New Bosch Technology Saves Fuel

The auto industry is currently geared towards the reduction of fuel consumption as the global community becomes increasingly aware of the threat of global warming. Aside from car makers, other consumer industries have also taken steps to develop devices which will help vehicles save on fuel.

One of the leading makers of automotive components, Bosch, has recently developed yet another innovative technology which will improve fuel economy of vehicles. The Stuttgart, a Germany based company, recently announced the development of their Climate Control Sensor. This sensor essentially checks constantly the level of carbon dioxide inside a vehicle’s cabin.

By monitoring the amount of carbon dioxide inside a vehicle, the device allows the air conditioning unit to optimize its performance. When the amount of carbon dioxide inside a vehicle’s cabin surpassed the preset volume, the air conditioning unit will feed fresh air in side the vehicle. Then, the unit will automatically switch to recirculation mode which means that the air conditioner will not be using up much energy.

This technology saves fuel since it decreases the load on the vehicle’s engine. The air conditioner’s compressor is being powered by the engine and when it is turned off by the new sensor from Bosch, the engine will not need more fuel to burn to power the compressor.

The design of the Climate Control Sensor (CCS) is compact to save space in the vehicle. The technology uses infrared-based spectroscopy to determine carbon dioxide level inside a vehicle’s compartment. The company known for their excellence in developing cutting edge automotive electronics designed the device to determine even minute level of carbon dioxide.

There is also a more advanced version of the sensor which not only checks the level of carbon dioxide but also measures the humidity and temperature inside the vehicle. This more advanced sensor further optimizes the cooling unit’s performance. The use of the said devices according to Bosch engineers can save consumers by as much as ten percent on fuel consumption.

With this innovation, Bosch once again proved that they are the leading producer of advanced auto components which can complement standard auto parts like Nissan ignition coil and other engine operation related components. Aside from auto electronics, the company also provides automobile components like anti-lock braking system, which the company invented, fuel injection system, starters, and alternators. These components from Bosch are known to perform well and for their durability.

Durability is also a strong selling point of Bosch’s industrial machinery, and hand tools sold all over the world. The company is focused in its automotive department as shown by the fact that half of their annual sales globally comes from their automotive technology.

Ryan Thomas is a native of Denver, Colorado. He grew up in a family of car afficionados. He now resides in Detroit where he owns a service shop and works part time as a consultant for a local automotive magazine.