Lawn Mower Reviews: Comparing Different Mowers

We no longer have to mess around for hours on end pushing a manual lawnmower, but surprisingly this sometimes can be the best choice. For anyone with a smallish garden and either a desire to get fit or protect the environment then using a small reel or manual lawnmower could be the answer.

It’s actually great for keeping in trim, although obviously not an intense workout, if you keep to a nice brisk pace you can actually burn off a surprising amount of calories especially when combined with raking up the lawn cuttings. Although don’t feel that this is essential as the clippings will do your lawn no harm at all.

Of course for anyone with an eco conscience then using a manual human powered lawn mower is far and away the best choice, have a look at the great range of manual lawnmmowers that are available now – manual lawnmower range

So if it’s practical for you, consider a reel lawnmower, they are easy to use , quiet and have no carbon footprint. In fact lawnmowing could turn out to be beneficial to your health !