Bosch Powertools

Robert Bosch GmbH is a very large German engineering company that manufactures a wide variety of products. It is amazing how things have worked Bosch to create or make our lives easier and safer. Anti Lock Brakes is a good example. ABS in the original development in 1930 as a cooperation between Mercedes and Bosch. However, due to the poor quality of the electronic return of the idea has never really been in practice, it was finally released on the S-Class, in the late seventies.
  What we really want to be focusing on this article, however, is Powertools. Especially Bosch Power Tools. Robert Bosch has five major brands Powertool its range, which includes Bosch Blue, Green Bosch, Dremel, RotoZip and Skil.
  Most people consider Bosch Blue high-end professional tools and Bosch Green more than a gross domestic product. This does not mean, however, that Bosch is a green product than say for example Makita.
  Over the years, the German engineers have built the reputation of the crafts of high quality reliable equipment, and Bosch power tools are no different. Not to mention ground breaking. In 1975, Bosch has created the Direct System (SDS) of the plateau that has revolutionized the world of drills and hammers. Before SDS hammer drills, he would often shake loose tool if it has not been properly tightened. With the SDS can not occur. Rapidly becoming the industry standard for rotary hammers, SDS is now used by most manufacturers of power tools.
  Bosch is well known for its puzzles, too. The legendary GST 85 was replaced by the GST135 Jigsaw. The new GST135 is regarded worldwide as one of the best in the business. Equipped with Bosch's newly developed SDS, it is so easy to change blades on GST135 you can with one hand.
  What about circular saws? A Bosch Circular Saw is the best pocket tool you can use to make a cut along a piece of equipment.
  When I really think Bosch score at the moment is screw / drill drivers, their small PSR 200 in this writers opinion is a great machine for the various lots of craft work.
  A word of warning, many people have a passion for racing Powertools often buy as many tools as possible, and they end up gathering dust in your toolbox. My suggestion is to buy only what you need. For example, many people have both a pilot exercise and a combination of drilling. I think if you use the exercise every day as a job, most people should not break the combination as the weight it carries is not really a problem.
  A box of basic tools of a combi drill, jigsaw and circular saw, is what I recommend you begin. Then add to your basic kit and when you need the tool.
  I challenge any recommend Bosch tool as they are both reliable, powerful and best of all great to use.

Johan Nickson is an expert on Bosch Powertools