Tall and Sleek: The Bosch Wine Refrigerator

There are many different wine refrigerators in a variety of different styles on the market now and few have the quality of a Bosch. The explosion or expansion of the wine industry in recent years has directly led to great advances in refrigeration and house wine is good for any wine lover. If you're serious about wine, then you should be serious about proper storage. Refrigerator Bosch wine is expensive and that expense is justified (in my opinion) if you have money to burn or is the wine store. If you do not meet these criteria, I suggest you look for cheaper solutions So, what kind of wine refrigerator should get it? Here I will focus on Bosch and what you can expect from it. Before buying consider: Pros: 1. Compressor, evaporator, electronic control and temperature control in two independent components. These are must have ingredients for proper wine storage. 2. Gorgeous. Tall and elegant. I know all of the variety of stainless steel is very popular today, but I prefer the chic elegance of the custom panel. 3. Cave large 70-98 bottles depending on model. 4. Roll removable shelves, shelf display, and is UV protected glass. The only real key here is UV protection important for storage and maintenance. 5. Almost silent. It will not prevent you from sleeping at night. Cons: 1. Few options – either you get the 18 "wide model with capacity of 70 bottles or 24" Cooler modular capable of taking 98 bottles. They do not offer much in terms of customization and adjustment. It is what it is and you will find a home for her. 2. Price: $ 3500-4000. 3. The stainless model can be extremely difficult to find because of its current popularity. Be prepared to hunt and wait. 4. Height: 84 inches high, is a player of basketball. This is somewhat offset by its very elegant design. 5. Weight: 280 to 300 pounds, he is heavy. Yes, you can move, but that weight How often will you want. Find a house for her and leave. If you want to see some specifications, photos, measurements of the real world, a full feature list or purchase information, please visit my page Bosch Wine Refrigertor for advice.

I know choosing a good wine refrigerator can be difficult because they are a substantial investment and you should be “tickled pink” by anything you spend $4000 on. I have the 18” Bosch wine refrigerator in the custom panel and I love it. It is gorgeous all the way through and my neighbors agree.
So, I hope this information helps you make an informed decision on whether the Bosch is for you.