Bosch Power Tools Explained

There are few more compreneshive electric, and battery tool ranges than from Bosch. Probably the largest and most comprehensive power tool selections you can find.

They offer a good set of basic tools as well as saws, drills, sanders, nailers, power screwdrivers and quite a few much more spcialised tools. In fact many are so specialised, they are designed for very specific purposes. One range that is particularly successful is that of the Bosch heat guns, most offer two speeds and a range of temperatures. They are also available in several sizes. Check out the other tools, there’s something for any project. How about the spreader, refelector or heat gun fan. The foam rubber cutter from Bosch is another great tool, designed to – well cut easily through foam rubber and some of the speciality flexible foams.

Surprisingly enough having the right tool to cut through these foams makes a huge saving in time. There are different blades to help you with different sorts. Of course most of us don’t need a special rubber cutting tool, but the point is to illustrate that Bosch power tools are made by professionals for professionals. How about the pilot pocket screwdriver, one battery charge inserts 100 screws easily. There is an I Driver, a specially designed power screwdriver with a special pivot head designed to get in to tight spaces. Or the Brute tough drill, a very powerful and versatile screwdriver. The Hammer Drill / Driver is the same as a drill, a driver and a hammer. The circular saw is very powerful and comes with safety devices for your protection. There is a reciprocating, high precision blade for cutting.

The puzzle saw is great for any type of cut that takes place away from the outer limit of the documentation As if that were not enough, you get two battery chargers, a drill bit holder, various saw blades and two extra batteries.

This power tool kit has everything you need to complete a range of improvement products at a price of about £300 If this is not to manage your budget, consider purchasing reconditioned Bosch power tools. You can save lots buying second hand, check local web sites, ebay or your local papers. The Bosch website has information on all their various tools they have produced over the years.