heat, the clay now becomes a roasting pan itself. It can be noticed that that technique is still used in today’s world. But it was the advent of pottery that really revolutionized the cookware being used. And today, a variety of cookware can now be seen in the market. The responsibility of choosing which one you would be using when you cook your own dishes now lies on your shoulders.

Cookware nowadays is made from different materials. There are some made with metals, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel. Some are even coated so as to provide the best cooking experience there is. One of the most famous cook wares at present is the non-stick wok which has polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that minimizes the chances of the food being cooked from sticking to the pan.

One of the best specialty stores in the country that offers quality cookware is Cook’s Warehouse. From its humble beginning in Amsterdam Avenue way back in 1995, the store is now proud to open a bigger and much more spacious specialty store in Ansley Mall. According to Mary S. Moore, the humble owner, her store started with only two employees but now, she has 48 associates in three locations spread out in the state. The other three stores are located in Midtown, Decatur and Brookhaven.

The Cook’s Warehouse new home is a 6, 500-square-foot and is set to open this fall. This new complex will house a much larger store and a cooking school facility for cooking enthusiasts.

The store has many products to offer. They have kitchen accessories, bakeware, cookware, cutting boards, knives and shears and gadgets. The store also has picnic and grilling products, green products, small appliances like bosch mixers and bosch bread mixer, wine and products for your bar and gift ideas. Drive by this store and enjoy what you may call the cooking heaven.

For Tricia, the home is the best place to be.